Video: Here’s A Look At Original Developer Video For Cancelled Diddy Kong Racing Adventure

You may remember last month that information surfaced from PtoPOnline regarding Climax Studios canceled Diddy Kong Racing Adventure. The game looked like an interesting but ultimately failed attempt to expand on the Diddy Kong Racing franchise. Nintendo saw the pitch for the GameCube but decided not to take it any further and all we were left with was a tech demo. Now we have another look at Climax’s original video for the game which you can check out below.

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  1. Old news, god damn it. Can’t you get anything new? are you out of fucking material? you can just put this fucking website to sleep. Don’t waste our fucking times. Jesus fucking Christ.

  2. It’s hard to get excited about a project when all you’re shown is one character running around the same small island in the same locations for a minute and a half. Where was anything actually interesting?

  3. Thought I’d see some me material :(.
    Why won’t they bring diddy kong racing back!? People obviously want it! Video game companies make things so difficult smh.

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