Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Reviews Are Already Appearing On Amazon

The Switch isn’t even out for another couple of months, but reviews of Nintendo’s newest console are already appearing on Amazon. While the majority of them seem to be from Nintendo fans looking forward to the system, some seem much more negative. Check out a handful of the reviews below, some are pretty funny.


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    1. Quadraxis, kallum, let me tell you the console wars do not exist, it is only an illusion created by fanboys.
      the clergy is open to help you to recover your sanity.
      you can be saved before it is too late…


      1. ||I don’t need to damage control anything, there is always a contingency plan prepared for the almost impossible outcome…||

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      1. ||I’m not a man = No parental subjects = Anime is irrelevant = tbqh fampai is of no relavance to my system = Your logic is flawed||

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    2. Quadraxis…

      The writing on the wall is there you pathetic being..
      You feel the storm coming.. The breath of defeat…
      We can already here the moans of the Kyoto whore as she is taken by the PC Master race and “used”
      This harlot has committed fornication with the Causuals far too long and will be destroyed..

      Super Mario Run was the last “opening of her legs”
      Time to sew them shut boys….
      The Clergy has much work to do… Interesting


      1. ||That goes to any of my haters too, considering they only talk about Xbot filth and hatred against Nintendo no matter what we do…||


      1. ||Of course, nothing must go without being destroyed or punished when attacking Nintendo in any way or form…||

        ||That infection must be destroyed, it has tainted gaming for far too long…||


  1. did anyone Notice that its Funny how Gay Commander Didnt post on the Article about Sakurai owning so many games he must be butthurt that his False god plays xbox and playstation

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  2. To everyone saying “this isn’t news” and stuff, while you’re right about that you’re wrong to be upset by these kind of articles. Journalists need to make articles – it’s their job after all, but you can’t write news articles when there’s no news to write about! Articles like these, while they aren’t super interesting to read for some people, are basically necessary filler for journalists to write about. News doesn’t happen 24/7 when you’re a site that’s centralized on Nintendo things. Besides that, we know that MNN will write some good articles after the Nintendo Switch presentation. You can wait two more days for that, can’t you guys?

    So please guys, just be patient. MNN is doing a fine job while we wait for some real news. Until then, we’re gonna get some fun little “filler” before the real deal this Thursday. Keep up the fantastic work, MNN and all of its staff/writers!

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    1. Well still you put it that way, how about status updates on fan projects such as:

      -Captain Rainbow English Translation
      -Ocarina of Time 16-bit
      -Super Mario Star Road 2
      -Mother 4
      -Fire Emblem Awakening Save Editor

      Or the latest shipment and deals at the Nintendo Store.


  3. Amazon Japan reviews are just as shit.

    I remember when half of the complaints about J-Stars Victory VS were “Waaaaaah, this game sucks before there is no Yugi or Kinnikuman. There’s too much pandering to younger audiences than old school fans, fuck Namco.”

    There were more flaws to the game than just the fucking character selection which is passible if you ignore a certain drooling abomination (Taro Yamda). And name one Shonen Jump crossover that didn’t go for promoting of new series.


  4. I hope it’s not another Wii U but if the gimmick was just another excuse to cheap out on power, it very well could be. Or it could be a step up & be a Wii. Then again, Wii only sold great but it was by far a great system. *shrug* Only time will tell.


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