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Rumour: Rockstar’s ‘L.A Noire’ May Be Heading To Nintendo Switch

According to a Rockstar insider, L.A Noire may be due to be released on the Nintendo Switch. The news comes from someone who goes by the name of Yan2297, they posted earlier this week the following:

“According to what I heard, Rockstar might be releasing a remastered version of L.A. Noire on the Nintendo Switch,”.

Yan2297 has proven to be correct for previous news in relation to GTA 5 Online so the rumour does have some slight weight behind it. But as with all rumours, they should be taken with a pinch (handful) of salt.

We may not have to wait for long to find out if Rockstar has any plans to back the Nintendo Switch as Take-Two Interactive Earnings report is scheduled for February which could possibly shed some light.

Would you want L.A Noire to be released on the Switch? GTA perhaps? Let us know below.


51 thoughts on “Rumour: Rockstar’s ‘L.A Noire’ May Be Heading To Nintendo Switch”

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  3. Nintendo fan since the 90's

    They probably pick this game so it flops and then they blame nintendo and nintendo fans and say our games don’t sell on nintend console and stop support. A port of a crap game why not gta v you know the game that still sells like crazy

  4. I’d take this and GTA V. I’d buy that game a 3rd time if Switch was that 3rd console. The campaign would be great on the go.

      1. no, it’s not “just a ps3 port” as the game still comes from the ps4 and xbox one due to higher res graphics and framerates that the lesser system couldn’t handle. Learn how tech works. ;)

        And no one knows if mods are allowed or not. we need more info.

    1. Yeah, because Nintendo is making the decisions to bring these games to their system. They don’t tell devs which games to bring to the Switch. If you have a problem with which games are ported to the system, look to the devs.

      1. Seriously? Nintendo has to agree or disagree to have the game release on the system. Nintendo can easily say we want a newer game on our system for our fans to choose a switch over a ps4 or X1. Why bring 8 and 6 year old games to the system? Nintendo is clearly asking for these games.

        1. Obviously Nintendo has to approve of the game for it to be published, but that has nothing to do with deciding which games 3rd parties offer to them. How much push do you really think they have in getting devs to make games for their system? Rockstar is going to offer whatever game they want. (Let’s say L.A. Noire in this case.) Nintendo can come back and say “No. We want GTA V.” What’s that gonna do though? In the end, Rockstar is going to choose whatever project they feel will be the safest investment. They’re the ones fronting the cost after all. They’re not going to invest in a project they don’t have faith in. Nintendo can demand GTA V or nothing at all, but that can only possibly hurt their relationship with 3rd parties. The other thing they can do is offer to fund part or all of the development themselves to get the games they want (like they did with Bayonetta 2), but do you have any idea how expensive it would be to do that for every big 3rd party dev? It’s not realistic.

  5. I think this is brilliant! it quite clearly shows that Rockstar are interested in the Switch and want to see if their IPs will do well. Considering this game didnt do well sales wise, I think its a good idea of Rockstar to put a game like this on an emerging console, then they might put on the next GTA or even RDR2… I hope it gets a good marketing, I want to play GTA on the go!

  6. This could be something like a test for Nintendo from RockStar. If this port sells well, it could bring something later like a GTA game. Lets hope it works out well. If RockStar can get on board to provide support for the Switch great thing to happen

  7. Well, knowing Rockstar, I think developing a LA Noire for Switch is more an exercise to see if it is a lot of trouble to develop games for the platform. If it’s easy, there’s probably no good reason for ignoring the Switch. Especially considering Rockstar still has a way to go in Japan.

    Also: Nintendo seems to put a lot of marketing with the Switch on “Open World”: SM Odyssey, Skyrim and BotW are marketed as open world games. That should get Rockstar’s attention.

  8. I…. Unless the game is being remastered for all current gen systems, I can’t see them going out of their way to port LA Noire out of all games just for the Switch.

  9. That would be very cool… I would hope it is remastered well, but it is a pretty old game so not exactly something that will sell a lot.

    Is it a dick in the face to have these companies giving us these old games on Switch? I mean, I am ready for Skyrim, but if Rockstar was gonna give us an old game, Red Dead or GTA V would be much better

  10. I would most definitely support this. They could put the other RockStar games on eShop to gauge interest. Really hope this happens. Fingers crossed.

  11. Nintendo fan since the 90's

    There is also a rumor that suggest gta IV 10 year remaster will come for switch and ps4 and xbox one and pc

  12. Oh boy, here we go. The “Switch is shit. It only has old games.” comments are coming. Personally I’d prefer RDR2, but we all know the chance of that happening. GTA doesn’t appeal to me.

    Of the games they could potentially go with, L.A. Noire might actually be the best. Red Dead Redemption 1 would’ve been a bad idea because every other system would be getting a new Red Dead game and Switch would be getting the old one that everybody’s already played. GTA V would be bad for a similar reason. Current gen systems have already had it for a few years, and judging by what we’ve seen so far, it seems unlikely that they could make a better version on Switch. So Switch would just be getting a watered down version of a game everybody already has.

    L.A. Noire on the other hand has sat untouched since 2011, and its sales weren’t exactly stellar. Plenty of people haven’t played it yet. Rockstar could make a remastered/definitive edition exclusively for the Switch. It might look even better if it was released on all three systems.

      1. This is the second comment I’ve seen like this. This situation has nothing to do with Nintendo. This is about Rockstar’s games and what Rockstar might do. Nintendo does not control which games Rockstar brings to the Switch. It’s on Rockstar to choose which games they want to develop.

  13. I’d happily take LA Noire on the Switch. I’d love GTA IV or V too. I’d love Red Dead Redemption as well. I’ve never played any of them and the ability to play them anywhere is really appealing.

  14. I would prefer a remastered Max Payne 3 or GTA V but I guess this is ok. I don’t know why they won’t release GTA V on the Switch or even a new Bully game…I think a new Bully game could do well. L.A. Noire was ok but it’s not the juggernaut that the GTA series is. GTA V would sell very well on the Switch I’m sure of it…I don’t know what Rockstar is thinking…smh

  15. Why?
    They learned nothing of Wii U?
    Probably selling it for 60$, just because the game has never been on Nintendo console.
    And meanwhile offering it free on ps +.

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  17. LA Noire wasn’t even done by Rockstar. That should tell you how much they care. At least Skyrim was done by Bethesda’s main team. I seem to recall Rockstar only sold Team Bondi the engine to build the game on. Don’t get me wrong its a good game but you can tell it wasn’t done by Rockstar.

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