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Miyamoto Wishes The Star Fox Franchise Was More Popular

Shigeru Miyamoto recently attended an event at the Apple Soho Store to talk about and demonstrate Super Mario Run which comes to Apple’s iOS platform on December 15th. Mr Miyamoto also fielded some questions from the attendees at the event and was asked by one inquisitive fan if there was a character or franchise that he had developed that he wished had gained more popularity. Here’s his response:

Yeah, I always wanted Fox McCloud to be a bit more popular than he is. [Crowd:  “awww…”] But I think one more would be Pikmin. So I think these two, I’ll need to put some more energy into.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6

120 thoughts on “Miyamoto Wishes The Star Fox Franchise Was More Popular”

    1. Even with that said the latest edition to the series still did decent. But I agree that would help the franchise out. As a side note I wish Metroid and F zero were more popular as well.

    2. I wouldn’t mind if they did a direct followup to both Assault and Zero.

      Also, I wouldn’t call Star Fox Zero a remake (though I can see why people are calling it one), I’d say it’s Star Fox 64 with different elements.

      1. For a game released in 2016 thats a bad thing considering star fox 64 was released in 1997.

        Nintendo is the one to blame that the fox isn’t more popular , just like they are the ones to blame for not fully utilizing there other franchises. They say for example that they got nothing new to add to F-zero so they won’t make it. Nobody cares though people just want to play F-Zero games. Like the dozen of 2d games the released the past years added anything new lol (Yoshi,DK,Kirby and so on)

        If they would have made a pokemon MMO they would have been the richests gaming company ever. 12 milliion people played World of warcraft at its peak 80 million or more would play pokemon perhaps.

        1. I personally blame these so-called “Fans” like you!

          You’re just someone who refused to get good at something that was totally original.
          Just because you’re bad at the game doesn’t mean the game itself is bad.

          1. Being a fan does not mean being a little bitch that plays whatever Nintendo, or any video game company for that matter, feels like throwing at you. The hate for Star Fox Zero wasn’t about not wanting to get good but getting a gimmick NOBODY asked for shoved down our throats. If you enjoyed the forced gimmick, that’s fine and doesn’t make you a fanbitch. But the moment you tell others they should get good & enjoy it does make you one.

            1. This coming from a guy who’s being a little bitch that’s complaining about the controls?

              I even just played the game to get all the medals and the motion controls aren’t even bad at all. They needed getting used to, but the motion detection worked fine for the gamepad.

              Also, nobody asked for the touchscreen or motion sensory in the Wii remote either and everybody was fine with it then.

              I also know of another game that needed getting used to that everyone loves, and it’s a game that goes by the name “Kid Icarus: Uprising”.

              The point is; Don’t berate the game because you can’t “Git good”. If you can’t “Git good” then that’s YOUR loss.

              1. This isn’t Dark Souls or Ninja Gaiden. The “git good” crap doesn’t fly here. And I didn’t lose anything. The only one who had a loss was Ninty when I refused to buy this game.

      2. SF Zero had almost the exact same story has Star Fox 64. Even the script was basically was the sam unless it was a different level. The game was a remake of the N64 game with the gamepad, that’s why it was bad. The game pad was bad, the idea was bad.

        Star fox is popular and why so many were excited about the teaser in Bayonett. Moto is just really too stupid to see that it isn’t the series that has the issues, it’s the fact that they recycled the N64 game with new controls that barely got the greenlight to pass testing and be sold to us. We didn’t want it, now he needs to just give us a new SF. Period. It will sell if it’s what we want, not like them feeding us a totally different game like they did to us with Metroid.

          1. SF SNES was different from N64 SF, and vice. But the N64 and SF Zero shared the exact same story. The ending was the exact same thing with his dad. The script was basically the same too. Zero was just SF64 with a gamepad and different looking graphics.

          1. To play games, not to be trapped to the damn tablet that barely holds a charge. No developers wanted to use it, and the only game I liked it on was MH3. Any other game was pointless.

              1. Battery sucks; no multiple touching; the screen resolution is horrible; distance from gamepad to TV is barely a few fee; Gamepad barely has real impact in games or is poorly used for games. That’s real legitimate reasons as to why the gamepad sucks and mostly people prefer the pro control to the game pad.

        1. No.

          It’s just Star Fox 64 if it had more of a story to it and entirely exclusive gameplay.

          If it were a real remake, it would just be the exact same game with a graphical facelift, which they already made for the 3DS.

    3. and have the option to turn off motion controls so that crybabies will stop crying about how they hate motion controls but suck and ride the dick of vr which IS motion controls, the setup may be a bit different but you are still using motion as a form of control hence ‘motion control’.

      1. There’s a different between motion controls that work, and motion controls that don’t work. The Zero motion controls are shit and fucking garbage. Let’s not blow Nintendo off for this super amazing idea to make the Game Pad into a cock pit. No one wanted that and that’s why no one brought it.

        VR are motion controllers, but last time I checked, they actual work.

          1. The motion controls work? Are you mad?! If they work, why in the fuck do you have to use the button to center the screen back to the center your TV or gamepad? Why? Oh yeah, I know why, cause it doesn’t work. The motion controls are all over the place. The game sucks because the motion controls suck.

            1. “If they work, why in the fuck do you have to use the button to center the screen back to the center your TV or gamepad? Why? Oh yeah, I know why, cause it doesn’t work.”

              Noooo! If they sucked, then they WOULDN’T have the feature to use the button to center the reticle in the middle of the screen.

              Also, that’s been happening with the Wii Remote Plus games and people actually LOVED those games for it. Next you’ll be saying the Wii Remote plus sucks!

      2. Minus your being a dick about it, it would have been nice to have the option to disable the motion controls. I can adapt to that shit and still enjoy myself. But I had friends and family who just can’t master that caliber of coordination.

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||So you people want challenging hard games to master in every way but now suddenly civilians are important enough for you to want to make Nintendo dumb down the weaponry?…||

          ||Isn’t this exactly what you are all complaining about?…||

      3. its not the motion, its that you have to shoot and fly in two totally different directions with two totally different screens. they gave one player two jobs and its really unwieldy. two-player coop was flawless though.

      1. Let me see…
        Retelling of Star Fox 64, which is a retelling of the original Star Fox, meaning there’s nothing new on this game;
        Forced, weird controls that do not improve the experience, instead hindering it due to the lack of options for a simpler scheme;
        Different vehicles being gimmicky and the only purpose being to make the player use the Gamepad for pace-breaking segments;
        Lack of online play or even a competitive local multiplayer, which players loved about previous Star Fox titles.

        It’s kinda hard to defend Star Fox Zero when you take in the consideration all of the above.

        1. Obviously you’re not a gamer.

          A true gamer would love to be challenged with a control scheme they weren’t used to.
          That’s what the people who played Kid Icarus Uprising did.

          Next you’ll be telling me VR sucks!

          1. You keep defending this game as much as you want, but the point and case of it all is that Star Fox Zero was ass, sucked, didn’t sell, had bad controls, and didn’t even crack a million. It’s in clearance bins at best buys. GameStop won’t even take this game as a trade in. The game series is killed off cause of this game. Moto and you must be good friends, as you are both stupid to believe this game was a good game and a good idea to make. Truth be told, it isn’t and it sucks so much that project guard (star fox guard) has better reviews than SFZ. Fucking sad

    1. Why does everybody keep saying that?

      I don’t recall Star Fox being rebooted that much.

      Last I checked, the total amount of reboots it had were two.
      Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Zero. The rest (Excluding the original Star Fox) were sequels to Star Fox 64.

  1. Personally I actually really liked StarFox Zero, and thought the controls were actually really good once you got used to them, but they do need to move on from the 64 formula. Also there definitely should have been a normal control scheme to go with the normal one. Make a brand new game with amazing level designs, new features, a new and interesting story, a more easy to learn hard to master type control scheme, and amazing visuals, and i think StarFox will sell really well. Also online multiplayer would be so perfect!

    1. I actually like the Star Fox 64 style look in Zero, and I wouldn’t mind if it’s sequels (if any) followed suit.

      But direct sequels to their older games such as Assault and Command would be nice.
      Also, I thought the level designs in Zero were pretty good.

      1. They were good, but they were really similar to 64. Personally I thought that was fine for Zero, but they can’t do it again for the next entry. Branch out, try new things. Zero is good, but i think they have the potential to make StarFox Great.

        1. “They were good, but they were really similar to 64.”
          No they weren’t.

          Adventures was more of an adventure game similar to the Legend of Zelda series, and Assault (while being a more faithful follow-up) was its own thing. A lot of people were like “Let’s bring Star Fox back to its roots!” so much that that is why we got Star Fox Zero.

          Now people are like “Make it new, we don’t want this style!”

  2. Well, Star Fox Zero didn’t exactly help the Star Fox series gain more popularity. Since it wasn’t a true sequel. And I thought Pikmin WAS popular? That’s one of my top favorite game series of all time. It’s AWESOME! I’m still hoping to see Pikmin 4 revealed during Nintendo’s January Switch event. I can’t believe we know NOTHING about it yet.

  3. I know I’m in the minority when I say this but I want starfox adventures !! Lol at least a game where I can get out of the plane. Keep the planes and dogfights but add in some solid ground action and maybe add in a hub in between missions. They gta flesh out that sci Fi aspect I mean they are in space after all.

      1. I agree with you on that one I think part of the problem has to do with the staff just being really disconnected with modern gaming honestly it’s like their in there own world lol I wouldnt say there’s little effort because I believe they really work hard on their games but they just don’t understand what gamers of today want.

        1. Well of course hard work is put into the games that come out. I meant more for unused idea’s and potential for other possible games they normally just wouldn’t do. Animal Crossing for example, why wasn’t there one for Wii U? Where is that connectivity and depth? Not enough idea’s? I doubt the latter.

  4. After games like Assault and Adventures exists, I’m not sure what can happen with the Star Fox franchise that can please everyone.

    No need to mention Zero since 64 pretty much overstayed its welcome as the most popular Star Fox game.

  5. Star fox Zero could have been so good, especially with some of the stuff I heard was going to be in it… and then they decided to take it all out. It did really well at what it had, but it was really short and just left me feeling a like it was supposed to still have something else. I still loved it though. Pikmin should totally get more focus. It’s so good!

  6. Have Fox appear in Mario Kart. Imagine Fox in an Arwing kart, and a dedicated Star Fox stage ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

  7. I just want the next title to have Krystal return, a better plot, a special story featuring Star Wolf and of course, plenty of amiibo support. With new figures of Fox, Falco, the first Krystal amiibo and an Arwing amiibo for the game too.

      1. I can’t even agree with that.

        They took Venom- a planet which in previous games was this inhospitable, barren planet with unsustainable terrain and acidic oceans that Andross somehow managed to thrive on, and downgraded it into some random asteroid that houses a wormhole. I think the finale was weaker for it- instead of being thrown through one last gauntlet on a planet that should have it out for you, all you do is find one control panel, fight Star Wolf one more time, then dive into an on-rails portal that just shows you where to go if you take the wrong branch more than once. It felt anticlimactic to me; at least the battle with Andross mostly made up for it.

        1. “They took Venom- a planet which in previous games was this inhospitable, barren planet with unsustainable terrain and acidic oceans that Andross somehow managed to thrive on, and downgraded it into some random asteroid that houses a wormhole.”

          That’s a petty nitpick.

        2. You wasted your time with that guy, Brisk. He apparently has a hard on for the forced gimmick Nintendo shoved down our throats.

  8. I wanted to love starfox 0.. but the forced gamepad use made me freaking despise it.
    Also, how hard is it to come up with new planets? I ask you!
    Make a sequel, stop shoehorning in gimmicky controls, and just come up with .. like.. a new star system to explore!
    That’s my issue.. i could sit here and come up with new planets and even a story.. but yet he just.. reboots the damn thing!

    1. “I wanted to love starfox 0.. but the forced gamepad use made me freaking despise it.”

      Or you just suck at it.
      The game was made to get people to get better at multi-tasking, and I think it did it well.

      I actually got better at it the more I played it, like a game is SUPPOSED to do!
      Seriously, why do people love Kid Icarus Uprising but not Star Fox Zero when clearly Kid Icarus Uprising was doing the same thing!?

      1. “Seriously, why do people love Kid Icarus Uprising but not Star Fox Zero when clearly Kid Icarus Uprising was doing the same thing!?”

        Okay, hold the phone. Uprising does NOT do what SF Zero does- Uprising doesn’t force you to look between two screens just to either see what you’re shooting or where you’re flying, and even if it did, the 3DS’s screens have a set distance between them; they don’t move, and one is always partially in your peripheral vision. SF Zero doesn’t so that/can’t do that unless you hold your Gamepad up and keep your head in a position where you can see both your TV and the Pad’s screen simultaneously. Have you tried doing that? It’s not as comfortable as it sounds.

        Not to mention the motion controls that cause more harm than good- when I have them always on, I end up shooting straight up after about 10 seconds and have to recalibrate CONSTANTLY. It ends up being a massive pain.

        1. When I said “It was doing the same thing” I did not mean the motion controls and the simultaneous multitasking. I meant that the more you practice, the better you get at it.

          If you can’t handle the gameplay and don’t want to practice, then you’re just a quitter.
          And nobody likes a quitter.

        2. Kid Icarus had everything good about it but the controllers, and the sad part was that the controllers were made the way that they were made only because this dude who made it wanted to provide a fan advantage to fans who played this game online. It was good, but the controllers are not for everyone at all.

  9. Gee, I wonder whose fault that is (◔_◔) I mean, Star Fox Zero was suuuuuurely the best game to represent the series. It’s definitely not because Nintendo is recycling old games or anything, of course not.

    Seriously, Nintendo, get your shit together and make a true Star Fox game for once. Look at the big AAA games you see your competition dishing out and maybe you can learn thing or two from them.

  10. Well, in regards to Star Fox becoming more popular, perhaps try not alienating half the players with a control scheme they don’t want with a gimmick they don’t want? Oh, and add something every SF fan wants:


    This isn’t the 90s anymore; we can’t all just walk down the street to our friends’ homes to play 64’s multiplayer like we could when we were growing up with it. Star Fox has such amazing potential for online play, let’s see that happen.

  11. Well its not like it didt sell.. 400k are actually good numbers.. starfox is pretty much alive.. they just need to drop some gimmicks and make it more simple to play it (i loved zero but it was kind of hard to play).. not like federation force wich only sold around 50k

  12. Here’s a totally cool idea… make a Star Fox that ISN’T a remake… and, here’s a totally alien idea… let the devs finish the game??? So many games suffer because the publisher just HAS to have it out at a certain time…

  13. The Star Fox franchise IS popular! The problem is that there was no good game since Star Fox 64 (The Rare game was good, but it wasn’t a space shooter). Make a classic Star Fox game with a giant galaxy with many paths and sidequests, a compelling and interactive story (depending on the path you take) and proper online multiplayer. On the negative side, don’t do boring walker or robot stages, watching videos of those stages was the only reason I didn’t buy the most recent game, and no fucking motion controls!

  14. 64 was popular. Actually make a (new) game that lives up to or exceeds that, and it will be popular. Assault was a joke, Adventures was fun for what it was, but definitely not a Star Fox game, and Command was merely fun, but not great. I’ve never played Zero, but regardless of what side people are on, the mixed reviews and negative comments around it are not a good thing.

    1. No s***!

      Star Fox Zero was a well made game with decent review scores and yet everybody’s acting like it’s Sonic ’06!

      News flash! Star Fox Zero is a BAJILLION times better than Sonic ’06, get over yourselves!

  15. Star Fox is a very popular series,but the first game hasn’t age very well and its not on the virtual console so not many people can play it(without using an emulator of course),Adventure and Command are considered bad Star Fox games,Zero is a rehash of 64 with bad motion controls,Assault has too many on-foot missions and they are kinda repetitive and turn-off a lot of people.

    So really this series has only one great game,so of course its not gonna be the most succesful series,just make a proper sequel to Star Fox 64 and it will sell

  16. star fox would be more popular, miyamoto…if you didn’t make the last one so shitty. Perhaps you need to have these younger developers take a crack at it, because they knocked your Zelda Franchise out of the water. No motion controls.

  17. I want it to be more popular too. Starfox64 was one of my favorite Starfox games. Here’s some things they can do:

    1: The option to let us play as other Starfox members in the campaign mode kind of like Command.
    2. Make Bill and Katt members of the Starfox team.
    3. A co-op mode where you can pick two members of the Starfox team and combine vehichles into a mecha during a boss.
    4. Bring back Krystal or retcon her into another love interest for Fox. Didn’t Fox have a love intrest in the comics?

  18. Make another game like Zero. Don’t remove the motion controls. There’s no going back to the stone age. Double down on gyro, and force the peasants to evolve.
    More walker stages – they were fun. The walker was a fantastic tactical tool.
    More levels/planets
    Multiple endings.
    Assault style muliplayer – online/offline with bots.
    More challenge scenarios like the training levels.

    most importantly – dont listen to the whingers, you’ll never please them no matter what you do.

  19. Then how about this, STOP trying to use nostalgia to justify a new Star Fox game and give us something new Miyamoto!

    As if you fucking up Paper Mario wasn’t bad enough.

  20. i love the star fox series,i never bought sfzero tho,i heard the controls suck. the graphics should of been alot better,looks like a ps2 game at best.

  21. I’m sure this has been beat to death, but maybe if 3 out of the 5 normal Star Fox games (Star Fox Adventure is different for this purpose) weren’t the exact same game, with tweaked graphics and gameplay, but the same damn story, people would be more into the game.

    Star Fox Assault was a step in the right direction. With some minor tweaks, that game would have been beyond brilliant. Star Fox Command was strange, and I think the combination of those two games not selling all that well due to minor flaws, and the remake of 64 selling like hotcakes, made them to decide to play it way too safe with Star Fox Zero.. toss in bad control schemes that not many will like, and you have an “unpopular” franchise.

    People like Fox. He’s not as popular as Link or Mario, but he’s not that far behind. We want something new. New enemies. New galaxies. Expand the lore. Combine the complex story of Command Mission, gameplay elements found in Adventures and Assault, gorgeous graphics like in Zero, and tight controls like Star Fox 64, and you will have a bonified hit on your hands.

    And no to Pikmin. I still don’t see why the game is popular. I tried to like Pikmin 3, got it free, but just didn’t really hook me. Oh well. LOL

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  23. I’d say something but others have said it more than enough as to why Star Fox isn’t as popular as it should be.

  24. It would’ve helped if you’d actually finished Star Fox Zero and not forced buggy motion controls down everyone’s throat! Releaseing the game as an incomplete reimagining of just about half of Star Fox 64 was rather stupid, too!

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