Pokémon Sun and Moon players really need to step up their game. While not as bad as the last challenge, fans have once again failed to complete their global mission. Players were challenged to find as many Pokémon as they could using the game’s Island Scan feature. The aim was to reach 1,000,000 encounters, but sadly fans only managed to reach 661,836. In order to contribute to the total you had to log into the Game Sync function, so maybe players weren’t aware the challenge was even taking place. Hopefully we’ll do a bit better next time.



  1. Yeah like the previous poster said, I tried to contribute, but I didn’t want to catch all these mons that I wasn’t gonna use and just doing for an event. Feels bad man. They should have an event that’s 1 million encounters or battles. That makes more sense.


  2. Well, I think I pulled my weight with 27 scans. The rewards aren’t great since I’m already not a fan of Festival Plaza. I don’t know what they would distribute instead though. I assume they won’t be bringing back the PGL Poke Miles, which were useful for getting Ability Capsules and various other things.


  3. Maybe Nintendo should ask Ubisoft for help with these because Nintendo utterly SUCKS at them. That or maybe Sun & Moon just aren’t as popular as many people thought they’d be.


  4. You don’t need to catch them just defeat them and for a scan you need one full day for a recharge, if they wanted us to catch 1million then they should have one island scan every 2hrs.


      • That’s terrible. GameFreak should fix that instead of being lazy & expecting people to go online & hunt down QR codes on the internet as it’s not a suitable replacement than using the feature that’s right there on the game itself. But it’s probably moot now since the event is over.


  5. Considering that Sun/Moon sold like 44 million or something, and you can do 2 island scans per day, then 1/88 of the playerbase could’ve completed this in a day, or 1/440 of the playerbase could complete it over 5 days.


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