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Nippon Ichi Has A Number Of Nintendo Switch Projects In Development

Japanese gaming publication 4Gamer recently had the opportunity to interview a number of Japanese creators and developers about their 2017 plans. One of the companies interviewed were Nippon Ichi Software. Soheii Niikawa who is the President and CEO, Producer, & Scenario Writer, at the company revealed that they are ready to take on new initiatives and have some Nintendo Switch projects in development.

“Nippon Ichi Software will deliver various content from Gifu Prefecture to the world. In 2017 as well, we will actively launch new IP in the consumer game market. But it doesn’t end there. We will steadily take on new initiatives. We also have Nintendo Switch project(s), so please look forward to that. (There has been some skepticism about our company’s participation, but…. we’re in proper development!)”

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    1. Disgaea is the most popular one…
      They have supported Nintendo in the past when they brought Phantom Brave to the Wii.

      My concern is their initial skepticism… I’d like to know what that’s all about

    1. Y’know I used to think Disgaea was a PS exclusive… But I recently started playing Disgaea on my DS emulator…. So, lets pray and hope together that something good comes out of this

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