Nintendo Has Sent A Survey To Some Super Mario Run Players

Super Mario Run has been out for a little while now, and Nintendo has begun seeking feedback from some players with a new survey. The survey includes a variety of questions that ask players about their feelings on the game. One of the questions asks how they feel about the game’s $9.99 price, which has been a topic of debate following the game’s release. However, the always-online game requirement does not seem to be brought up in the survey, which is only being sent to those who have linked their My Nintendo account with the game.



  1. What self-entitled people want is the game to be free, no microtransactions and ad-free, basically what pirates want.

  2. I played this game for 10 minutes yesterday. And all I have to say is..
    It fucking sucks!,
    Fuck you casuals for this piece of trash. It’s people like you that this shit exist

  3. I’m not so entitled to say the game should be free, but I think $9.99 is too steep for the mobile market. Look at all the Square Enix ports, they’re the same price(sometimes higher) and NOBODY buys them. $4.99 or heck even $2 or 99 cents seems more right and is a much more attractive. How many levels does it have? 6 worlds so 24 levels? pretty weak for that price not gonna lie

    1. NSMBU has under 90 levels I think and is $60. That comes in at about $0.67 per level. Even the DS version of NSMB at $40 is still $0.50 per level. I’d say Super Mario Run’s $0.42 per level is a pretty decent deal.

      1. Someone using math! I dig it.
        Still, I have to agree with the guy above. In every instance of commerce, whether digital or physical, you almost always pay different prices for the same product. From bread, to gasoline, prices change depending on your market.
        The mobile market is not the console market as I’m sure you know, so it may be a deal for console gamers, but seem expensive to mobile gamers who are not conditioned to pay full, upfront prices for games. In mobile, a very small percent of the gamers generate a majority of the revenue.

        Now, there are exceptions, and perhaps Nintendo will be one of them.

        1. Good point. I missed where Robfozz mentioned the mobile market. Personally, I don’t consider the market when I buy consumer goods. I decide whether a purchase is justifiable based on what goods are readily available to me and how they compare to similar available goods, regardless of whether the goods I’m comparing are in the same market. In this case, I know Nintendo typically makes very good, quality products, and a typical Mario game would cost more than this; so I feel comfortable with the purchase.

          I definitely understand the difficulty in convincing mobile gamers, who aren’t used to prices being this high, to spend this kind of money; and Nintendo probably would have been better off with a $2 or $5 price point. When I take everything into consideration though, the game is simply worth the price.

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  5. Of course it won’t bring up the always online bullshit. But I guarantee you if people can fill in a box with their own text of what they liked about it & didn’t like about it, many will mention that crap themselves in that box since Ninty won’t mention it.

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