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Nintendo Picked Japan Display To Supply Switch’s 6.2-Inch Touch-Sensitive Liquid-Crystal Display

Nintendo has hand picked Japan Display to produce the Nintendo Switch’s high quality 6.2 inch liquid crystal display. Japan Display will supply three million screens in an initial batch and the Wall Street Journal reports that they will ship slightly more than 10 million units by the end of this year. This is all dependant on sales. Nintendo has already mentioned that they will ship two million Switch units in its first month on the market.



  1. 2.1 mil Switch units is far less than the 3.1 mil Wii U consoles put on the shelves back in 2012.

    I wonder what that reduction in the initial shipment means.

    1. Since they sold the Wii U at a loss, and they produced more Wii U’s than then actually sold, so those unsold units made it even worse.

      This time they’ll take more caution. If the Switch sells well enough, they’ll make more without overproducing the system.

    2. That’s 2.1 million for 3 weeks and in the month of March. Hard to gauge consumer interest when it isn’t the holiday season.

      1. Well of course it looks better, only the original vita was OLED, but simply put, the science behind LCD/LED can never match OLED……its just not possible

    1. right! Its 2017, and they dont have OLED? But somehow included USB-c…..the charging port is newer then the screen technology. Also im disappointed in their not being a digital stylus. I mean its not terrible, but their goes drawing games.

  2. So…Im getting a cool ass touchscreen display for a tablet.


    I can’t watch Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crunchyroll, Youtube or ANY OTHER APP?!!!

  3. Ughhh its 2017, they should be getting actual high quality W-OLED screens from LG. The term “high quality” and LCD are like saying “healthy McDonald’s” its just not a thing.

    Not to mention a OLED in general would give the switch 10-15% longer battery, better contrast, Best blacks, best color, and support HDR. Also reduce heat……lame

    1. You can have LCD screens that are HDR. They’ve existed for years. HDR is just bit-depth.

      But I agree that OLED would have been better and you haven’t even named all of the advantages they can have even for ergonomics and input but they are more expensive and do use more battery when the screen is completely white.

        1. Those phones don’t have 6.2″ screens and usually sold at a much larger profit than the Switch.

          From what I’ve noticed it seems to be more expensive to make larger OLED screens than to make high resolution OLED.

            1. I actually have an LG 4k OLED screen so I’m aware of that but that was still very expensive and doesn’t change the fact that the mass-produced OLED screens found in phones never go up to tablet sizes. 5.5″ has generally been the max size and even at 5.1″ that will cost about $55. 5.5′ could cost $65-75 and a 6.2″ screen could start pushing $100.

  4. This seems strange. The company that made screens for them in the past, Sharp, is the only company that I know of that makes IGZO displays which allows the screen to retain an image for a short time after power is cut to it so they can literally shut the TFT layer on and off and save a lot of power. That feels like that would have been a bit more important.

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