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Amazon Says Pokémon Sun & Moon and Final Fantasy XV Were The Best Selling Games During Christmas

Amazon has sent out a press release detailing the hottest products of the holiday season. In the video game department it was Pokémon Sun & Moon and Final Fantasy XV for PS4 which were the best selling games. Exact sales figures weren’t announced, but Amazon did have this to say about the brilliant Pokémon Sun & Moon for Nintendo 3DS:

If each customer who purchased Pokémon Sun and Moon this holiday spent at least an hour a day playing the game since its release, our customers would have spent the equivalent of more than 24 thousand lunar cycles capturing Pokémon.



  1. there is a reason for them being best sellers, a) rpg’s, b) most anticipated games, and c) great games to play, whether or not they suck to casuals or cod/battlefield fanboys/girls it doesn’t matter who says they suck as long as you enjoy them.

  2. I have both of these games and enjoy them equally. I mostly play Pokémon Moon on-the-go and it’s a good way to pass time while I’m stuck waiting in lines or other similar situations. FF XV is fun, has good game mechanics, and is one of the few newer Final Fantasy games that I actually like; I kind of didn’t care much for most of them that came out after FF10.

  3. I guess Atlus was smart in moving persona out of the way. As much as its vocal audience is, it wouldve got steamed rolled going against FF.

  4. 1 lunar cycle = 30 days = 720 hours
    Hours played = 24’000 lunar cycles = 17’280’000 hours
    Days since release = 43 (or less)
    Units sold = hours played / days since release = approx. 400 thousand units

  5. It’s a real travesty that The Last Guardian didn’t sell well. Unlike FFXV, that game actually delivered on what we had seen almost 10 years ago. FFXV’s lack of story and combat progression depth were disappointments for me.

    The Last Guardian just kicked Doom off #1 for GOTY in my book. What a beautifully crafted story told through environments and gameplay. I’d definitely give it a shot, it’s easily worth full price!

    1. Btw I just finished it on a standard PS4 and The Last Guardian ran just fine. There were some framerate issues but nothing too problematic. Trico’s AI is fine, I don’t know what people were bitching about.

      It was intentional where Trico wouldn’t do what you ask right away at first. Later on Trico did everything I asked on the first command (except swimming, Trico needed some encouragement first).

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