Video: Some Best Buy Employees Surprised A Teen Who Has Been Visiting Their Store Daily To Play Smash Bros

Valley Stream, New York’s Best Buy store may not stand out all that much, but the employees at the store didn’t let that stop them from providing some generosity for a teen this holiday season. The staff purchased a Wii U for the teen, who visited the store every day in an effort to play Smash Bros on the Wii U’s display area in the store’s game section. Video was recorded of the moment the team gave the teen the Wii U. They explained that all of it was his, including the box, warranty and receipt. The storeโ€™s General Manger even confirmed the story in a phone call. We’ve included the video below, so feel free to check it out.

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  1. He was like “Man, the reason I’m here is that my friends don’t see me playing the Wii U, I can’t take that thing home!”

  2. On one hand that was very nice of them.
    On the other hand I feel this is their way of saying they’re sick of seeing his face, which I think is kind of mean.

    1. He’s probably an introvert. Shy humans are less expressive than popular humans.

      1. True statement. Many times I’ll tell someone I’m really excited on the inside although I’m not expressing it.
        Regardless, it was very Christmassy of them to give him one!

      2. ||They are also way more intelligent than the extrovert type in general…||

        ||Still primitive however…||

  3. This was so nice :D But I still can’t help but think of all the possible problems:

    1. He doesn’t have a TV to play it on

    2. He already has a Wii U, he just doesn’t have SSB4

    3. The reason he would go there was to get away from home

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