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F-Zero X Has Been Updated On Wii U To Fix Issues

classic f-zero artwork

Gamers who downloaded F-Zero X on the Wii U Virtual Console unfortunately came across a handful of issues when it was released. Thankfully, Nintendo has taken note and has issued a patch which fixes the problem players had with the controls. Specifically there was a problem with deadzones which meant that moving your vehicle around the fast and furious tracks wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. Since the patch has been released players have reported that it’s now easier to manoeuvre your way around the tricky courses.


10 thoughts on “F-Zero X Has Been Updated On Wii U To Fix Issues”

  1. Well at least they attempted to fix them…I genuinely thought that, because nintendo barely gives any shits about F zero, that they’d just leave the port in piss-poor quality as they thought for something obscure like f zero, they could get away with it.

    So good on you nintendo for fixing those bugs even though you could’ve gotten away with not doing so…now how about an actual F ZERO game huh? It’s been over a decade now since the last one!

  2. I’m hoping F-Zero Switch is a reality. I’d love to see Shin’en involved, but it sounds like Nintendo already gave them their dream project (Wave Race).

  3. nintendo is pretty good when it comes to fixing bugs and by that i mean they don’t neglect bugs (with some exceptions like the MissingNo. glitch and the Mew glitch in red and blue, they left that as they knew it would upset the internet).

  4. Haha, or maybe, it’s been a long time since people have played FZX and are sort of “struggling” to get into terms with the mechanics of the game….Joke aside, I wish there was a new F-Zero now. It’s a series which I’m slowly forgetting due to waiting too long.

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