Venture Beat: Nintendo Switch Graphics Based On Nvidia’s Older Maxwell Architecture

Venture Beat, who are a reliable publication, is reporting that they have heard from two of their sources that the Nintendo Switch’s graphics will be based on Nvidia’s older Maxwell architecture. This information has had some fans concerned that the system won’t be future proofed as it lines up the Nintendo Switch’s visual capability nearer the Wii U than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It isn’t bleeding edge technology and the publication says that we shouldn’t expect the highest-end games we’re seeing on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One to run on the Nintendo Switch. You can read more about this issue, right here.




  1. The biggest advantage the Switch has right now is being a portable home console. The games will never look as good as PS4 but the idea of taking your games wherever you go is a good risk at least to start with.

    If it does pick up I’m sure the Switch will eventually get better graphics with each new version (similar to the NEW 3DS).

  2. One’s a home console and one’s a home/portable console bit obvious the home/portable console will be a bit weaker to help lower cost to make it more eye catching. As portable console goes this is a beast, big jump up from the 3ds as a home console it is still relevant even if it matches the XBONE.

    I know people are like but the pro and scorpio will make this look last gen, people need to know that the games for the pro and scorpio are also going to the ps4 and xbox one which hold back the games making the switch still relevant due to the fact they can easily put ps4 games on the switch.

    1. True but if the console cannot handle the software (which is being built for PS4/Xbox One by 3rd party developers), they will not make it for the switch and therefore the switch dies the same death as the Wii U.

      1. Nintendo Switch is powered by the performance of the custom Tegra processor. The high-efficiency scalable processor includes an NVIDIA GPU based on the same architecture as the world’s top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards.
        this is from nvidia blog site
        it should be close to ps4 in power,but not pro or scorpio i would guess.

      2. That is not true at all, look at the wii. It received porta of call of duty a game many people argued wouldn’t be in the Wii because it was too much for it to handle…

        1. yea it recieved ports of CoD but the big parts of the games (chase sequences for example) were pre-recorded into a video to just watch instead of play and the textures, anti-ailising was low. Trust me I played Moder Warfare and Black Ops 1 on the Wii. It can compare to the 360 and PS3 versions.

    2. Well when you have to pay $300 every 4 years because Nintendo’s consoles keep going to the grave, I think it matters

    3. I may be retiring from Nintendo in March but after that I’m taking up indie game developing. And nope my games will not be for the switch or Mobile phones. They will either be PC or at a pinch Playstation Exclusives Plus at 4k resolution for movies the ps4 is looking like the winning team for me I’ll still play my wii u but the wii u is as much as Nintendo is going to get from me.

  3. First of all,
    Bethesda said they will not make any games for the switch if it didnt had the power near to the xbox one. So this is not possible and if it is possible they will make sure that it will hit the xbox power lvl. Because its custom. And specially made for the Switch. I think this isnt true.

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  4. The only reason this bothers me is because I care a great deal about Nintendo’s future. It seems that the Switch will have to rely a lot on third party support in order to survive, coming out so soon after the Wii U, which failed to do so. I doubt that things will go back to how they were back in the day when multi-platform releases could really downgrade and even be redeveloped for the weaker platforms, and effectively launch two or three different products.

    The Switch will be getting third party support…in the form of an RPG from 2011, Just Dance from Ubisoft, and other similarly fresh and phenomenal titles. I’m just afraid that Nintendo might not be able to profit from yet another console that relies almost entirely on exclusives. A lot is hanging on the Switch. I imagine it’ll have to do at least twice as well as the Wii U in order for Nintendo to not give up on the home console market. I can only hope that the developer-friendly architecture of the Switch, as well as the added focus on marketing will be enough to bring it home.

  5. Zelda confirm this. It looks similar on switch and wii u. Switch is maybe 10-20% faster than wii u. GTA V looks much better on xbox360 (technically). Much more details and better textures.

  6. I don’t know how to feel about this.

    On one hand, makes sense as the Switch is intended to be also an “on-the-go” console, which needs to save up battery. Of course we all wish the Switch was a high-end piece of technology, but we know how that would influence its final price and sales.

    On the other hand, if the Switch is not future-proof, why should a gamer invest his money in something which will have a pretty limited lifespan? (We all know what happened to the Wii U.)

    Anyway, all the talking on “the Switch won’t be getting 3rd parties”, “RIP, Switch” and other blah-blah-blah is about to start again.

    1. Future proof, you mean like the big consoles releasing an ‘upgraded’ version 3-4 years after the release of their previously unbeatable model?

      By that logic then the Switch can follow that practice and no one should moan because hey who likes an out dated piece of technology.

      As long as i can play QUALITY games i do not care.

      1. A future proof console is a console capable of competing against its contemporary counterparts with the minimum of equality.

        The fact that PS Pro is already out, and the Scorpio is just down the road, and considering that the Switch will harbor an old architecture, makes the Switch non-future proof. It not hard to understand that, in the final time frame of the 8th generation, the bar will be set by both the Pro and Scorpio. It has nothing to do with how frequently the companies will release a new iteration of their boxes.

        Of course the regular Xbox One and PS4 will suffer in handling the new games, despite the commitment of software houses in making all the new games playable on the 8.1 generation machines. Which is very sad.

        1. So what you’re saying is that the future of gaming lies squarely on the performing power of the consoles and has nothing to do with the games themselves or the innovations?

          I understand 100% what you are getting at but my issue is that our ‘future’ of gaming is being destroyed by peoplle screaming out for graphics and power but gameplay and depth is suffering in the process.

          1. We share the same concerns. I’m not fond of the “graphics master race”. The only grip I see in the Switch not having a cutting edge (or something close to it) technology is that 3rd parties will have an excuse to give up supporting it. Any console without 3rd party support is relegated to ostracism — the Wii U is the living proof of it.

            On the consoles’ horsepower: It’s not only about graphics. I’ve read an article eons ago on how processing power is important to AI, thus giving developers the opportunity of delivering better gameplay, and also creating longer and more complex games, which can define new boundaries to gaming. So, processing power can lead to innovation, of course, once it’s well employed.

        2. Unless it is upgradeable somehow… but also, these are just rumors, so it doesn’t necessarily matter.

          And if it is based off a certain architecture, does that still mean that the power can’t be there?

          less than a month and we will know… at least know a lot more

          1. Exactly. I was talking about hypothetically — I should have made it more clear. Anyway, I remember that there are also rumors (rumors again…) that the Switch’s Maxwell chip is somehow custom-made. So, if those rumors are true, will be getting a better, optimized graphic processing unit, which is good.

    2. Venture Beat is not really to be trusted though. They were wrong when they said the Switch will be powered by AMD. I would say let’s wait until someone more credible like a Eurogamer or Emily Rogers or Laura Kate Dale confirms this news before we go off the deep end but even if the Switch is using Maxwell architecture the differences between that and Pacsal aren’t that decisive and won’t really make that much of a obvious difference and besides the blog on Nvidia’s site indicates that the Switch will be using the ” latest GeForce GPU technology ” which could very well point it using Pascal architecture. I’m not saying that VB is certainly wrong because what they said could be true but more evidence is pointing towards the Switch using Pascal architecture than Maxwell from what I been reading but we’ll see soon enough come next month

        1. Sasori Obinna Mii will finally be vindicated!!!
          All you people who claimed the Switch is this big bad powerful system are looking like fucking faggots now lol!!
          Go suck on Iwata’s dead rotten tit and leave the real gaming to the PC Masterace…..

          Quadraxis, Are you ready?
          The purge begins…

        2. Hate to break your heart,***hole, but being between the PS4 and XB1, which devs are not abandoning, still means the Switch is a powerful system that will be getting a large amount of great third party projects.

          Kate’s tweet doesn’t change that, and neither does your idiotic hate posts.

  7. I own a Ps4 and lets not beat around the bush here…. the ‘high end’ graphical masterpieces are quite simply…. not that!

    Not only do they lack depth but their graphics are shady to say the least (check out the uncharted E4 showing to the actual game) PS4 and Xbox’s games are at the moment desperately lacking and its all down to one reason

    kiddies begging to have games with the best graphics… i mean when was that point in time that devs said “hey guys lets no longer give two toots about gameplay and playability, lets just focus on graphics…. doesnt matter if the games pants, short and a cash cow…. just make the graphics good”

    It sickens me that the only game i play on my PS4 now is Rocket league because all the others are dull af! Graphic trolling is killing creativity. Games shit… no worries hide it behind graphics!

    So… i thank you Nintendo for never caving in to the practice of cash cow producing, graphics over everything model and still being able to innovate in a market where gamers are about as intelligent as a glass of water! Thank you for always thinking of us the gamer and producing games that are worth something after 30 days

    Rant over and once again ty Nintendo and ty ppl for reading!

    1. You are very right, a lot of the ps4 and xbo games are lacking in the creativity aspect, but thats not what matters. At least not to the people that only care about graphics (which is ridiculous because both those consoles were outdated even before they launched.)

      It sucks but those kiddies are what make or break that console. Even if Ninty keeps catering to those of us that prefer gameplay over graphics, its only a matter of time before they stop trying because the return just isnt worth it anymore, or worst, just isnt enough.

      I get the frustration that comes when people ask for higher fidelity graphics in games, but those people sustain those platforms, sadly, we dont. So when 3rd parties see that the numbers arent there, then they dont bother trying to port or makes games for that demographic on that platform. Its a vicious cycle, that can make or break consoles. Do you really think that Nintendo can keep putting out consoles like the Wii U and still be expected to not only to operate for a long time, but take those risk to bring us new experiences, knowing it has a higher chance of failure because of the anemic userbase?

      They have to future proof, even if they themselves dont use that power. Cater to the fickle crowd to boost your numbers, and have all devs flock for that reason alone. I mean, that worked for Sony this gen. So why not.

      1. You’re right but it pains me so!

        Went into my PS store last night and i was bombarded with mobile at best games…. and these were in their best multiplayer right now list!!!!! This is on the best we are supposed to be experiencing right now?!.

        As bad as it is to say, I am hoping for a gaming crash like in the 80’s that forced developers, companies and corporations to re think their strategies because nothing makes em listen like a drop in profits because this is getting out of control! then, maybe then we will begin to see quality games were devs are producing for the honour of a great game to the gamers and their peers, not to the greedy corporations *cough EA, Activision, Ubisoft cough* for monetary gain.

  8. He have been seeing games and engines for the NS that totally destroys this rumors amd because one site barely any gamer has hear of say somethi g different then it is true?

  9. At this point in time, and given Nintendo’s ability, there’s absolutely no reason why they’re next system shouldn’t be AT LEAST as powerful as the current higher end consoles. No excuses, it would be a total rinse and repeat. And honestly a real shame in my opinion. New leadership, and if this was true, I would feel as if they didn’t even care about changing at all for any better or benefit.

    We’ll see, but this doesn’t give me any push to run out and buy one.

    1. If I remember correctly, that rumor had a catch to it. I think there was a quote that said something along the lines of From being “happy with the version they had running.” That might confirm that the Switch is indeed less powerful than the competition.

      1. but could also mean Its as powerful as the xbox one. Remember Nintendo probably knows the switch. It could be as powerful as xbox with some work. Remember This is a new system and 3rd partys need to get used to it.

      2. No one is disputing that the ” standard ” Switch is gonna be less powerful than the vanilla PS4. It is after all it is a dedicated portable device that can also act as a home console via a dock. Nintendo’s goal is to make the Switch very easy to develop for and to port to rather than outdoing the competition. The Switch will be a very capable device in it’s own right especially given the fact that it will natively support Unreal Engine 4 which requires at least 1TF of computing power plus there could be hardware add-ons (docks with GPUs) that could increase it’s power

          1. Shut your negative ass up. The Switch is running the full version of UE4 not some cut down version of the engine so be quiet

          2. None of the phones that run UE4 could handle Breath of the Wild, and that’s a Wii U game, not just Switch.
            You don’t understand what an engine being scaleable really means.

      3. Their actual words were that they have it running “at a level they are happy with.”
        That doesn’t indicate a weaker version being used, it indicates that the Switch’s tech runs the game at a level that made them happy.

      1. There’s no rumors that say it’s skipping Switch either, but there ARE rumors that it’s under consideration for the platform.
        Either way you spin it, the signs are pointing towards Dark Souls on Switch being more than just a fantasy.

  10. Nintendo need a new powerful games because Zelda no have idea what is a good graphics is poor and poor sky rim safe Nintendo switch but I no want Thas skyrim is no completely game you now Nintendo edition lol short game

      1. ||Unfortunately they didn’t leave their primitive brains behind…||

  11. Nintendo Switch is powered by the performance of the custom Tegra processor. The high-efficiency scalable processor includes an NVIDIA GPU based on the same architecture as the world’s top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards.
    this is from nvidia blog site

    1. Quadraxis will be removed from this planet like an aborted Downs Sydrome fetus..
      Dirty work.. but necessary.

  12. “but don’t expect Switch software to match the graphical fidelity of the highest-end PS4 games.”

    What is considered the highest end ps4 games? How many are there? If the switch can run 90% of ps4 games then I am happy. Remember ps4 isn’t going out of commission (unless the pro makes so much money).

  13. One thing makes me suspicious of this article: Saying Pascal running too hot resulted in the selection of Maxwell.

    The Pascal line is designed to generate less energy (heat) and ultimately be more efficient. It would work just fine in a handheld device.

  14. both tegra x1 and x2 have far far more cpu than ps4 and newer smaller system on chip and a higher 3d engine only raw gflops is lower

    the thing is custom BASED ON MEANS SHIT

      1. Depending o the type of RAM Nintendo added to the system. Remember, Nvidia’s (Nintendo’s?) Tegra chip is highly customized.
        The bandwidth you commented is the maximum memory transfer speed in optimum conditions (no draw from the OS, games, gpu, cpu, ect.)

  15. Here’s my question: As home console, is the Switch simply streaming the image from the handheld device onto your TV, or will the graphics be enhanced for the TV since the Switch will be attached to the dock (ie, Does the dock provide more power or HD to graphics?) If so, I am worried that playing games on the go will include more slowdown than when playing them at home on the TV.

    1. I think the commonly accepted belief at this point is that the Switch will display 720p when it is off the dock, and when it is on the dock the system will overclock and be able to display 1080p at 60fps. This is all speculation at this point though. We won’t have any solid info till at least Jan 12.

  16. Maxwell is no slouch. Plus this is a custom chip. Who knows all that was added to it?
    I wouldn’t say it’s even remotely close to the Wii U’s power. I’d call it close to that of the Xbox One.

    Plus, who cares? Specs are cool and all, but I’m in it for the games.

    1. People keep saying “custom chip”, but nobody knows what that actually means. Sure, it will be different, but they aren’t going to reinvent the thing. I think the Switch will be somewhere between the 360 and the XB1, but since the Shield TV had an X1 and was about on par with with the 360, I’d put it closer to that. One must bear in mind however that the chip is likely overclocked, giving it a little extra power. People’s expectations are our of control.

      1. True, I don’t think they would have changed it too much. I agree with you on the projected power level. (closer to the XB1 range and likely overclocked)
        I’m trying to tell myself not to believe rumors until I see some more games running on the system itself.

  17. People really need to temper their expectations here. The Switch isn’t going to pack a GPU that Nvidia themselves haven’t even released yet. I knew the Switch was running the X1 when Nvidia simply re-released the Shield K1 at a lower price instead of releasing an upgraded model. It was because they already had a deal with Nintendo. On the bright side, while no where near as powerful as a PS4 or even an XB1, an overclocked X1 (rumors point to this being the case) could make this the most powerful tablet on the market. It all depends on how you look at it. I see it as a beast of a tablet that plays console games and Nintendo exclusives and connects to my TV and costs $250. That’s a damn good proposition. But as a serious gamer’s console? Nah. Sorry, folks.

    1. Rumors are pointing the Switch being closer in power to the Xbox One so when you say ” or even an XB1 ” that’s not entirely true. You have to realize that both the PS4 and Xbox One are underclocked for overheating purposes but the Switch can be overclocked because of the dock…..meaning in the future Nintendo/Nvidia can simply make docks with GPUs that can increase the system’s power to enormous levels as oppose of making console revisions. As of the Switch’s current state, it’s running UE4 natively which requires at least 1TF of computing power…so it’s not some cut down mobile version of the engine. Who are you to say the Switch isn’t a ” serious gamer’s console ” because of fewer teraflops than it’s competition. That term is subjective. Neither the PS4 or Xbox One has graphics that far exceeds their predecessors. We still don’t know everything about the Switch from a specs standpoint so please reserve your judgement until then before you look like a jackass

  18. I don’t care at this point, games have come far enough that the graphical fidelity has taken third fiddle to game play and story and I will differently buy a switch if the quality of the music and atmosphere in the new zelda corresponds to that of a studio Ghibli feature.

  19. LOL, what did you expect? It’s Nintendo. Kiddie games and gimmicks. I’m a fan, but expecting graphics out of a Nintendo console is not getting what they’re about.

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