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UK: Nintendo Switch POS Pops Up In Large UK Games Retailer

Smyths Toys, a popular toy and games retailer in the UK, has started advertising for Nintendo Switch pre-orders. They’re asking for a £20 deposit for Nintendo’s new console and they’re pointing to the much anticipated month of March 2017 for the release date which matches the likes of other big outlets like GAME and Amazon. When asked about a final price point for the Switch, Smyths Games Manager in the Chelmsford, Essex store wasn’t aware of any other details and explained “Smyths Head Office has no other communications to offer customers at this time”.

I captured the advertisement below:


Smyths Toys have over 100 stores located throughout the UK and Ireland and typically stock a large quantity of Nintendo products; almost matching floor space with the likes of Sony and Microsoft.

Have you made up your mind up yet as to where you’ll be buying your Nintendo Switch console?


  1. You shouldn’t have to pay for pre-orders! Even if you get your money back, having to pay to pre-order makes it look like they don’t want you to pre-order.

      1. Bullshit! Scalpers will easily pay the pre-order fee because they’re going to make alot more money when they resell the system.

    1. Let’s hope the actual thing is anything but! lol

      I feel there really is a lot riding on this presentation for most people. My mission to get one ASAP is final, but the more promising it is, the happier I’ll be about completing it.

  2. nintenmau5 needs to shave his face and grow his unibrow back. he’s cute, but that would be so much cuter.

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