Shuhei Yoshida Says The Nintendo Switch Is A “Very Unique System”

PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida has praised Nintendo’s next generation platform the Nintendo Switch and has labeled it a unique system. However Yoshida doesn’t really see them as competition as he believes that they are chasing their own market.

DS: 2017 will see the launch of another new console, Nintendo’s Switch. What do you think of it, and where do you see it sitting in the console ecosystem?

SY: I think it’s a very unique system. It’s very interesting that they’ve designed the system to work well with more conventional games in terms of inputs and buttons. So I think it’s good for core gamers and their marketing message focused on that.

DS: Do you still see Nintendo as competition in terms of hardware sales, or do they now exist in a completely different market?

SY: I think they’re going to cover a new market for themselves.

DS: Nintendo are also making big moves into mobile gaming. Super Mario Run comes out soon and Pokemon Go was the success story of the year on mobile. Is this an area Sony will be looking to move into?

SY: Not like Nintendo is. But the mobile is a great tool to connect with our fans and might be a good place to allow new gamers – or non-gamers – to become familiar with our IP. So we will look at opportunities to make use of the device.



    1. Hard to say if he’s trying to discredit Nintendo or be polite and cool and say they’re not “at war”/competing.

      1. I’ve met the guy several times and spent a little bit talking to him. He’s a genuine gamer. While he has his obligations to Sony, that’s not going to automatically make him a hater of other brands. He loves games of all kinds, including Nintendo’s. Gives credit where credit is due.

        Saying they aren’t competing isn’t really wrong either. The demographics that Nintendo has been targeting on the whole the past two gens is completely different.

    2. If we can’t play games like Witcher 3, Street Fighter , GTA, Dead Red Redemption 3 and so on and so on the gamer still loses. I couldn’t care less if they compete cause they pull in more casuals, mothers and so on.

      1. Oh, get off your high horse. Everyone I’ve ever met who plays GTA is a casual COD, FIFA, AND Madden gamer. Fighting games are a completely niche market for competitive gaming. Even the most hardcore JRPG gamers might not play those. And it’s Red Dead Redemption 2, not Dead Red Redemption 3. Be careful who you call casual.

        1. Those were just some games lol maby I should have said full third party support so your brain can process that ;)

          And everyone I know that plays the games you mention has been playing games for 25 years, used to be hardcore Nintendo and moved on to sony and xbox after the n64.

          Fighting games are not a complete niche for people who grew up with Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Dead or Alive and so on. And even if they are than they should be on a Nintendo console if they are sold on playstation/xbox. Me and some of my friends played all the main stream JRPG in the past 25 years and we also play all the games you mention. We play nearly every main stream game cause we are gamers and we don’t want to buy two consoles to do so.

          1. So from my understanding, you play mainstream games because everyone else plays it. Not because of your enjoyment? Dude please stop this foolishness, just because a game is mainstream doesn’t make it good.

            1. I play good games that get good ratings and usually dont care for bad games cause i dont enjoy them as much and they happen to be mainstream most of the time. Donkey kong country, Super mario bros, Mega Man, Castlevania, Street fighter, Rpg’s and 50 other franchises trough history before you retards start quoting me on 5 games again.

      2. I honestly believe you have to define hardcore/competitive and casual gamers by the gamer, not the game.

        There are a lot of people who play GTA and Cod competitively, but I admitingly play those games as a casual gamer. I’m there to relax and have fun, not to get ahead or gain status.

        One person may play Super Mario Brothers and just chill casually, where a speed runner may play it competitively.

        So yeah, I think we try to lump people into categories based on the game they play when I think it’s really defined by how a gamer plays. :D

      3. The Wii U is a funny situation though. Nintendo somehow managed to fail pulling hardcore gamers, third party support, AND they couldn’t even get casuals attention. The only ones that really won were the hardcore Nintendo fans who were most likely going to buy it anyway. Lol.

            1. Or quit my job. Ha! Thanks man! I’m going to try get in as much gaming as I can before life’s other responsibilities come knocking. D;

          1. Really? I usually ignore Sony news now adays so that must be why Ive been missing him then. Good to keep seeing all these old faces though.

  1. ||Now if you silly Sonyans can disappear like Invizimals then that would be even better…||

  2. Its not like Shuhei is going to admit that its going to compete with them and investors should be worried(or reveal anything relevant about the system, due to NDA), or it cant simply bash the system because he wants to keep up the appearences.This is standard PR.

      1. It is standard PR.Its not like Sony(or Microsoft) would simply say “Nah, I dont find it interesting” or say “Its an incredible machine that everyone should buy!”.They instead give these very neutral statements like finding the Switch a unique idea and its good for all gamers that there is competition, because:
        A)People will question him about other companies prioducts in interviews, so he needs answers prepared.
        B)Its became common in this industry to be cordial to other companies, especially with a product that yet need to be fully unveiled.

        Its not a bad or a good thing, its just that there is nothing to take out from this.This is just Shuhei(and Sony) being nice.

    1. A lot of casual gamers do have the PS4. This gen, the PS4 is the go-to console for most casual gamers. Most “core” gamers have multiple systems anyway.

    1. ||Whatever you delude yourself with Sonyan…||

      ||Now enjoy your great leader’s superior skills…||

  3. While unique is nice it doesn’t always translate to sales and support. Switch needs to gather the approval of hardcore third party gamers to be an all around success. Hopes are optimistic that it could happen.

  4. And yet it took Sony this long for any kind of word to come from them regarding the Switch.

    1. A lot of people usually get just one or prefer to have one console at a time. And since Nintendo never gets full third party support, they’re eliminated completely out of the picture for millions of people. No questions asked.

    2. I kept saying the same thing for the last two generations! My advice is to hold out hope, but don’t hold your breath. I ended up passing out twice while getting fucked outta games.
      It helps to have two game boxes, then Nintendo can pull whatever shit they want and you are still able to play more than the next Mario Yoshi’s wooly Rainbow adventure Kong! (a good game, but I need me some more options to game with!)

  5. “But the mobile[…] might be a good place to allow new gamers – or non-gamers – to become familiar with our IP. So we will look at opportunities to make use of the device.”

    > Our IP
    Right. Their IP. They don’t have those.
    Guess they don’t have a need to move to mobile.

    You know, other than their existing, convenient messaging/store app.
    They’re fine as is.

  6. He says this now but give it time. They’ll eventually have a home console/handheld hybrid PlayStation if the Switch is highly successful.

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