One thing that people were surprised about when pre-orders opened for the Nintendo Switch was the pricing of the games and peripherals. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was going for £60 on both Amazon UK and the Nintendo UK Store. Thankfully, Amazon has seen sense and has reduced the game to the more acceptable £50 mark. If you are a Prime member you can get the game for £47.99.



  1. I’m torn. I can pre-order the switch version at a discount via Amazon prime, OR, wait to see if they release a breath of the wild bundle later…

    If they don’t, I will be stuck paying full price after release.. hmm..

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    • The pose isn’t really an issue. He’s just looking over his shoulder at the would-be onlooker. I think the real problem with the cover is that the foreground and background is lackluster. They look like rushed pieces of art with not much to them. The middle ground where link stands and to his right and left look much better. The shading in the rocks and the splash of color from the flowers make that part of the cover stand out.


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