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There’s A Nintendo Switch Listing On The FCC’s Website

The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, now has a listing for the Nintendo Switch on its website. Speculation has arisen that the listing contains info that suggests that the Nintendo Switch will have a nonremovable battery. It’s a departure from the Wii U, specifically its GamePad. You were allowed to changed the battery on it. This time, however, it seems Nintendo does not wish for that to happen. More than likely, we’ll know much more when Nintendo properly showcases the console in January.

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24 thoughts on “There’s A Nintendo Switch Listing On The FCC’s Website”

  1. Well that’s unfortunate. If it had removable battery packs it would really help the portability aspect. But you can always bring a portable charger for that as well and just wait to charge it.

  2. The switch is gonna be just sick, close to a phone but yet a home console and Handheld. I already imagine how awesome it’s upgraded version will be.

  3. Blegh. I am not a fan of non-removable batteries. I’m not one to carry around spares or anything like that, but not having the option to replace the battery should the original one stop holding a charge as long as it used to is one thing I’ve not liked with many phones. I know the whole idea behind it is so they can use batteries that fill the space better but that doesn’t change the fact that the batteries will eventually crap out and you’ll either need a new device or go DIY repair on it.

    1. Funny, I’ve owed well over a dozen phones and nearly as many tablets from Apple, Amazon. LG, Samsung, Microsoft, Pantech, Nokia, Nvidia etc. The only phones that I’ve ever had battery problems with were the ones that had a removable battery. Also, out of every tablet I’ve owned, not a single one had a removable battery. Why would anyone think for even a single minute that the Switch would have one?!?

  4. Most likely it will be easy enough to open and will have replacement batteries.
    Maybe not as simple as the gamepad would be, but I still have not had the need to replace the gamepads battery

    1. Quick, name one tablet that has a replaceable battery….iPad, No. iPad Mini, No. iPad Air, No. iPad Pro, No. Amazon Fire, No. Samsung Galaxy Tab, No. Nvidia Shield, No. Microsoft Surface, No. 1 Billion cheap Android tablets, No…. No one has a problem with those, but they will with the Switch?!?

      1. I understand your point, people seem to bash nintendo for every desicion they make. If I had an original nes I would probably still use it, my only concern is in 30 years I would love to use my old nintendo switch but maybe the battery is drained and it is not replaceable. Excuse my English.

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  6. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (King Kalas X3 is on vacation til further notice...)

    Batteries, even rechargeable ones, eventually die. Is Nintendo gonna replace the battery free of charge every time it dies? If data is foolishly console locked again, will our save data & digital purchases be safe as they change the battery? How long will we have to wait for it to be returned? So many issues that could arise from not being able to change the battery ourselves. Not sure I like this at all.

    1. Unless… And this is a total guess, but what if data can be saved to the docking station as well as a backup. Maybe that’s where the brunt of the system’s memory will be, thus reducing the possibility of catastrophic data loss?

      1. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (King Kalas X3 is on vacation til further notice...)

        I guess we’ll find out for sure in the next 11 days, give or take a few hours.

  7. It’ll probably get quite hot, so I they probably don’t want to be held liable for shoddy third party batteries that advertise themselves as being bigger but get too hot and explode or whatever.

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