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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Has Been Updated To Version 1.5

Animal Crossing: New Leaf was recently updated to version 1.5. The patch’s main goal is to fix an error that can occur when you receive downloadable items, but not much else. Although there isn’t much of them, we’ve included the patch notes down below.

  • This patch addresses a 004-6006 error that can occur when receiving downloadable items.
  • Other small adjustments have been made to improve the overall game experience.


Thanks, CodyMKW

10 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Leaf Has Been Updated To Version 1.5”

  1. well at least it’s not another anti piracy update on the 3ds firmware. soi’m happy new leaf is still being supported

    1. I don’t think it has been patched on December 7 when NA didn’t have the 1.5 update Europe and Japan has had 1.5 for a while a friend I have added who is from Europe was able to clone a white christmas tree that I had

  2. Do you know how many blocks this patch takes because it’s telling me I don’t have enough? I already have the amiibo update but not this patch.

  3. i know that the last update i had trouble with new towns and with each new town i created tortimer would not appear at all at all so i had no boat ride to the tropical island

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