Japan: Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 DLC Launches

Japanese gamers who have got some extra cash to spare can now purchase downloadable content for Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. There’s plenty of extra content to purchase for the game including additional missions and a new speed run mode. Here’s what’s available for the game and also a new trailer highlighting exactly what’s on offer.

  • New song: Stratosphere (150 yen) – plays when Kudos is over 1,000; Joule and Lola’s new song
  • Dev Recipe 4: Nebulous Clock and Scorching Journey (150 yen) can be heard when Kudos is over 1,000; Lumen’s songs; equipment boosts credit and experience obtained by 150%
  • Two new score attack missions in three sets (300 yen each): Merak and Carrera, Jota and Elise, Viper and Stratos
  • Two missions with hardest difficulty in score attack (300 yen): if you clear them, something good might happen…
  • New Speed Run Mode (300 yen) – in Challenge Mode that checks time for clearing all stages; using Electromagnetic Barrier and saving is forbidden, and attack power will raise based on Kudos



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