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Pokémon Sun & Moon Players Fail To Complete Another Global Event

Pokémon Sun and Moon players really need to step up their game. While not as bad as the last challenge, fans have once again failed to complete their global mission. Players were challenged to find as many Pokémon as they could using the game’s Island Scan feature. The aim was to reach 1,000,000 encounters, but sadly fans only managed to reach 661,836. In order to contribute to the total you had to log into the Game Sync function, so maybe players weren’t aware the challenge was even taking place. Hopefully we’ll do a bit better next time.


  1. Yeah like the previous poster said, I tried to contribute, but I didn’t want to catch all these mons that I wasn’t gonna use and just doing for an event. Feels bad man. They should have an event that’s 1 million encounters or battles. That makes more sense.

  2. Well, I think I pulled my weight with 27 scans. The rewards aren’t great since I’m already not a fan of Festival Plaza. I don’t know what they would distribute instead though. I assume they won’t be bringing back the PGL Poke Miles, which were useful for getting Ability Capsules and various other things.

  3. Sorry, I was too busy after Final playing final fantasy xv, in fact I’m still playing it, dont have as much hype over pokemon after doing so much in pokemon ;(

  4. Maybe Nintendo should ask Ubisoft for help with these because Nintendo utterly SUCKS at them. That or maybe Sun & Moon just aren’t as popular as many people thought they’d be.

      1. Ubisoft did something similar with Assassin’s Creed IV with their community challenges so it makes perfect sense as it’s roughly the same thing. So again, Nintendo should ask Ubisoft for some pointers since they totally suck at them.

          1. Fine… Nintendo AND GameFreak should ask Ubisoft for some pointers in how to do cummunity challenges & global events.

    1. You’re partially correct I believe. I know a couple hardcore Pokemon players that said Sun Moon is too easy, too much hand holding and felt like the game was over with little effort.

      No I cannot personally say if this is true. Is just know a guy at work, and another friend that said pretty much the same thing… they both liked the game.. they just felt it was too much fluff and moved on to other games, or played past Pokemon games.

      I almost bought Moon… but have been scared off by other users.. I need to hear a few more positive reviews before I purchase this game.

      1. I got lucky with my copy of Moon because my wife gave me a 100 dollar limit for Christmas presents from her, so I had her buy that. Unfortunately for her, she put the limit to high because I’m gonna take advantage of the full limit! xD I still have about 36 bucks left over from that limit so I’m gonna use that to get Sun too. Since it’ll cost more than 36 bucks, I’ll just pay the difference. So I’m essentially getting 2 games for the small price of about 5-7 bucks.

          1. I’ll try to give you an unbiased review of the game when I get around to playing it. But from what I heard, get ready to sit through hours of tutorials because apparently GameFreak, and Nintendo by extension, continue to think we’re a bunch of dumb, stupid children that can’t figure things out for themselves. I had to say dumb, stupid children because there are actually a lot of children that are smarter than others give them credit for.

      2. it’s really challenging actually, especially the E4 and champion. the first island has a lot of cutscenes, but it’s an interesting story and lightens up from there. totally worth buying.

        1. Hmm… interesting.
          I actually enjoy cut scenes so that’s fine with me.
          I’m def getting mixed signals on the game though. I still have Fire Emblem keeping me busy, so I’m being patient to see what I hear as people break it in a little more.

      3. ||All Pokemon weapons are like that if you are a veteran, however, Sun and Moon are the best since B/W in terms of story, difficulty and content…||

        1. Hmm, well this may have been the swing-vote. I’ll start seriously looking into buying it I suppose… if Commander likes it, and we know how he doesn’t like to skimp on difficulty… I’m going to go back and see if my coworker found the difficulty to have increased now that he’s played it a bit longer.

            1. So Exp. Share is still the way it is in X, Y, Omega Ruby, & Alpha Sapphire? Yay! I can still level up a bunch of Pokemon I could care less to actually use in battle! I like the Exp Share this way because it makes filling up the Pokedex easier & quicker.

              1. ||I challenge you and Jaded_Drybones to finish the entire game from start to finish with only one type…||

                ||I only had mono-Dark type Pokemon in my team all the way, no exceptions and without Exp.Share…||

                ||And full 6 party team…||

      4. Sun and Moon are a bit harder than generation 6 and there isn’t a lot of puzzle solving due to the removal of HMs, but they’re still solid games. The issues I have with SM are almost entirely due to the 3DS’ hardware. It’s no longer powerful enough for a main series Pokemon game. I’d recommend it if you have a New 3DS since I hear that the game performs better on that. It runs awfully on the original one. Otherwise, see if you can pick it up for a slightly reduced price, which is hard since X and Y are still being sold for full price three years after release.

  5. You don’t need to catch them just defeat them and for a scan you need one full day for a recharge, if they wanted us to catch 1million then they should have one island scan every 2hrs.

      1. That’s terrible. GameFreak should fix that instead of being lazy & expecting people to go online & hunt down QR codes on the internet as it’s not a suitable replacement than using the feature that’s right there on the game itself. But it’s probably moot now since the event is over.

  6. Considering that Sun/Moon sold like 44 million or something, and you can do 2 island scans per day, then 1/88 of the playerbase could’ve completed this in a day, or 1/440 of the playerbase could complete it over 5 days.

    1. In other words, less than 2% of players could’ve done it in a day, plus the fact you can catch johto starters is extra incentive, lure ball totodile like ash’s is now a thing.

    2. I highly doubt they sold that many. That’s WAY too generous. I’d say maybe 15m. Then again, even that might be too generous. @.@

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