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Miyamoto Talks About Inspiration For Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo Treehouse Live has had the honour of sitting down with Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto today to speak in more detail about Nintendo Switch game; Super Mario Odyssey. In the video below, Miyamoto draws comparisons to the critically acclaimed, retro title Super Mario 64 and explains why Nintendo have chosen to head back to that type of gameplay. Super Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube also gets a worthy mention in their informative chat with him.

Check out the interview below:

As Miyamoto continues to hand more of the internal responsibilities of game development to other teams within Nintendo, it’s still great to see him having strong influences on future Mario titles.

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  1. It’s still great to see him having strong influences on future Mario titles?!? New Super Mario Bros., 3D Land, 3D World, Sticker Trash, and Color Trash say hi

    1. You really thought 3d Land + World were bad? I thought the general consensus was that they were good. I think they are amazingly fun and I don’t see why there’s all the hate.

  2. Is this confirmed to be a power-star collection type game?
    I’m asking what is the goal for each level or area in this game ( i.e. flagpole or shine sprite )

  3. This game really made the presentation…. one that was kind of weak overall. Looks like it will be the holiday season that really picks up for the switch

  4. My problem with SM3DW isn’t that it’s too “accessible” for casual gamers, it’s that it actually feels scaled DOWN compared to Galaxy 1 and 2. Yes, it’s more streamlined which has its advantages, but I always felt that SM3DW should have been the evolution of the New Super games, rather than of the mainline console Mario games.

    Now it looks like we’re going back to form with this new Mario, but unfortunately it’s locked behind a $300 paywall. So I guess I play it in like four years, haha.

    1. Great reaction video to Switch.
      I disagree with his use of associating “gimmicks” to Nintendo. Every console has gimmicks. Nintendo’s are fun and usual innovative. I loved the Gamepad, I loved gaming in 3D on my 3DS and I love the idea of a portable console.

      I hate that Nintendo won’t add the muscle to back it up. It’s like they don’t want or care if anyone else develops for their consoles. It’s really like they are trying to discourage it.

      So yeah, pretty much everything else the guy said I totally agree with.

      But I’ll be God damned if I click “Like” on a Church of Sasori comment.

      1. I wanted to see Nintendo turn the corner finally with this reveal.
        All I see is Wii U 2.0 which saddens me…
        The Church of Sasori once worshipped Nintendo in the 80’s and 90’s
        It has now become a false God….

    2. Finally found somebody who shares the same thoughts as I have. I love Nintendo but the Switch shows no promises. Nintendo’s IP alone cannot save them if they continue the same route as the Wii U. One of things that hurt my experience with the Wii U was the lack of support of 3rd party developers. Without them you, you have a weak supporting audience in which hardly anybody want to develop for. Who knows, maybe its too early to say failure but I for one, will be very cautious about this console until the time is right, if any.

  5. Omega Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

    Meh… Less talky, more worky! I want this game before December 2017 if before November 2017 is out of the question!

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