Nintendo Shares Fall Despite Super Mario Run Success

Super Mario Run has been an instant success on the App Store with people feverishly downloading Nintendo’s first proper smartphone game. However, despite this, shares in Nintendo have fallen by around five percent with them recovering by one percent once trading closed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. BasicallyΒ the launch ofΒ Super Mario RunΒ has effectively wiped $2 billion off the company’s market valuation. The main worry that investors have is the $9.99 asking price for the full game.

“The upfront cost is something rarely seen in mobile games today that are targeting a large player base, as Nintendo clearly is through the promotions on the app store and use of their most popular mascot. The spending cap is certainly being seen as an obstacle,” explained Ahmad.

“The game is already the top grossing title in the UK (and the U.S.) which shows there is a willingness from many Nintendo fans to pay the $10 to unlock the full game. However, it remains to be seen if the wider mobile gaming audience will jump in and pay too.”



  1. I feel like if the app had ads (I’m not sure if it has ads or not) or if it costed less to unlock everything, this wouldn’t happen, but hopefully Nintendo will establish either of those into the app

  2. Bullshit Ahmad. Has more to do with p.o.s. greedy fucking day traders not stroking their cocks because of revenue generated be micro transactions. Nintendo one again doing right by their customers and suffering for it. To many maxims to cover this… no good dead goes unpunished, a fool and his money soon part, yadda, yadda.

  3. It was the recent find that Switch includes a VR thing, nobody with two brain cells likes VR, or more accurately, what is currently sold as “VR”, which is just a wiimote attached to your head and connected to an R stick.

  4. What people want is the full game for free without ads and microtransactions aka too cheap to pay $10 for a game but are willing to pay $1500 for a current phone with specs 2 gens ago *coughiphonecough* or willing to pay $300 for trash headphones *coughbeatscough*.

  5. 10 dollars is a bit to much for mobile. 10 dollars is great for 3ds tho. 1 dollar price tag would get better sales.

  6. These share holders seem have limited information on the mobile games market as these numbers are being compared to that of pokemon go as well as the fact that pokemon go provoked a much larger public reaction.

    1. It is a good lesson in economics and stock market ridiculousness and when you look at an industry or company you have a fair amount of knowledge about and see how the stocks can fluctuate under such circumstances.

  7. It’s a large price tag for a mobile game with only 24 levels. Rayman Adventures is a free to play auto runner game and just added 200 new levels. If I’m paying $10 for a cell phone game, I expect more than 24 levels.

  8. I’m just going to leave this here plus after breath of the wild on wii u Nintendo are dead to me.

    Poor advertising/marketing skills

    Poor rewards for there Club Nintendo replacement

    so after breath of the wild bring on the books and more interesting things to spend my money on
    and yes that means I’m NOT getting the switch they will market it poorly like they did with the wii u
    so i’m not buying their bullshit anymore.

    1. What you just said was bullshit. Nintendo wanted to avoid micro-transactions on Mario run. Which is why its 10 dollars. But thats it. 10 fucking dollars. Compare this price to the millions of dollars wasted on other mobile games -_-. Oh and Breath of the wild for wiiu? That might not happen. Cause the wiiu was a failure from the start. But that doesn’t mean you can shit about the switch. The switch has A LOT of support and A LOT of possibilities. You can’t shit about it until it comes out. The switch marketing was better than the wiiu for a lot of things. But the main one is the demographic that they chosed. Young adults…… no kiddy kiddy bullshit this time. Nintendo isn’t dead, heck its one of the best selling video game companies out there. So don’t shit about Nintendo

      1. still they wasted too long to do the right thing. yeah they shown it on the net im talking about the tv instead of milking mario like a teenage mother getting knocked up for the cash. The switch will maybe start strong but will end up like the wii u aswell plus without new ips its just another port heavy machine.

    2. I’m glad you got that off your chest. Now you can be happy with what you spend your money on. I’m happy for you. Happiness is life.

  9. Nintendo is losing it. Always going against the grain. Always re inventing the already working wheel.

    This should be no surprise at all. 10 bucks is way to much for what you’re getting. And I feel that way and am not even sure if it has micro transactions, but I’d bet it does. They’re going to start destroying your wallet with these phone mini “games” Happy Holidays ! Good luck finding a mini NES!


    1. So you obviously don’t know much about the game because you don’t even know if it has microtransactions or not, yet you’re absolutely certain that $10 is way too much for what you’re getting.

      If talk like this is to be believed, Nintendo has been “losing it” since the days of the N64. Seriously how much longer are people gonna go on about Nintendo being doomed. It must be the slowest dying company in history.

            1. I guess that would depend on what you mean by a “full game”. From what I’ve played so far, Run has a higher replay value than any of the NES Mario titles, and any other modern Mario game would cost you at least $40.

    2. I will admit wholeheartedly that Nintendo has been making many blunders lately, but I refuse to not give credit where credit is due. Super Mario Run is a good game, and for mobile standards, it’s one of the finest games on the iOS platform.

      I feel like they give you enough of a demo to figure out whether or not you’ll enjoy the game, and the Toad Rally mode is a fun distraction that can be played before paying anything (it’s basically competing against other players from around the world by having the highest score and “style” by the end of the level, and it’s really the only endless runner mode in the game).

      I will say the game is more suited to completionists like myself, as most of the non-Toad Rally content comes from nabbing each of the five red, purple, and black coins in each of the 24 stages (and including these and Toad Rally, I’d say the $10 is just about worth it, in regular game standards, not ridiculous mobile standards). My only two complaints are that the game drains battery like there’s no tomorrow, and a few of the enemy hit boxes for flying enemies (particularly for the parakoopa) are a bit unpredictable at times.

      I will say I was pretty surprised to find no microtransactions at all in the whole experience, not even common things like the bubble items in each stage that act as your lives count for that stage have any sort of paying option. You can’t pay for coins either (though, there’d be no reason to, as coins are almost as common as New Super Mario Bros. 2).

      I definitely wouldn’t say they’re losing it, but they’ve just acted misguided for most of this year. This is one of their few victories in this year, and I have to applaud them for it.

      1. Flawless comment, and well stated.

        My problems with Nintendo started a few consoles back, so really when I say these types of things it’s very general. They could and can produce a beast of a machine, but don’t. They instead always focus on creating a new innovative way to play game’s, while I don’t necessarily have a problem with that, more that long time fans were left out simply because they got older or wanted more out of the machines. Also, I suppose I thought more change would have come about due to the new leadership.

        But I digress, I personally don’t like phone game’s, I’ll admit that I was wrong about Super Mario Run, no micro transactions is the way it should be.

        How much data would you say it eats up?

            1. The 40MB kind of annoys me. I’ve never heard of a mobile game using that much, even the online ones; but this is Nintendo’s first game so I suppose they deserve a bit of time to perfect their games on mobile.

  10. I’d pay ten dollars for it. However, most kids are going to have a hard time convincing their parents to let them get it .
    As for me, I would pay ten dollars for it, that is, if it did not have DRM.

  11. Understand what Ahmad is saying here. Investors’ problem is not so much that the game is expensive at $10. He refers to it as a “spending cap”. The “problem” here being that Nintendo have actually capped off the maximum amount they can take from one customer on this game, when most F2P games are scummy garbage that you can plough hundreds of dollars into and still be absolutely nowhere near to having it all. This is why F2P games are so lucrative – because there is essentially no cap at all on how much one customer can spend. I find it grotesque, but the investors loooove it.

    I can say that for me it’s very refreshing to just be able to pay $10 and have a whole experience. It’s something I’d like to see a lot more of in mobile gaming.

  12. What will satisfy these shareholders? Straight virtual console ports to mobile with incessant microtransactions?

  13. I still see them adding on coin and toad run ticket microtransactions being implemented with the same kind of price intervals as Miitomo..

  14. I don’t really see the $10 to be an issue, atleast for me. I live in Canada though so it was actually $14.

    Super Mario Run was the first mobile game I picked up in years that I actually enjoyed playing, yes it doesn’t have as many levels as a full scale Mario game but that doesn’t matter, it’s enjoyable to lay and honestly it’s way better than all of those other really grinds phone games that people play. Nintendo managed to give us a pretty good 2D platformer on the phone.

  15. I don’t see the problem with the price.

    Really, it’s 10 bucks, far less than any console/handheld game and CERTAINLY less than all those mobile games where people will spend hundreds on microtransactions.

    Sounds really whiny to be honest. 10 bucks is pretty fair for a full-fledged mobile Mario game.

  16. It’s the lack of microtransactions & possibly the always online aspect of Super Mario Run that caused the fall in shares. But mostly the microtransactions. When the shareholders finally got their way & got Nintendo to finally go mobile, they thought that meant they’d finally make billions, instead of millions, of dollars off of microtransactions. This pay cap, as Ninty calls it, for Super Mario Run goes against the F2P model.

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