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GameStop Leaks A Few More Titbits About The Nintendo Switch

GameStop’s provisional product page for the Nintendo Switch includes some interesting information contained at the very bottom of the page. As found by reader Dank Plank the site says that you will be able to play Pokemon at home with the Nintendo Switch and also that the system will feature interchangeable accessories.

“Nintendo Switch games will include new title offerings from Mario, Splatoon, Zelda, the NBA and more! You will even be able to play Skyrim on the go, or Pokemon at home with the Nintendo Switch. The unit will also include a number of handy, interchangeable Nintendo Switch accessories.”



  1. The problem for me is, unless there’s a bundle that comes with a game, I won’t be able to get any games for the Switch until the following month. Because the Switch will take all of my spendable money in March. It would be great if Switch games didn’t cost as much as disc games.

    If there ARE special bundles that come with a game, it better contain a physical copy of the game (in it’s original packaging), and not pre-installed. Or my bitching shall commence.

    1. That’s why I’ve been saving money since December. I plan on buying at least 4 to 5 games at launch along with some pro controllers. If Nintendo announces a Zelda bundle during Thursday’s presentation you bet your ass I’m gonna preorder during or right after the presentation but I do agree, I also hope Nintendo bundles these special SKUs with physical copies….especially if the Switch only comes equipped 32GB of memory

    2. How old are you, 12? You call yourself a collector but can’t even spend $300 for a system plus game every 5 years or so?! Collectors are known to have spare money.

    1. Agreed but I know Nintendo will spend a healthy portion of the presentation talking about BOTW and the new 3D Mario game since both titles will be their biggest guns this year. I do think Pokémon Stars, the Mario/Rabbids crossover RPG, Mother 3 (Virtual Console), possibly Resident Evil 7, Koei Tecmo’s secret Switch game, and maybe a couple of surprises along the way.

      1. True. But talking about BOTW is a waste of time (though I’m excited about that game), because we’ve already seen and heard SO much about it. The only thing I want to know about BOTW is if there’s any differences between the Wii U and Switch versions, other than graphics? I’m really hoping they show Pikmin 4, and maybe even a new Animal Crossing. I mean, a REAL Animal Crossing. Not another Amiibo Festival.

  2. This was here since the page was first released back in October. I guess whoever hasn’t seen it yet has no reason to now.

      1. It’s a hybrid. The only way it doesn’t get the main games is if they stop making them. Also it’s easy to tell what they mean by the wording.

  3. Okay. If you can read this sickr and anyone else who is an author, the official name is “Pokémon”, not “Pokemon”. I’m sorry if I’m pressuring people to type, but it really bugs me about stuff like that, especially the word Pokémon. Please don’t get angry at me for this, I’m just helping authors out who make some mistakes.

    1. I’m still playing my backlog on the console.
      Just finished Zelda TP and TMS #FE.
      Not going to be done before Switch lands…

  4. i am not convinced of a machine where they are bragging with a last gen game “look at us, skyrim, a last gen game, is to be played”. this will result in zero current gen games ported and if so, you will only get butchered versions. thanks, gladly pass.

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