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Video: The Doctor Who Christmas Special Referenced Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO may not be as strong as it was this summer, but that doesn’t mean it has died out completely. The app is still showing up in some fashion, such as the Christmas special of Doctor Who. The special referenced the app, and you can see that moment for yourself down below. The video is only 10 seconds long, so expect a quick watch.


Thanks, CM30


  1. No need to “flood” the room with Pokémon; it only takes one Lapras or Snorlax to attract a crowd.

    However, if he filled the room with Rattata and Spearow, his distraction plan would’ve failed.

  2. The episode was shit, honestly we didn’t have any doctor who this year and after a long wait, we have that shit episode. To be fair it wasn’t peter cappaldi or matt lucas fault but the writers and that super hero bloke fault. What a let down !!!!!

  3. Considering how everyone was leaving their post, The Doctor most definitely flooded it with Lapras and Snorlax.

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