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Switch Won’t Include Miiverse or Streetpass

The Nintendo Switch, due out on 3rd March this year, will not feature Miiverse or Streetpass, as advised by a source from Nintendo.

Nintendo of America’s assistant manager of public relations, David Young has told VentureBeat that the Nintendo Switch will not include Miiverse. “I can answer that we’re not going to be using Miiverse for Nintendo Switch,” he said. He also explained that Streetpass won’t be coming to the Switch as it isn’t the same type of portable device as the Nintendo 3DS.

It’s interesting that Nintendo’s new console will venture away from Miiverse, a feature that is available on it’s predecessor the Wii U. Further detail on why Nintendo has chosen not to include this is still unknown.

For the Social media aspect that will tie in with the Switch, Nintendo won’t be using it’s own platform, but will use third parties. The Switch will have the option to share images to social media platforms and at a later date will allow players to share video too.



    1. Miiverse felt unpolished and wasn’t very user friendly. Got a message from a friend? Yeah it won’t appear on your screen you gotta log on to do that.

      If they ditch street pass, I’m sure they’ll implement something very similar.

      1. Miiverse was a piece of shit! They banned me for posting a download code for an e-shop game. I paid for the game and received a give-away code for a friend. I had no friend with a Wii U, so I posted the code. I read the rules first and it wasn’t against the rules, yet I got banned by those motherfuckers!

        1. Considering Miiverse wont be on the NS, I can see it being discontinued/shut down soon or in the coming year.
          Lol, I guess this is a good thing for you.

      2. Yeah, I had an idea that Nintendo could make an PhoneApp or produce a device like the PKMN GO PLUS, except it would be for the NS. It would work like streetpass by gathering other players/data and other cool stuff.

  1. “Further detail on why Nintendo has chosen not to include this is still unknown.”
    All you have to do is open Miiverse to see why.

    Them not keeping StreetPass is a surprise though. It’s always exciting a I see that green light on my 3DS. I’ll miss it.

  2. I hope they have a successor. Miiverse may have been a disaster ( i dont think so) but it was a cool idea.

    1. Miiverse was really fun in the beginning. I met some AMAZING people there . Then like all social things Nintendo, they castrated it, bit by bit til it’s not even Miiverse anymore. They are simply pulling the plug on something they have been slowly killing for years. It’s sad either way.

  3. I get the Miiverse exclusion, but no Streetpass I don’t understand. That’s one of the best parts of taking my 3ds with me places, that possible random encounter. Hopefully if you have your Switch out with you if someone else has one it will be easy to locate or even just connect with their console for fast spiratic gameplay. Very interesting and exciting just because it’s so different.

    1. Simple. I don’t think it has a sleep mode. Considering the battery life is between 2-6.5 hours, I don’t want it to be drained by leaving it on. I would prefer to keep the console off then kill the battery.

  4. Even after I stopped using it I still liked the idea of Miiverse. I’d check in once every blue moon.

  5. Miiverse not being on the Switch!? Thank God! That service is pure trash. So relieved that it’ll be gone!

    As for StreetPass, that I will miss. Very exciting to know other gamers out there in your area. Although, the absence of StreetPass makes sense. The Switch is primarily a home console, not a handheld. But I personally see it as a handheld. StreetPass will be missed. And screw Miiverse.

  6. That’s fine by me. I never got into the idea. I’m a solo gamer, and don’t need MiiHelp. Hey, did anyone find out if there is any type of Nintendo brand “Achievements or trophies systems” with Switch?

  7. I hope they do away with Miis altogether. I like the concept of creating a system-wide avatar, but Miis are so ugly.

  8. “Nintendo won’t be using it’s own platform, but will use third parties.”

    So like FB and Twitter? I’m all for the idea of replacing miiverse with a better system, but it seems like they won’t be doing that. I’d rather have some kind of onboard social aspect.

  9. Very happy to see that Miiverse will finally come to an end. A site that was just originally designed for in-game posts/accomplishments only, ended up being a clusterfuck full of immature users abusing the code of conduct from just pure ridiculous nonsense.

  10. Streetpass was horrible, it was a gimmick that required being near other people to unlock stuff for games and when you have other systems around for it, it will fill up notifs. Miiverse is self explanatory, I’m just disappointed it won’t get replaced by something better.

  11. Omega Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

    :/ I liked Miiverse even if it did become shitty in later years because of all the fucking limits & users abusing the CoC by falsely reporting people. False reporting was against CoC, too, yet false reporting is the main reason many innocents got banned. Bikini pictures being deleted for being sexually explicit!? Seriously!? A replacement with better moderating & less strict rules would have been nice! But I guess Ninty decided to take the cheap, lazy way out! Looks like I’ll be holding on to my n3DS for years to come, even after a new handheld comes out, if one comes out, til Nintendo eventually cheaps out further & shuts down Miiverse on Wii U & n3Ds.

    1. Omega Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

      STRIKE ONE!!!

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