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US: Select My Nintendo Members Get To Try Out Nintendo Switch Early

Check your emails if you’re a My Nintendo member as select people are receiving invites to test out the Nintendo Switch early. Details are scarce but the message says the following: Dear My Nintendo member, To thank you for being a loyal fan, we’d like to offer you a chance to try the Nintendo Switch system before it’s released. Look for an email from Eventbrite for the full details and be sure to register right away to save your spot (availability of tickets are on a first come, first served basis). Go check your email now!

Thanks to geelw for the tip.


    1. The first order works in very mysterious ways. I am not so keen on trying it as I know I’ll be owning it soon enough

  1. I’m not sure, but it wouldn’t hurt to sign up anyway as you get a few digital coin rewards for buying digital games, using Miiverse and poking around the eShop. My brain did a back flip when I saw that email, so I’m wondering if it was also because I got to play Breath of the Wild this past summer at Nintendo World here in NYC and they’re picking names off that list to see who can attend.

    Well, as long as it’s here in the city, I’ll be there.

    As there’s no date listed and I hate speculating, I won’t. Of course… as I’m typing, a voice in the background (a friend hanging out here) just yelled “maybe January for that Switch event!”

    We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted, lol.

  2. From what I’ve been reading it seems like most of the people getting emails are in, or near the NYC area. My guess would be that this event is going to be exclusive to the Nintendo World Store…sadly too far from where I live :(

    1. I wish Nintendo would realize that there are so many of their fans that don’t live near NYC… And also that many of their fans would be willing to travel to NYC if they had the chance to play the Switch.

  3. SALTYYYYYY. Take that up with Nintendo of Europe. I’m gathering there will be an event somewhere in Europe at some point, but that sort of thing would be their move, not NOA’s. If the Breath of the Wild demo is any indication, it was E3/NYC first, then other territories after that.

    Everyone else: I’ve put out feelers to a few friends outside of the city to see if they get invites. That said, it’s very likely NOT just NYC fans, but those around and close to NYC. At the Zelda demo, there were people who did travel far to get there from a few states away. I’d gather these emails went out Tri-State and a bit further, but they kind of have to focus locally for a few smart reasons.

    Be aware that Nintendo may be targeting those close by in order to check availability and to make sure people aren’t burdened by having to travel so far that stuff like bad weather, missing work/school, finances and such aren’t issues. Also, as we don’t yet know if this is an open event where fans line up around the block or an invite only thing where they just fill the store to just below capacity (it’s not a huge space at all, but a nice one!), it’s hard to say anything other than stay tuned…

  4. In regards to the comments higher up, that may be the case. I live in Manhattan and I got an email (Thanks Nintendo!). So I’m pretty sure it has to do something with location. Now all that’s left is to wait for the confirmation email. (Right?)

  5. Great.

    I live in freaking Texas. My odds are slim, but I’ll keep you posted. Presumably I won’t get one if I haven’t already, but a guy can dream.

  6. I live close by in NJ, and it’s only over a hour from my house to the Nintendo World Store. That said, I haven’t gotten an email yet. :(

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