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Rumour: EB Games Provisional Box-Art For Mario Kart Switch Leaks New Features

Update: ‘Twas a fake

The Nintendo Switch reveal date is edging closer and major retailers are most probably in the know about certain things that might be showcased at the event. EB Games has posted some provisional box-art for the Nintendo Switch version of Mario Kart. While it’s clearly not the official art the blurb says that it contains a new battle mode, 24 extra tracks, and 10 new characters. The Nintendo Switch reveal date is on January 12th.


  1. $999.99 Seems highly unlikely.
    The extras in Mario Kart would be great if it were true, but it seems too good.

    1. I’m sure the price is just a placeholder. As for the new MK features, it seems oddly specific and it’s part of a pretty official-looking image from a major retailer. Every leak has the chance to be fake, but this seems pretty real.

  2. What is the likelihood of Nintendo offering some kind of reduced price/incentive for those who bought in to the Wii U with these re-made games? I mean sure, i’ll buy the Switch version but its a little annoying all the same.

    1. I don’t think there’s much of a chance of that. Maybe if you have it digitally, it would work out some kind of reduced price, but I’m doubtful. I’m not getting it unless there is good price reduction or another way for old players to get their hands on the new content. Having to pay full price for extra features would be pretty sleazy.

      It’s also unclear if these rumored “extra tracks” mean “new”. I’m willing to bet the old DLC tracks are counted into that number, only leaving us with 8 properly new ones.

      1. Well on that basis I hope to be surprised and want to fork out full price. I mean, I get where they’re coming from if they simply just want to brush Wii U and its titles under the carpet but it isn’t ideal for those happy to buy into each experience.

  3. 10 new characters:
    King Boo
    Petey Pirahna
    Bowser Jr
    Diddy Kong
    Metallic Green Luigi
    Cat Bowser
    Sprixie Princess
    Princess Zelda
    Splatoon Inkling

    (just conjecture but I wouldn’t be surprised!)

  4. Out of all Wii U games getting a Switch version, I think Mario Kart 8 might be the most worth it for me. Since I never downloaded ANY of the DLC for it, and I never got a gold trophy in the final one or two mirror cups before I accidentally deleted my file. If the Smash Bros. Switch version doesn’t feature a single player story mode of some sort, then I don’t really care much about it. Although it would be a bit tempting if all DLC characters are included. But not at full retail price. I hardly played much of the Wii U version because of it boring me so much. Nintendo will probably make a bundle with a Bayonetta amiibo just to make me want it. Even though Bayonetta is yet another game I care nothing for.

  5. That price is fake. Who would pay so much for a nintendo console. Nintendo doesn’t care about their enemies like xbox and playstation. Nintendo only cares about that they sell much and make people smile. Nintendo did that to me.

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