Super Mario Run Downloaded 2.85M Times And Biggest Launch In The History Of The App Store

It was inevitable that Super Mario Run would be a hit and recent data obtained by the Verge confirm that it has been a massive success for Nintendo. Super Mario Run was downloaded 2.85 million times yesterday and has become the biggest launch in the history of the App Store. Super Mario Run even eclipsed Pokémon GO for first day downloads.



        1. Back? Church of Sasori never left. Unless you think he’s THE Sasori. In which case, he, or she, is not.

    1. Quadraxis…
      Soon I will have your dismantled circuits on a plate..
      The death of Iwata pleased me greatly.. But the end of you will make my year..
      The Kyoto whore has given birth to something that should of been aborted. The causuals over and over group by group squirted their seed in her.. And that something is Super Mario Run..

    1. Especially considering that it is free for a small taste, if it pulls enough of those people in, Nintendo can make bank off of the game.

  1. Nintendo really is being very smart with their phone games. First they used the powerful Pokemon brand to let people know Nintendo is getting into the phone market. Next they release a Mario game, and honestly this is just going to make people aware of the Switch…

    I really believe that Nintendo only made smart phone games to promote their brand. To promote the Switch. Mario Run is just one giant promotion. Nintendo just trolled everybody and sold them a promo. The timing is perfect if not.

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