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Paper Mario: Colour Splash Producer On The Future Of The Series And The Lack Of Returning NPCs

Game Informer had the chance to speak with the Wii U Paper Mario’s producer Kensuke Tanabe, to talk about the future of the series, and also the the idea of not returning to old NPCs. Tanabe talked about his thoughts on building new methods and what they would do differently if they had the chance to continue with new iterations in the future.

“Mario is not an IP that I created. From the position of someone borrowing the IP, I think it’s only natural to show respect to the person who created it, and let that feeling of respect guide us. When Miyamoto-san, the father of Mario, asks us, ‘Could you make a game with only characters from the Mario family?’ I think it’s only natural for us to give it our best shot. In other words, we are not currently thinking about returning to old NPCs.”

Incidentally, I do think Color Splash may have proven that we can still make a game entertaining, even if our original characters don’t appear as NPCs. And with that belief, we will keep on continuing to do our best.”

“Personally, I don’t give much thought to how we are leaving old methods behind in any series, not just Paper Mario. I always prioritize thinking about how we can build new methods and new elements. Of course, there were some series where we have not made big changes to the systems, but sometimes that’s because we feel as though these systems haven’t been perfected yet, or the gameplay can be expanded even further. We felt both of those things in Color Splash. However, I do feel as though we reached the end of where Color Splash is headed, so if we get the chance to continue the series, I think we’ll want to create a Paper Mario with a different system.”

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52 thoughts on “Paper Mario: Colour Splash Producer On The Future Of The Series And The Lack Of Returning NPCs”

    1. Exactly. Cancer trash is almost as bad as shitter star with it’s lack luster story and game play yet people praise it like it’s even nearly on par with the first 3 paper marios. I don’t understand fanboys and why they can’t see that change and innovation aren’t always a good thing.

      1. Elemental Ogre while he does shit on Sticker Star he really likes it unlike Nakateleeli who doesn’t like it, he doesn’t hate it but he does find the game a bit charming.

      2. “cancer trash”

        “shitter star”

        Something something chill pill. I’m disappointed in the direction the series has taken of late as well, and hold the first two entries near and dear, as they contributed to my development as a gaming enthusiast.

        But seriously, chill the fuck out.

        1. I know right. Everyone is disappointed with the series direction, but at least Color Splash would be a great Paper Mario game if the others didn’t exist. It’s an amazingly gorgeous, fun to play, well written game, but it isn’t Paper Mario.

    1. If they can’t give us a quality game like the first three then hopefully they just kill off paper mario outright. They’re just parading around his corpse at this point. At least let him die with dignity for gods sake!

      But it’s nintendo, so of course people will damage control for them.

  1. Considering SPM and Color Splash, to an extent, proved that a game can be good even when the gameplay is different, I don’t mind it just as long it doesn’t sucked like Sticker Star. My main concern is the story and original characters since its the series’ main driving force for me. He said they aren’t thinking about returning old NPCs? Does that mean no original characters? If so, I guess I’m ditching the series.

  2. i like to see nintendo go back to the old style paper mario games,bring back the experience points and stuff from 64 and ttyd. the only thing i like about the new game is the graphics. i heard that color splash is too easy,i like my games challenging.

  3. Koei Tecmo didn’t create The Legend of Zelda and characters got redesigned,Hal didn’t create Kid Icarus and they redesigned Pit and I’m sure there are billions of other exemples,so I don’t see his point.Original versions of Mario characters have always been part of the charm of the Paper Mario series in my opinion

  4. There’s no people in the gaming industry who I hate more then these bunch of fucks in Intelligent Systems. What the hell kind of reasoning is this? And what is with these people and using innovation to justify a new entry? I bet they are just doing this on purpose at this point because there’s no way they’re oblivious to the backlash and the same goes for those guys at ND Cube who make the Mario Party games.

  5. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Intelligent Systems must be replaced with the Intelligent Alliance created by The First Order…||

  6. God dam they learned nothing and are till being stubborn. Wtf Nintendo, all fans want is a Mario based RPG with corky characters and comedy, that mixed with the story telling elements of pop up book (not really paper mind you)

    The turned based combat allowed for real strategy, while having keep up with HP, FP, and BP to balance out your play style, allowed ach player to have their personalized experience. Not this boring trash “can you get from A to B” ……fuck that’s just normal Mario only your shoving over used “paper mechanics” (fuck we get it, the world is made of paper) and then forcing us to see 5000 of the same boring toad.
    Not to mention, if the sticker mechanics weren’t boring and pointless as is, now we have even more time wasting bore with paint and stickers (sorry they are cards now)
    No RPG elements, and fuck all of why you should even bother to play the game, cus honestly at this point it should have just bin a pixar movie.

    And yet he response was “sales sucked, so if their is a next time, we well have to try harder to ruin the series”

  7. Paper Mario was fucking dead and will always will be. Hate that Miyamoto had to spread his disgusting bias to these once RPG masterpieces.

    Respect him by sticking with the Miyamoto Mario family, then how the fuck do we get better characters that Miyamoto didn’t make at all like the Thousand Yeah Door partners or even the well written villains too?

    Maybe this is why Advance Wars had been dead for many years. Fucking Intelligent Systems.

      1. So we should respect a senile old man who strokes his own ego and things only the characters he created matters to him? You think the new direction Paper Mario is going is better than a god damned masterpiece like The Thousand Year Door?

        And besides, the fucks at Intelligent Systems are just as guity for turned Paper Mario into a handholding RPG with terrible gimmicks like stickers and cards.

        What’s next, Federation Farce is a good Metroid game? Mario fanboys never fail to amuse me.

      2. It’s not that he’s disrespecting Miyamoto, but he still should have the right to criticism any decision he makes or influences instead of being an apologist. Like having some design variety between the Toads would have been nice instead of making them all generic one note jokes. And coming from someone who found Sticker Star meh at best, the characters from the first three games are far more unique and well developed than the new ones we get out of the Sticker Star duology.

        I like what Makoto Shibata does for the Fatal Frame franchise for example, but that doesn’t mean I agree with his notion of toning down the series’ frightening atmosphere and adding fanservice just to appeal to the newcomers that were too afraid of the older titles (Particularly 2 and 3). Yes, I like Maiden of the Black Water as a Fatal Frame game. But I still can’t ignore that the game is noticeably lacking in the severe scare compartment and the incorporation of Dead or Alive 5’s engine (jiggle physics ahoy) did make the characters and ghosts too distracting.

  8. I love how he tries to save face, knowing full well this game flopped. The cucks working at IS need to stop being smug faggots and make the game we wanted for years now.

    I hope the next PM bombs and Tanabitch gets fired. He’s the reason we were cucked out of a good series.

  9. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Kensuke Tanabe has been corrupted, there is no logical reason to how someone like him can fall from such a high position like Metroid Prime and Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door to abominations like the FF-Virus and Paper Mario Color Splash…||

    ||The remnants of the empire must be purified and replaced with The First Order of Nintendo at once…||

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis' Mom

      ||Kallum, now that you are talking about purification and replacements…i changed your matress, now you have to replace and purify your underwear. Both your matress and underwear smell bad and are stiff…||

      ||Also i found your gay magazines…||

  10. Just imagine if Advance Wars was still alive to this day. It probably would have suffered from the same fate. Imagine if they did tone down the difficulty like Fire Emblem, added romancible units, and retooled the entire capture the base system.

    But now that I think about it, Advance Wars staying dead is probably for the best.

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  12. Now I already knew what the comment section was going to be about…anyway, all you fuckers need some respect therapy. To all the hateful people who disrespect a video game that many people still love regardless (including me), I will say this, even though Paper Mario has abandoned many rpg elements that the series was known for 15 years ago, anybody that disrespects the series as a whole is needing some things that need to be thought about before saying such things. I quote me saying to those of you, “think before you say something, otherwise others would think that the game/series is still great for them”.

    1. The problem is that Miyamoto don’t want new characters or characters from the first two paper mario games. I don’t undestand why Miyamoto dislike the idea of making a true paper mario game like the first two.

  13. ….Whelp, it’s time for the inevitable Kickstarter for the spiritual successor to Classic Paper Mario (Calling it, Summer of 2017)

  14. I can’t figure out why Nintendo is avoiding what fans really want when it comes to Paper Mario? I mean, I can understand wanting to try different things. But they act as if they don’t realize how many people loved the first two Paper Marios, and all of the heavy story telling.

    1. Miyamoto is the one that don’t want to give to the fans what they want. He just want every one to have fun but he does not realize that is not fun the last two games because they are not what the fans want.

  15. Okay, so it’s because the developers are taking Miyamoto’s comment to heart. That makes sense. The Japanese are always so polite, they wouldn’t want to disappoint the original creator. Which is respectable. But of course, that’s now working to the detriment of the series. a lot of the fans are losing their connection with the series, and the games themselves are becoming more and more lacking in creativity, despite constantly redoing the basics of each game. I honestly don’t expect to many more Paper Mario’s. Unless the next one is truly spectacular, they’re probably gonna keep selling less and less. Meanwhile TYD on Virtual Console will probably sell pretty well with all the praises going around lately. Unfortunately, this is probably how things will go, unless Miyamoto himself goes to these guys and explicitly tells them to make a fun game for the fans, before pleasing him. Who knows how likely that is.

  16. Nothing triggers grown adults harder than a harmless Mario videogame.

    Jesus Christ, no wonder Nintendo doesn’t take any of you seriously.

  17. I mean I expected an answer like this…. Tanabe doesn’t really say anything with these comments, but realizes he’s really getting grilled in a polite way, so he shifts the blame over to Miyamoto like he’s done before in this Iwata asks segment:

    It’s a bit of a read, but it does give a lot of insight to the minds behind modern day Paper Mario and answers a lot of questions that are still very relevant here in this discussion (you can skip anything said by Igata and Nakajima by the way because their inclusion is irrelevant to the discussion).

    Tanabe is a producer, a corporate suit, who basically is just there to oversee the project he’s funding. This position gives him a lot of decision making power in the long run, but it’s sort of negated due to the fact that he blames a higher corporate suit, Miyamoto (in this case), as the reason for why things went wrong. His motivation to blame Miyamoto makes complete sense since Tanabe himself really doesn’t do much of anything for the series other than be the voice of the team during interviews like this one. Tanabe is only interested in doing what Miyamoto wants him to do, so really Tanabe is a Miyamoto fill-in for the Paper Mario team. He’s one of the 3 big guys that run the Nintendo SPD (which is overseen by Miyamoto) and he’s been single-handedly responsible for producing these games (as Miyamoto’s fill-in) since Super Paper Mario.

    Yes, there are other producers credited, but they come from the Intelligent Systems side of the deal and are largely irrelevant. Tanabe is usually the one credited on top now because he is directly underneath Nintendo unlike the others. Nintendo owns Mario = Nintendo has more power over Paper Mario than I.S. does even though I.S. is the studio developing the series (and I.S. is just a second party studio owned by Nintendo anyway) The problem is at the end of the day… Tanabe is just a suit and isn’t the guy you want to be asking the tough questions about this series. Anything this guy says is mostly meaningless.

    For those of you that like to do your homework you’ll also notice Ryota Kawade, the original lead game director for the first 3 Paper Mario games (also the lead director of Code Name S.T.E.A.M.) , has been replaced by Naohiko Aoyama and Taro Kudo. Why? I’m not sure. My research hasn’t pointed me in a clear direction, however, I don’t think Miyamoto nor Tanabe are solely responsible for replacing Kawade.

    If you want real answers as to why this beloved series has gone to shit then I suggest starting there. Maybe Kawade stepped down on his own, maybe he actually was replaced by order of the Nintendo SPD, or maybe I.S. made the decision in-house. Who knows? Maybe it’s for the best that we don’t find out. It might be easier that way.

    1. I am glad you give that link. In the interview it says Miyamoto got angry several times with them (the team) and that he was also strict with them which makes me think Tanabe just want to make happy this legendary producer even if the game sells drop. I am starting to think that this creator of mario can be very unpeasant to the team according to what I read.

      1. The biggest irony of all is the part when Miyamoto thought the game was “boring” after he asked the team to remove all the new/ cool stuff they had been working on up until that point. He’s completely delusional.

  18. This guy. He’s bad for Paper Mario AND Metroid Prime. I’m trying really, really hard not to wish this guy any terrible ill will. Quit ignoring us, you fucking dipshit! We don’t like what you are doing so just stop already! *eye twitch*

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