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Rumour: GameStop Germany Leaks Key Details About The Nintendo Switch Launch

As the Nintendo Switch presentation draws ever closer, it’s to no surprise that even more leaks are starting to show their face. This time around it would seem that an employee from GameStop, Germany has snapped a picture of the Switch’s launch line-up. Retailers often prep for launches with pre-order SKU’s to ensure that stock is allocated to each branch accordingly (and to hopefully meet demand with appropriate stock levels) – you can see them here below:


Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Skyrim, and Mario Kart 8 amongst others are listed for a release date of 19th March which would still fall within the frequently-reported on March global release of the machine itself. However, the 5 ‘Placeholder’ items on the list would insinuate that there is some Switch software/accesories/bundles that GameStop haven’t yet been informed about.

We won’t know for sure until a few days time, but it’s encouraging to see some of the big players in the retail sector preparing for Nintendo Switch orders.



    1. Don’t jinx yourself my friend. I think they will reveal the price of the game cartridges at $70. I can tell because I see how Nintendo works. They should go back to $50 a piece for there games. Then maybe they would sell more games.

          1. He’s talking about the games, not the console. … Wow. You really are dense.

    2. That’s what I was thinking. On Thursday I think Sonic Mania will get announced for the Switch… least I’m hoping it will

  1. Predictions for the open slots
    2:Final fantasy 7 remake and final fantasy 15
    3:Cod infinite warfare
    4:Doom and fallout 4
    5:Titanfall 2 and battlefront and mass effect andromeda

  2. All I can see is more Nintendo Switch games in that list that they mentioned. There are 4 games that I’m looking forward to see on Thursday presentation at 4pm.

    Project Sonic 2017.
    New Mario game 2017.
    Kirby 25th Anniversary game.
    and finally, Mario Kart For Switch.

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  3. Monster Hunter Switch hype! I loved having 4U be portable, but the times I just wanted to sit at home and play for hours cramped my hands on 3DS. Please be real!

      1. It being delivered on a sunday seems unlikely to me as well.

        What I could see is Nintendo doing a special release event in certain stores on sunday, with the regular release being in monday.

        Or they are planing a midnight release and count that as the day before.

    1. actually there are gamestop’s in Germany and while PEGI isn’t formally recognized in Germany there are still games there that have PEGI rating’s on them which would make sense seeing as not every game on the list has a PEGI rating on it.

      Now im still not holding my breath till the switch conference but it does look legit or a very very good fake

  4. Looks like the list didn’t leak nothing lol, there is nothing in that list that is new, it’s just a list of games that we know is coming this list looks fake tbh if they know the date when these games will launch am sure they would know the proper title for these games not just mario lol

      1. Not really, pretty much anyone under, let’s say 40, in germany understands english well. It would not surprised me if they just never bothered to change the language.

      1. It isn’t me dear. That’s TheLulzyArtist trolling and upset because he’s irrelevant and because his game sucked so bad

    1. There are some slots that say ” placeholder ” on them so those could be the unannounced games

  5. If it were real, more likely than not those would be titles releasing in Q1-Q2. I don’t see Nintendo spending all of it’s big guns on one day, nor Square-Enix releasing two DQ ports on the same day either.

  6. LOL this is complete fake and people are stupid enough to believe this! Look what it says for Monster Hunter: It says it’s PEGI 18! The guy who faked this didn’t even know what Monster Hunter is and judged it by the name.

  7. >Dragon Quest X

    That almost gave me a panic attack. I’m going to freak the fuck out if Nintendo surprises us with DQ X during that presentation.

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