Miyamoto: Super Mario Run Is Online-only To Combat Piracy

Super Mario Run is out next week and hype for the mobile title is rising on social media. We have found out today that the game will require an always on internet connection to play. Shigeru Miyamoto says this is simply to combat piracy but it has left a number of fans unhappy. Here’s what he had to say to technology publication Mashable:

For us, we view our software as being a very important asset for us. And also for consumers who are purchasing the game, we want to make sure that we’re able to offer it to them in a way that the software is secure, and that they’re able to play it in a stable environment.

We wanted to be able to leverage that network connection with all three of the [Super Mario Run] modes to keep all of the modes functioning together and offering the game in a way that keeps the software secure. This is something that we want to continue to work on as we continue to develop the game.

But actually, the security element is one of the reasons that we decided to go with iPhone and iOS first. So this is just—based on the current development environment—a requirement that’s been built into the game to support security and the fact that the three different modes are connecting to the network and interacting with one another.



    1. It shouldn’t be much. The game shouldn’t have to send or receive much information, if any, to/from the server. Pokemon Go manages to use very little data and it’s constantly updating game information.

    2. It shouldn’t be heavy, but idk how smart of an idea this was to make online only. This game isn’t my cup of tea, but it 100% hits a home run with people who are commuter’s on public transit. But that also includes going underground, so does that mean they can’t play it until going above ground? Bad mistake in my eyes, not to mention that if jailbreakers really want to play this app and buy it, they is going to be an issue with them. Those who pirate the game can easily validate the game as if it is an actual IPA file, so that means no sense. C for effort to stop piracy, but if this is true, D for attempting to isolate the main point of the mobile game, and that is to play everywhere.

    1. They’re not the first ones to do this, nor will they be the last, and definitely not the worst offenders.
      So how is this “being” different?

    2. This is why I slowly stopped supporting them on certain things instead of blindly following all they do as if it’s bread and wine. They make horrible business practices, and this is just one of them. I understand they piracy thing 100% cause the DS scared developers when the R4 came out, and the 3DS is getting raped for the money with that Blue sky chip or whatever its called. But they need to realize that no one can stop piracy, and they just need to accept that as we are deep in the digital age. Sony and Xbox has the right ideas with the way they have their DLC locked entirely to the system, but even shit like the Wii U where you can’t even use a partition drive to stop piracy is just a nazi approach and slap to the fans.

  1. that totally sucks! won’t be able to play on the subway on the way to work, that would be my main time playing so might just save my money.

  2. P4. That’s annoying, but it really shoildn’t be a hinderance. Most popular games require a steady internet connection; Clash of Clans, Mobile Strike, and Pokemon Go to name a few.

    1. These are games that depend on the internet to even be a thing. I don’t criticise Team Fortress 2 for requiring an internet connection, but if Super Mario 3D World required one my eyebrows would raise to the roof. It’s actually a big inconvenience for me – and they expect me to pay £8/$10 for this.

      1. My point is that this isn’t anything new. Mobile gamers are used to requiring an internet connection, and most mobile gaming is actually done at home. Piracy is a big problem for Nintendo. I don’t blame them for trying to protect their IP, especially on a platform where they don’t have full control.

        1. Some of these games you mention require you to actually move about and use locations, and even Pokémon Go works underground without internet at times as long as you have your GPS. EVen if you aren’t connected to anything or get internet for a brief second, it works. Piracy is one thing, but again, Nintendo likes to do things there ways and it works out 50/50. This one is just a push away to fans bro. Not to mention, isolating Android, which still has majority mobile world since iOS and iPhone sells hit the wall after the 6S dropped.

          1. Pokemon Go can’t work unless you have some kind of connection to the internet, whether you’re using wi-fi or data. The game might remain active for a brief period, but you won’t see any Pokemon, Pokestops, or gyms pop up unless you have some kind of connection.

            I understand the problem faced by people who use the subway or travel by tunnel, but that’s not a very large percentage of users. Plus you can access wi-fi in many public places. Restaurants, retail stores, colleges, and even public busses have wi-fi service now.

            1. Do you live in NYC or Chicago or DC? That’s a big population and they all on their phones. Let’s not give solutions to a company who can’t think enough to care for their fans

              1. Not sure what you’re getting at here. I don’t live in a city. I live in a pretty rural area, but still about 90% of my day is spent with access to wi-fi. Even when I was in school and taking the train to and from I still had access to wi-fi about 80% of the day. I simply can’t see this being a problem for the mahjority of people.

                1. You’re speaking about yourself in this case. Not everyone still has access to Internet. Some areas upstate new York are horrible. And do I really want to be tied to wifi or Internet every single time just to play a game that I wanna just sit and release. It’s not like Pokémon go that you get up and go out everywhere.

                2. For those of us without Internet, it sucks. I’m not wasting mobile data on another Mario game. :)

              1. If a new report from AppleInsider is to be believed, Super Mario Run will require 75 megabytes of data per hour with “constant, involved” play. However, the site says “significantly less” data will be needed in “most cases”.

                say it all next time. and if this is a rumor, then grain of salt.

              2. I recomend not going around believing every rumor you hear. Do you know how much data usage that is? I don’t think a game exists that uses anywhere near 75 mb an hour. How about waiting for solid data?

        2. They’re also used to not requiring internet for the likes of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope – games that have no need to keep you always connected. I enjoy Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 on my iPhone on the go with no internet required. Sure, I do a lot of my mobile gaming at home too, but ultimately that would make this game as far as I’m concerned barely more portable than a Wii U Gamepad.

          If you compare the number of pirates this stops vs paying customers it inconveniences, I promise the latter will be greater.

          1. I might agree that it’ll inconvenience customers more than it will stop pirates. I don’t have any solid figures to say for certain; but it won’t stop paying customers from playing the game. As I said above, there are plenty of public places that offer wi-fi service. In cities where people use the subway, you can play just about anywhere else.

            Maybe it’s just because I won’t personally be affected by this, but in this day and age I can’t see this being a huge inconvenience for the people who will be playing this game.

    2. Shouldn’t be a hindrance? So why did people complain and basically start a hate-campaign for Micorsoft because of the always-online thing back when they first revealed the XB1? People are used to having constant internet connection at home, so why was it a problem to so many, but this is fine? Even though maintaining a steady connection on the go is more problematic than it is at home?
      Really not directed towards you, but I think the hypocrisy some are showing in relation to this is absolutely comical. So many people were shitting on Microsoft when they did this, including people on this website, but now that it’s Nintendo, it’s absolutely fine. It’s to combat piracy, after all!!! Haha, I think it’s pretty hilarious, honestly.

      1. I assure you there is no hypocrisy. A steady internet connection is certainly not more problematic on the go. First, many people, including myself, don’t have decent internet service at home. A good internet service is not a given, even in the U.S. I often struggle to pick up a wi-fi signal when I’m on the second floor of my house. Mobile phones are capable of connecting to the internet without a wi-fi connection by using data. Even if you don’t want to use data, you can bring your phone to school, a cafe, a library, or anywhere else that provides wi-fi. You can’t exactly bring your xbox one with you wherever you go. If you have bad internet service at home, then too bad. You’re SOL.

        1. I’m pretty sure there’s hypocrisy, even if it doesn’t apply to you specifically.
          I live in Berlin, and with the building density we have going on here, on top of the high reliance on public transport with the subway, it’s kinda difficult to maintain a steady connection without short interruptions inbetween. On the go, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your connection is going to get disrupted, even if you might just be sitting in the subway, not “actively” moving, which is normally one of the most convenient moments to play mobile games. I have weak service on my phone in certain parts of my apartment even. And while it’s definitely true that a strong wifi reception everywhere in your house or apartment is not a given, it’s a problem that can be solved relatively “easily” with devices that extend the signal area, while the problem of weak reception with mobile internet is beyond the power of an individual. Of course I’m aware that it’s not exactly the most convenient thing to potentially having to buy an extra device, which means spending even more money, when wanting a certain console (if that XB1 policy would have gone through), but yea, it offers slightly more accessible solutions than the problem with unstable mobile connection, I feel.
          All of that being said, I feel both situations are anything but convenient; a mobile game like Super Mario Run should not require an internet connection at all times, and likewise, a gaming console shouldn’t either, but in my personal case, the latter would definitely be less problematic. Though, of course, I realize that everyone lives under different circumstances, so it’s the other way around for many others, which is why I think both situations are comparably suboptimal, and ultimately makes it kind of funny to me when people are obviously more accepting towards the Mario Run case than the XB1 situation. Both present fundamentally the same problem.

          1. That makes sense. For me an always-online home console would be a problem; but an always-online mobile game isn’t a problem. I suppose it’s different for each person, and neither situation works for everybody.

  3. Nintendo are the last company you associate with always-online DRM, but here we are. Ridiculous decision, there is no reason this shouldn’t be playable offline. I do not have enough data to be able to play this anywhere other than home now, thanks very much Nintendo.

  4. I was going to buy day 1, now I’m not even going to waste my time downloading it for free. That doesn’t work for me.

  5. That is bullshit.
    My phone is android, and even though I do have internet on it 99% of the time, this is still an asshole thing to do,
    The sells that they win, they’ll lose out of the… wait, what I’m talking about, they’re selling it to iPhone owners, carry on then.

    1. Everyone is getting so damn triggered over Mario Run, and I’m just thinking that the game will sell just because you can play as different characters.

      1. Always online drm is cancer of gaming, there is no one who should be excused from it.
        Sure, they might “win” a few sales with this move.
        But first of all, 99% of pirates, would not pay in the first place and anyone who takes gaming even bit more serious than casual, will avoid this crap (drm).
        I for one would not shell out 10$ for always online drm mobile game.

          1. Remember sim city? It was single player game that had always online drm, and it did not end well for it.

            You probably mean online multiplayer focused games, those can be excused to a point.
            Though I still think 60$ for pretty much multiplayer only game is bullshit.

            I wouldn’t really care if they said it was always online, because the point of the game would be global competition for high score, but clearly the game is not that, and should be available to play offline too.

            Just because someone somewhere did it before, it is not ok to kill your family while you sleep, rape your dog and wake you up for the finale.

            TL;DR: Those some BS excuses.

  6. I’m fine with this my phone is connected to the internet 99.99%. i dont get why people are mad, this isnt like ea where its always online on a console, some people dont have internet on their consoles, on a phone everyone has internet.

      1. ok i get that but i bet most of the people on this blog dont have to deal with that. they are acting like this is a deal breaker

        1. Not everyone, but the amount of peole that live in places like San Fansisco, Los Angeles, and Ney York is not a small amount. I know for a fact that a few people here are fom new york and they commute through subways. I used to live in L.A and you guessed it, I used the subway to go to school. Im sure as you said, its not that many people on here, but for those that it does affect, its sucks.

          1. I live in Upstate NY and it’s sad how little we’re recognized, we’re basically the whole state and only our bottom islands get cool stores and decent data. Just think of it this way: Upstate NY is like Nevada with a different climate. We need more online support up here.

            1. Man I feel for you, theres a few places like that around here in IL. Im actually in a real good place, its boring as hell but when it comes to data, im good. What part of the Upstate are you in? I know its close to jersey and I have a few buddie there that tell me that the internet is crazy expensive.

                1. Ouch man. How bad do you have it? The lowest its dipped here in my area is around the single digits. The snow hasnt been as bad either, the most weve gotten is about 12 inchs.

      2. My way to school is completely rip then. I drive around 30 minutes in a train and the internet is completely unusable on that whole way. So no Mario Run for me I suppose?

        Got fucked for not living in tiny Japan where Internet is everywhere

  7. Welp, Nintendo lost a sale. I won’t support games with always online drm nonsense. Nintendo is no exception.

      1. I was planning on getting Need for Speed 2015 til I read the “always online” part. I was all “oh fuck no!” I love Need for Speed where you get to drive a vehicle in an open world type setting but not enough to put up with always online shit.

        1. It’s more towards you play with people online all the time, and staying online isn’t my issue. It’s just these no offline mode at all. That’s EA not realizing that not everyone is still online

  8. Every smart phone user has internet 24/7, they have no point in bitching about online only. The only people who get really pissed about this are the ones who planned to pirate the game.

    1. Seeing how you think every smartphone user has internet 24/7, I’m curious about what your thoughts are about Microsoft’s initial plan of having the XB1 require to be always online, back when they first revealed it. :0

      1. ||There is a difference between an irrelevant civilian tool like Super Mario Run and an entire machine like Xbox One…||

        ||This is exactly why I’m againt anything concerning Mobile Infantry nonsense and I haven’t touched anything regarding that either and never will…||

        ||You can be assured that if High Command would do the same thing to the Switch as a whole, well you know what I did to the Luminoth…||

        1. So you don’t think the XB1 is irrelevant after all? :^)
          Joking aside- I think both situations fundamentally share the same problem: both the XB1 and Super Mario Run have no valid reason to require constant internet connection.

          1. ||Agreed, High Command better not take that way completely with real gaming or they’ll get an immense outrage far worse than the Xbots…||

  9. Welp, that sucks. In America we have telecom monopolies with stingy data caps and terribly overpriced service. Requiring always on data might fly in more civilized parts of the world, but in America, not so much. I was going to buy this, absolutely not now.

    1. I was going to call you an idiot for saying America is less civilized than most of the world, but I do agree that something needs to be done about the cell monopolies. It’s just like with the railroad systems in the 1890’s.

      1. “was going to call you an idiot for saying America is less civilized than most of the world, ”

        I didn’t say ‘most of the world”, that was what you wanted to gear, apparently, since you apparently only understand a few simple geoploitical narratives.

    1. Nope I’m not getting it because I’m not with the times. My phone is too old. I would have to get a new Iphone and pay 10$ and want to play it with an Internet connection and I’m just not prepared to do that.

    1. ||It’s amusing that the majority of the ones that hated the idea of mobile nonsense are the same ones being the most upset about them, it’s so illogical and typical human…||

  10. An average meeting at the Circle of Naughty Pirates:
    Pirate 1: “So guys, what should we pirate first? There’s a load of great games and films this time of the year.”
    Pirate 2: (Rushing in because he’s always late) “What about Pokemon Sun and Moon? Wait, we did that before they came out? Okay then.”
    Pirate 3: “Super Mario Maker 3DS? It might have less features, but playing on the go might be cool.”
    Pirate 4: “How about Super Mario Run? I heard it was fun”

    If you were going to pirate a game, why Super Mario Run of all things?

  11. Unless it’s online multiplayer, always online is total fucking bullshit. Not everyone lives in areas with a super awesome internet connection, guys! I wasn’t going to get this game because I could care less about mobile games nor do I have a smartphone or tablet, but I feel bad for people that were going to get this game but can’t now because their area’s wi-fi is total shit.

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