Pokémon GO Is Now Available For Apple Watch

Those of you who have an Apple Watch will be pleased to know that Pokémon GO is finally available for the device. The game has always been in development for the platform but recent rumours suggested that the popular augmented reality application had been canceled on the smart watch. We are pleased to report that this is not the case. Here’s the details:

Apple Watch is particularly well suited to Pokémon GO as it seamlessly combines gameplay and imagination with getting exercise and exploring the real world. You can easily interact with Pokémon GO on Apple Watch, using quick taps to discover nearby Pokémon and collect items from PokéStops. Once you encounter a Pokémon, you can catch it from your iPhone. You can log your play sessions through the Apple Watch app as a Workout that will count toward your personal Activity rings, while also counting distance toward hatching Pokémon Eggs.

To recap the core features of Pokémon GO on Apple Watch, you’ll be able to

  • Log each play session as a workout, with gameplay counting toward personal Activity rings
  • Receive notifications about nearby Pokémon
  • Count distance toward hatching Pokémon Eggs and receiving Candy with your Buddy Pokémon
  • Receive notifications about PokéStops nearby and collect items from them
  • Receive notifications when Eggs hatch and medals are awarded

Thanks to Jason M for the tip!


    1. Yes I agree. since this game is a prefect fit on the IOS on Apple Watch, it is not going to last long like Sonic Runners. Sonic Runners was a huge failure for SEGA. They know what they did in that game. I’m sorry i have to say this but, SEGA needs to stop making sonic games fail badly. Its very disappointing. They don’t get much attention from there old fans.

    2. Well, that depends on your version of “dead”. The Apple Watch is apparently selling 20k watches a day. Which is way down from it’s “launch” numbers of 200k a day. But launch numbers never last, everyone knows that. So is the Apple Watch really doing badly? 20k watches a day equals out to be about 7 million watches a year. But thats not even including holiday sales. Tim Cook says the Apple Watch is having the best Holiday season of its lifetime. That would mean that as of right now, the Apple Watch is selling MORE than 200k watches a day… At least during the Holiday season… So one would be safe to assume that Apple is selling anywhere from 7 – 15 million watches a year. Not bad, the Wii U would have loved those numbers.

    1. Technically speaking you could. It only takes one finger to play the game. When I was kid I always dreamed of having a watch that could play video games. I used to buy those cheap ass Tiger Watches…LMAO.. Look them up if you dont know what im talking about. They were horrible, but now, the real deal is finally here. I love the Apple Watch and I think everybody should own one, especially if you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. Be sure to buy the series 2 though. The series One is not worth owning IMO.

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