The Next Kanye West Album May Have Songs That Are Named After Wii Games

Producer Pete Rock, who is helping with Kanye West on his next album, has been posting Instagram pictures with various teasers from the studio. Among the pictures was a list that, when zoomed in, seems to be Wii game titles. These include Okami, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Of course, speculation can easily argue that this nothing more than a list of Wii games and may have no significance, but it’s still interesting nevertheless. However, it’s all the more plausible that the nerdy titles may be intentional because the next album is called TurboGrafx-16, a game console. As for the image, we’ve included it down below.




    1. this maybe a list of wii ports coming to the nx!

      maybe it could be that nintendo is behind this somehow?

      lol i would be cool though if im correct

  1. all the kanye haters getting salty lmao. Makes me realize how ignorant and unformed people who use this site can be, just people judging off tabloid stuff that they see on other sites and thinking it’s fact.

    1. Except Kanye is a shitty rapper who does not give a fuck about you or any of his fans. But keep enjoying your shitty music

      1. I wasnt a big fan of Plabo either, and holy shit, was that a Mario Kart sample at the beginning? lol As long as its not another Yeezus, im good with what ever he makes. That video though, had me thinking the old Kanye is coming back lol.

        1. We’ll see about that when he’s up against Ron Perlman and Dwayne Johnson.

          Looking at their track record and pages, the two at least seem completely prepared in comparison to Kanye.

          1. Im not saying hes going to win, and i sure hope he doesnt, IF he runs. Im saying that if eveything pointed to trump losing, and he STILL won, so nothing will surprise me anymore.

  2. That’s only a list of games Kanye wants to buy on Amazon; so his producer it’s taking care of.

    1. He has to pay royalties and ends up giving advertisement to those samples. plus he has to clear them before anything, so its not like hell be able to use them if (lets say he samples a mario song) and Nintendo says no.

  3. Haha, this is so silly. I wonder if he’s actually a Nintendo fan or just fokking around for all publicity reasons.

  4. I’d rather have The Rock as president in 2020 and kanye’s music is 100% terrible. Also I fully enjoy Nickleback’s music, hate me all you want but those are my opinions, me hating kanye and me liking Nickleback.

  5. Knowing Kanye the names of these songs and the album title will probably change before it’s released but so far he’s seemingly sticking to his plan to call the next project TurboGrafx-16. He announced this right after he released his last album. I hope it’s good, whatever he calls it and I hope he’s doing okay.

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