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Nintendo Says They Don’t Plan To Release Additional Content For Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run may have proved to be a hit with gamers on Apple’s iOS but not everyone is happy. Shares in the company have fallen on the back of the game and now news has filtered through via the Wall Street Journal that Mario’s adventure won’t have any additional free or paid content added to the game. This is a stark contrast to Pokémon GO which has received plenty of fresh updates with new features.

33 thoughts on “Nintendo Says They Don’t Plan To Release Additional Content For Super Mario Run”

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    1. It hasn’t been released on Android, and we don’t know the sales figures. We do not know if it did better than Pokemon Go. We need to see how many people buy the game first. Given the data usage and it only having the amount of content of a $2 mobile game, we have to wait to see just how successful it really is.

  2. Considering how short this game is and how there’s only the kingdom builder as replay value I’d think adding new content would be a no-brainer. So far I’m really not confident Nintendo should be doing mobile games. I hope they don’t screw up the Animal Crossing game.

  3. In that case I might never buy it. I was planning to buy it one day, maybe when the price drops and when there would be new stuff added.

    But in this case, I’ll pass. And I’m pretty much a good target audience as I’m an iPhone user, Mario Fanboy and I usually load shitloads of apps.

  4. Serves everyone who wanted Super Mario Mobile right. Play a real game instead of that watered-down piss.

    Early Gameboy games were more complex than the shit these companies squeeze out their asses.

  5. To be fair, Super Mario Run is the length of the first Super Mario Bros. game in World Tour, it has Challenge Coins, multiple game modes (Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder), and other playable characters as well. You get unlimited access to all of the game’s content for $9.99.

    I’d argue that Super Mario Run is better designed than all of the New Super Mario Bros. games, and I hope this game will serve as the template for future Nintendo games on mobile where they are all perfectly adapted for mobile instead of using cumbersome touch controls (looking at you, third-party ports of console games for iOS).

    That being said, Nintendo…it is 2016. Get your shit together this time for the Nintendo Switch in regards to online play, the new Nintendo Account integration, and My Nintendo.

    PLEASE give us voice chat, the ability to create and join parties), get rid of Miiverse, let us share content like screenshots on Twitter and Facebook, and gameplay videos on YouTube or Twitch through Nvidia ShadowPlay. Allow us to connect our experience with games like Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch with their own mobile versions available for iOS/Android by actually using the My Nintendo account system like you said you would. Then, integrate apps on mobile with the experience on Nintendo Switch as well.

    For instance, give us fully customizable Mii avatars (think of it like Xbox Avatars) where you can purchase clothes and/or accessories for it by using My Nintendo Coins or our own money. However, if you already own Miitomo, you can sync it using the same Nintendo Account to customize your Mii with clothes and accessories you already have purchased in the app, for instance.

    Just give us better deals for games on the Nintendo eShop, cloud saves, and more reasons to return to games or apps in the future. I’m tired of having to transfer everything I own and downloaded to new game systems, untransferrable eShop game purchases to new systems (as they don’t connect to Nintendo Account yet), and losing interest in games that could have had more content added on over time.

  6. I played the first 3 levels on my ipad. Not convinced, but also not convinced by 99% of game apps. Should have called it Super Mario Tap. If it was out on android I might consider the $13.99 (Canada) price tag to have it on my phone so I could play anywhere. Looks like I will probably forget about it by the time that happens, and will wait for a discount.

  7. Darn.. This is a tad disappointing. I really like the game and I have no regrets dropping 10 bucks on it. But, part of that was the thought that they would drop some new content here and there. The three sets of challenge coins are keeping me busy and the Toad Rally is actually a challenge at times so I’ll get some good time out of this thing but it would be wise to drop some free updates to keep this game alive.

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