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Rumour: Dutch Website Claims To Know Nintendo Switch Pricing

We are nearing ever closer to the all-important date of January 12th where the Nintendo Switch will be fully unveiled to the public. As we get nearer to the date websites are coming out of the woodwork with pricing details for the console. The latest is Dutch website TechTastic. The site says that the Nintendo Switch will cost €250 and that UK retailer GAME will be selling it for around £200. As always we shall have to wait for official word from Nintendo which will come on January 12th.

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  1. We’ll see soon enough.
    If Nintendo lets go of the day 1 hardware profit on their products, it could be possible.

  2. I doubt they’ll price it so low. If for whatever reason the console isn’t shifting the numbers they want, they’ll need that price buffer so they can potentially pull a 3DS and lower the price.

    Besides, people in the UK get ripped off and prices aren’t usually converted properly… If the machine’s region free and they don’t price it right, people will import!

  3. In times when Iphone costs 500-700$, and it sold like millions every year, I think it is something to bitching about Switch will cost more that 300$… It’s just smth..

  4. False, if you actually read the article (I’m dutch) you’ll read that they only assume the Switch will cost €250,- in Europe based off the reports of GameSee, Nikkei and LetsPlayVideoGames (Laura Kate Dale), they don’t claim to know anything themselves…

    1. Yes we agree this is a new era but Obinna has foretold that this era will mark the final “sewing shut” of the Kyoto whore.. Her legs will no longer be spread eagle and open for the taken by the “Casuals” ….

      And then when she is taken care of finally, and her endless lust and thirst for the casuals have been silenced..
      We will focus our attention on you…

  5. Like everyone elso, they’re just speculating. No one will know the price until Thursday/Friday!

  6. The Dutch article is based on the Nikkei column and contains a lot of spelling errors (I’m Dutch). So nobody “knows” anything. You guys really need to do some checking first before posting (copy pasting).

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