EA Says Expect Us To Be There If The Nintendo Switch Proves To Be Popular

EA has been a little reserved with its support for the Nintendo Switch. The giant video game company has only announced FIFA for the platform and doesn’t appear to have anything else in the works at the moment. However, that could all change if the system proves to be a hit with consumers. They are clearly taking a wait and see approach.

Still, Soderlund says FIFA may be just the beginning, adding, “this is our way of showing we’re going to be there. We’re supporting the platform. We are not announcing anything [else] yet, but you can expect us to be there once the platform launches and takes off.”

“We have the benefit of being a platform agnostic company,” he continued. “We will be at whatever platform the consumers are. New hardware is always a positive for our industry. It allows us to push forward.”



      1. Wrong, wrong, absolutely wrong. You obviously didn’t read the post. It has nothing to do with power. EA would *obviously* happily downgrade their games if and only if they thought the game would sell on the Switch. That’s their point, they’ll go wherever the consumer goes. They couldn’t give two hoots about power – if the consumer decides that Atari 2600 games are what we all want again, then EA will be making Atari 2600 games.

        1. Wrong, wrong, absolutely wrong. I’m not just talking about this post. It won’t cost extra money of all 3 consoles are simular , it does cost money to downgrade it most likely. That said Nintendo is the one to blame that third party is waiting around to see what happens. They used to be the ones that ruled the market and made the wrong moves over and over again. It started with not using discs cause they had to pay sony some money for it, and later on refusing to add a good online system and things like a blu ray and dvd player. Even today by not adding things like Netflix. You can say whatever you want, but Sony and microsoft offer everything the majority of people want they just lack Nintendo first party wich is the only reason to still buy a nintendo.

          1. You say I’m wrong and then only make 1 remark that actually has anything to do with what I said i.e. “it does cost money to downgrade it most likely”. It costs money to port a game to any console. Yes, it costs an additional amount if they need to significantly “downgrade” the game but they’d pay it if they thought the game would sell, I promise. The Wii has 5 versions of Call of Duty on it for God’s sake. But when you have big budget titles like Watch Dogs only selling 100,000 on Wii U well yeah, they haven’t made a return on their investment there.

            Also Wii U has had Netflix for years so not sure what you’re talking about there. The rest of what you said is totally irrelevant – some I actually agree with but I have no idea why you’re saying it to me.

            1. I don’t have a wii u i lost my fate in nintendo after the wii and many years of beeing ignorent myself cause i was a fanboy otherwise i would have probally disliked the gamecube and n64 aswell. Again though they are the ones to blame that everbody moved on to different consoles in the first place. I remember me owning the n64 and my dad buying the playstation cause he didnt like the controller of the n64 , and the ps1 pretty much took over what the nes and snes where doing. The gamcube was a good effort to turn that around game wise, but that was to little to late and possibly cause of the lack of a dvd player and such. The Wii might have been a huge hit , but I don’t know any gamers that have been playing for 30 years that liked the console or even owned it , even though they all grew up with nintendo.

    1. Why would you blame them for this? This is literally how all console decisions are made by publishers if they aren’t getting paid extra money from the 1st party, market share. Name any 3rd party developer you like and their decisions are made by the same criteria, what system has enough potential customers that it will be more than worth it to invest in that platform?

  1. ||Yet they support the Xbot disease without any signs of hesitation and caution regardless of machinery they come up with, like that Smartglass nonsense they supported right away…||

    1. What are you on about?

      Smartglass is awesome! I can reply to all my messages through it, buy all my games, and install them from there, and even join a party and chat with friends without even having my console on. If anything Nintendo’s App (the one that we’ll have to use to chat with) is going to have those feature, if not, it should have them.

      1. That guy has some kind of mental disorder, truly. I haven’t been here in like 2-3 years and hes exactly the same weirdo he was back then. It’s best to just let him say what he wants and ignore it.

        Smartglass is exactly what Nintendo wants with their app though.

        1. I dont think he does, he just passionately hates the XBOX brand. For whatever reason it might be, he hates it. Man, if that app is more like the Smarglass, then it wont get as much shit from people.

        1. Ok commie, i have good and bad news:

          We found hints about who originated the myth, also who is this Kallum guy…we laughed at him (which is good news…for us), i am not going to spoil his surname because it would be doxing but let me tell you, there are lots of coincidences between you and that guy, especially when it comes to xenoblade chronicles x, but the good news is that he expends his time playing wii fit u.

          While searching about him we noticed that he deleted his FB, twitter and disquss accounts when the idiot clone started saying that you were him (it maybe a coincidence), also he’s from UK and you say that you are in Sweden, aren’t you?

          About the myth…basically you confirmed to someone here that “Kallum” was your undercover alias.

          Again, i do not want to spoil that guy’s full name because he maybe unaware of this whole thing… But if he were a stupid white knight in the same vein as HollowGrapeJ….

      1. Well, you can buy shit in a bag just because.
        I am not going to shell out any cash just for the sake of support.
        EA takes a lets wait and see approach, so will I.
        I’m not here to personally support EA’s endeavors.

        Besides, they have been generally fucking up every IP they have that I used to love.

        1. “Besides, they have been generally fucking up every IP they have that I used to love.”

          This. Honestly it’s at the point where if EA gets a hold of a property, you know the game is dead.

    1. You can do that now on other platforms. You only have to pay full price for an EA game on a Nintendo system or a couple months after it releases.
      You wouldn’t believe how inexpensive 3rd party games are, it’s not like Nintendo games, the get discounted quick. It’s awesome. :D

      1. I already do that on PC.
        I do not remember when was the last time I bought full priced EA game.
        Maybe Battlefield 3?

        Some Nintendo games have been full price a year later on retail.

  2. People just need to buy the system.^^
    The games move in, when the people are there. The Ps4 has so many games today, because so many bought the system each month. If you like the switch concept buy it or wait and look how it will fail.
    Right now Nintendo is supporting the system and tiny developers that hope to make a decent profit with smaller projects on the switch.

    The switch needs to sell 6-10 million consoles until 2018 for the third parties.

    1. No sir.
      Did that for the Wii and WiiU. Got fucked twice.
      I’d consider myself a fool to buy on faith again.
      Those buying for a reason, that’s their decision to make.

      1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

        Buying it to have the best experience with BotW but will keep it on faith but mostly because I don’t feel like putting in the effort of canceling it. Putting 50 bucks on it has chained me to the Switch as I’ve hit a “fuck it” stance with Switch. Not the best stance to have but I just don’t feel like putting in the effort. Ninty is so fucking lucky I got the PS4 a little over a year ago or I would be buying a PS4 Pro instead right now & just play BotW on Wii U. FUCK!!! If people think I was pissed about Wii U, imagine how fucking furious I’ll be if the Switch ends up being the same fucking thing! Wii annoyed me, Wii U pissed me off, Switch might just… *right eye twitch* @.@

          1. I think I might have spoke too soon as you are well aware of since you liked one of my comments on that certain article. *right eye twitch* Hopefully it’s just more of Reggie saying stupid shit & not being clear since he’s obviously an idiot.

      2. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

        Yeah… I think I’m gonna ignore the strikes I gave it & just ride this shit out. If it sinks like the Titanic AGAIN, I’ll be taking the first fucking life boat & won’t ride another one again for a very, very, very long time. Least not new, anyway, as I’ll just get it used for cheap fucking prices.

    2. Nintendo will be extremely lucky if it reaches 10million sales over the course of its lifetime…I mean its already dead, it honestly really is. They made the exact same mistakes they did with the WiiU…literally like all of them. They learned absolutely nothing. Reggie is a flake..I had a lot of respect for him at one point but I cant remember why.

      1. They’re not making the exact same mistakes. They’ve actually corrected quite a few. The console is region-free, they’re seemingly taking steps to avoid game droughts, they’re stepping up their marketing, and the system is apparently much easier to develop for.

        The problem is they’re making whole new mistakes. They’re charging for an online service that, at the moment, looks terrible, they’re overcharging for their accessories, and, as of now, they’re missing apps and features that were standard on their last two consoles.

        One problem they actually managed to make worse is the on board storage, since, as of now, it’s not possible to use an HDD with the system.

            1. ||Simulating Anti-Nintendo arguments based on this clip||

              ||“Okay so, there is a new console with no free online this time, and you want to ship limited units in, a very few units to the world, right? And who are these few lunatics that you are trying to con into this?”…||

        1. Ok. We have a different perspective on this matter. I actually think of them charging for online is long overdue. If they had charged for WiiU online then maybe they would have something a little better then a global app that will require you to use a 3rd party device to chat with your friends…that’s ridiculous btw about as ridiculous as it gets,

          #1. Weak online.
          #2. Underpowered.
          Those are the two main console defining mistakes that they made with WiiU…

          and because of those mistakes…

          #3. No appeal to core gamers.
          #4. No real 3rd party support.
          #5. Over priced.

          1. I greatly disagree with you there. If I had to give the Wii U a console defining term that summed up its biggest problem:

            #1. No support.
            #2. Bad marketing.

            Look at the Wii. It’s the perfect case study for why the Wii U did terribly. Both systems were underpowered, but the Wii sold like hotcakes while the Wii U studdered and limped to the end of its life. The reason for this difference has nothing to do with the consoles themselves. It has to do with how they were handled.

            1) Support
            Nintendo put an unbelievable amount of support behind the Wii. It got 2 new 3D Mario titles, 2 new Zelda games, 2 new Metroid games, a new Donkey Kong Country, multiple Kirby games, plus quite a few collections (Super Mario All-Stars, Kirby 25th collection, Metroid Prime Trilogy, etc.) Switch over to the Wii U and what did it get? It doesn’t have any of Nintendo’s heavy hitters: no new Zelda, no 3D Mario, no new Metroid. It did get some fantastic games and new titles, but they were so far and few between that Wii U owners had nothing to do with their systems until Nintendo got around to it.

            2) Marketing
            Say what you will about the Wii: it’s a casual console, it’s underpowered, it’s a gimmick. What you can’t deny is that Nintendo knew exactly what they had, they knew exactly who they were targeting with it, and they knew exactly how to sell it. Look at every Wii commercial out there. They were targeting families. They were going for group fun. They were telling the general public, who has no interest in sitting down and playing video games, why they should get a Wii; and it worked. It was brilliant. The things flew off shelves. Switch to the Wii U. How many people were confused about what the system even was when it was announced? A lot of people didn’t even know it was a new system. They thought it was an add-on for the Wii. And Nintendo sure as shit didn’t know who they were targeting with it. They were trying to catch some sweet spot between the casual market and the core market. It was a disaster. As a result they either confused the casual or didn’t do enough to bring them back, and they delivered nothing that the core audience wanted.

            The Wii had a lot of 3rd party support even though it was underpowered. EA created Wii versions of all their sports franchises. Activision brought over a couple of CoD titles. It had some of the best JRPG’s of that gen. They weren’t there for the power. They were there for the consumers. The 3rd parties skipped over the U, not because it was underpowered, but because there was no user base; and there was no user base because Nintendo themselves didn’t support the system.

            1. Nah. Thats just not correct. Sure they are factors but minor ones.

              The Wii introduced motion controls. That’s why it sold so well. I personally waited 12 hours in line to get one at launch only because of the wiimote. Sure Wii sports and Zelda were awesome at the time but once it become popular all of the shovelware tittles starting pumping out. That created a lot of friction between casuals and Nintendo. They were spending money on games that were just god awful. Many of them will never trust Nintendo again. Then the motion control fad ended. However, that was a different time though, and You cant compare it to now. When the Wii U came. The controller looked great, had a screen on it and a flood of gameplay ideas rushed into peoples heads but the console was an under powered hunk of junk with a pathetic online service. Core gamers officially left Nintendo…maybe for good. The gamepad was never really taken advantage of because of its limitations? I dont know, it just wasn’t.

              Right now, it is all about online, power and future value. The Switch has almost no future value as it is already outdated…keep that in mind.

              There are hardly any games that are being produced now without online multiplayer. Even indie devs are putting Online Multiplayer in all of their games. Most people will be like, damn that game looks cool but no multiplayer? Next…

              Think about this… This is about the hardware and not software…

              If two television were side by side…both cost the same . The first one is a 4k smart TV and the 2nd one is a 1080p non smart tv. Which one would you choose? The main compensation you get from the 2nd tv is that you can bring it with you…to work..or whatever.

              There are other things to talk about but I just cant keep going lol. I feel Ive made a few of my points. I honestly hope it does well but I know it just wont. No power and no online = No core gamers = no sales = no 3rd party support = Wii U 2.

              1. Please read this comment in its entirety. I appologize in advance for the length, but there are just so many examples to back up the following statements.

                The points you made seem very contradictory.
                First of all, do you really think that Nintendo failing to support their own system is a “minor” factor? That’s a huge deal. When the system isn’t getting support from its own company, that’s a major factor.

                Second, yes. The motion controls are what got people excited, but they got people excited because Nintendo showed them off properly. Imagine if Nintendo had released the Wii, but decided not to advertise it. Say there were no Wii commercials or online ads. Do you really think it would have sold just as well. Look at the Wii U gamepad. You said it yourself. “The controller looked great.” So why were the motion controls enough to convince people, but the gamepad wasn’t? It all has to do with Nintendo’s ability to convey their ideas to the public. They did it well with the Wii. They did it poorly with the Wii U.

                This is your most confusing statement. “The controller looked great, had a screen on it and a flood of gameplay ideas rushed into peoples heads but the console was an under powered hunk of junk with a pathetic online service.” Doesn’t this exact same sentence describe the Wii? Both systems had a great controller. People had tons of idea possibilities for both controllers. Both consoles were underpowered and had terrible online. Yet you say that the Wii was able to thrive under these conditions, while the Wii U suffered under them. You say that devs had great ideas for both systems, but for some strange reason decided to support the Wii and not the U.

                You’re very right. This is about the hardware. Look at what we have. Both consoles were underpowered upon release. Both consoles had a unique control scheme. Both systems had a poor online service. Yet one did amazing and the other flopped. If what you say is true; if “No power and no online = no sales”, then by that logic, the Wii should have failed just as bad as the Wii U. The only difference that explains this huge variation is that Nintendo handled one console very exceptionally, and handled the other console very poorly.

                To close; and also to show that power does not necessarily sell gaming hardware and that software does have a big impact; let’s look at history.

                Gameboy Power GameGear Sales

                PS1 Power N64 Sales

                PS2 Power GC Sales & XB Sales

                DS Power PSP Sales

                Wii Power PS3 Sales and 360 Sales

                3DS Power Vita Sales

                Power does not sell a system. It never has, not even in today’s day and age. The handling of a console is more important than power will ever be. Look at the XB1 for another good example. It’s not much different than the PS4, but Microsoft butchered the console reveal, and as a result, the console sold terribly in the beginning. Same exact thing happened to PS3, even though it was the most powerful system in that generation.

                1. Once a console is announced, the first thing people ask themselves is “What does it do?” – The Major factor. Everyone already knows which games they are going to get from Nintendo -The Minor Factor

                  Of course they have to have to do some marketing but they have to have something “good” to bring to the market, otherwise they can market the shit out of it and it wont matter…do you buy everything you see in every ad you see…doubt it

                  No, the Gamepad wasn’t enough, especially not for casuals and that’s because handheld devices with screens on it were already abundant and common. They were looking at screens on their smartphones for hours a day and then they see a comercial about WiiU and see the screen on the controller and are like …coo and then look back down at their phones. Gamers however, they seen potential in it.

                  Again, It was a different time … online gaming on consoles was just starting to explode…

                  Lol. This might be lame but ill try and paint a picture.

                  Its the time of the “Marble”. Kids are saving, collecting, winning…..buying marbles. All of a sudden a new marble is released the “Jumbo Godzilla”. Everyone wants em… Everyone buys them … Then something happens a short time after the Jumbo Gods are released, “POGS” arrive. And, no matter how much they liked them or how cool the marbles were, nobody wanted to play with marbles anymore.

                  Nintendo are still trying to bring out new “marbles”.

                  All of you thoughts about power vs best selling are obsolete.

                  Nintendo used to say…Now your playing with power….and because of that alone, they saved the entire industry.

                  1. “All of your thoughts about power vs best selling are obsolete.”

                    How can you so readily dismiss historical data like that? How can you look at the past and just say “No. that has absolutely no bearing on the present.”? The 3DS vs Vita example occurred in the same generation as the Wii U. The data clearly shows that more power does not necessarily equal more sales. There’s an old quote that goes along the lines of “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” You might do well to remember that.

                    “Nintendo used to say…Now your playing with power….and because of that alone, they saved the entire industry.”

                    This statement could not possibly be farther from the truth. The success of the NES has been analyzed time and time again. There are plenty of resources that explains why that console was successful. I’ll say this again, and you’re not going to like it. The NES took off because Nintendo knew how to market it. The video game market was dead in the U.S. when Nintendo tried to bring the Famicom over. Nobody wanted a video game system. Stores didn’t want to carry them; but Nintendo knew they had a great product, they knew kids would love it, and they knew that if they just found the right angle to sell it, it would take off. So, when they introduced it, they didn’t market it as a video game console. They marketed it as a toy. They also worked their asses’ off going around to retailers, personally setting up displays, and offering a no-risk deal to retailers who carried their product. The NES took off because Nintendo knew what they were doing with it. The following video and 3 articles back up everything I’m saying.





                    This same situation existed with the Wii. Nintendo knew they had a great product and they knew that all they needed was the right angle to sell it. Now, again, I’m not saying the motion controls weren’t the main, attractive feature of the Wii, because they were. However, the reason people understood that feature was because Nintendo did a great job marketing it. Check out this video.

                    Honestly, this is one of my favorite commercials of all time, merely because of the shear brilliance of it. It shows people motioning with the controllers and then switches immediately to the TV to show the exact same motions being displayed in the game they’re playing. Add in catchy music and a high energy feel to the whole thing and you have yourself a fantastic advertisement. Now notice all the games shown in this commercial. Each one really makes use of the motion controls. Each one does a good job of showing them off. Imagine if instead of these games, Nintendo decided to show off games like Mario Galaxy (i.e. games that don’t really make use of the motion controls). Do you honestly think people would have seen this commercial and felt compelled to buy the system?

                    This kind of marketing did not exist with the Wii U. Nintendo did not do a good job of advertising the console’s main feature, the gamepad. Many people were confused about the nature of the gamepad. Many didn’t even know that the Wii U was a new console. Now perhaps this was because the gamepad actually wasn’t any good. Perhaps there was no possible way to market the Wii U, so that it could succeed. Whether there was or not, Nintendo didn’t do it. Add in the fact that Nintendo did not even support their own system with software and you’ve got a failure.

              2. I’m not sure what happened exactly at that part where I compare the consoles, but I’m sure you’ll get the point. In all those cases, the less powerful system sold better than the more powerful system.

      2. How is it fucking dead? It’s gonna have Pokemon, it’s launching with a system seller (BotW), people actually know it exists (unlike the Wii U), and it’s basically their new handheld system. Compare it to 3DS, not Wii U.

  3. They run a business; so, from a business standpoint, this makes total sense.

    Sad thing is, we saw this happening when the Wii U was about to launch. I’m getting pessimistic as I witness the same movie — only with a different character this time, i.e., Switch instead of Wii U — being showcased.

  4. I totally agree with yiu Aeolus,your research and insight is so spot on,its because of you i started gaming on PS4 and XBOX1

  5. That was a decision Nintendo made years ago, to focus on their baby franchises. They clearly lost touch. The Nintendo of old had awesome 2nd party developers like Rare,(Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker), Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness), Left Field (Excitebike64), the special relationship they had with Factor 5(all the Star Wars games), they had games like Wave Race and 1080°. All these games that appealed to the ones who aren’t interested in all the baby Mario games. But Nintendo made the decision to focus on their baby franchises years ago. Now Nintendo makes only baby games. Funny how supposedly they said they were going to get back the “core” gamers with the Wii U but all they keep outputting is baby games.

    Instead of investing the money they made with the Wii in buying and creating new studios (to make up for the bad decision of selling the ones that they had), they just sat on their hands and did nothing. Now look at this drought of games. Almost close to the Switch launch and they still can’t output a decent steady stream of games for their system, not to mention that they weren’t able to get 3rd party support. Failure of management. The fanboys will spin it and make excuses like they always do.

    1. You talk about the great 2nd party support of Nintendo of old, then list a series of games that were released on highly underperforming systems. N64 and Gamecube was nintendo sliding downward by any objective measure.

      While I would agree their software development has been significantly mismanaged, I wouldn’t point to the N64, the first system they produced that definitively lost a console war, and the gamecube which only edged out second place because Microsoft had no idea what they were doing with the original Xbox, as their source of inspiration.

  6. I see many of you are still very pessimistic about the system, but come on.. the same movie as the Wii U? Definitely not, this system is destined for so much more. The biggest reason is Nintendo’s mindset overall, they have changed. Convenience was a great part of the presentation, region free and an adapter everyone knows so you can charge everywhere. The presentation itself was good for what it was but people put way too much expectations in it, Japan was more satisfied with it and this system will be a massive success in Japan. Even the Vita survived in Japan, just imagine how big this will be there. And THAT is why the portability is so important, people who do not want to use it, just don’t use it.. I am one of those people, but it is irrelevant to complain about that because it is a hybrid, it is part of the system. And then the power.. it is the strongest handheld ever, and at the same time it is a home console with current-gen specs that can run every game. If it didn’t, companies like Bethesda en From Soft would not even have bothered, and it would not have all the important engines, like Unreal. So calling it underpowered is not just ignorant, it’s also childish and only serves as a provocation to others.

    Switch will do fine, I can go on and on about it. Friends who have not bought a Nintendo home console for ten years are planning to get one but mostly have to wait because even here in the Netherlands they’re sold.out.

    1. I believe you have been misinformed. The switch is closer to Xbox 360/ps3 specs. It is essentially a portable Wii U in terms of power etc.

      Bethesda is having problems porting a game that is 6 years old to the console. If they weren’t then it would be ready for launch or they really don’t give a shit about it since they are not going to make a dime with Nintendo. Unreal is a scale-able engine and proves nothing of the power of the Switch.

      Also, Your friends are not planning on getting one.

      1. I believe you’re the only one who is trying to give me false information.. I know I should just ignore your comment because all your posts show you’re not very happy about the switch, but your bs sort of amuses me. I was hoping for a more serious reply, but you can’t expect too much from the internet I guess. I’m not going to respond to your lousy Skyrim story, it’s just dull. But a portable ps3.. hehe. You’re obviously a very funny man, I bet you get that a lot. I really don’t hope your talents are only wasted on this comment section.

        Also, unfortunately for you, you don’t know my friends.. Because if you did.. you knew three of them already did..

        1. You want a serious reply….

          The Switch is a console being released in 2017. It is not even as powerful as their competitors home consoles that were released in 2013. It is only slightly more powerful then the WiiU. They don’t have headphone jacks on their controllers. They want you to use a global app requiring a 3rd party device to chat with friends on their hardware. The Switch has 32gb of storage. They dont use cloud. They don’t even have Netflix…I could go on but I grow tired of pointing out obvious flaws to people who just think Nintendos shit doesn’t smell.

      2. “Bethesda is having problems porting a game that is 6 years old to the console. If they weren’t then it would be ready for launch or they really don’t give a shit about it since they are not going to make a dime with Nintendo.”

        So your entire rationale for this is that the game isn’t a launch title? That is impressively ridiculous. You don’t know when they STARTED trying to port the thing. Mario Odyssey isn’t a launch title, guess they must be having a hard time trying to get it to run on the system it was designed for huh?

        1. I didn’t put much thought into the comment. It was more of an assumption mixed with venting then anything else. However, Did you not see the introduction to the switch trailer? They have been working on it for at minimum 4 months but I would assume probably close to a year now. The creation engine shouldn’t be much of a challenge to get it to run on the Switch, unless there are problems with the hardware. A bit of a grind but it could be done in just a couple of months I think, with some effort. I believe if they wanted it on the console for launch it would have been on the console at launch. None of it matters much anyways though, who still hasn’t played Skyrim? It’s a wasted effort for a couple of stubborn “gamers” that refuse to buy anything other then Nintendo.

  7. EA knows Nintendo’s track record, and the fact they would even say “…Once it launches and takes off” says it all for me.

    If the Switch doesn’t take off strong and continue that way, you probably won’t be seeing many EA titles come Switch way.

    All they had to do was make a beast machine. It could have been big.

  8. What ea says goes with every other developer of big games. If the switch doesn’t sell, it’s wiiu all over again. Support the switch and support 3rd party games, you imbecile fanboys.

  9. EA already knows this thing is DOA. They are not stupid. They are not going to invest/waste a lot money on a doomed console. This is Wii U 2. It’s exactly the same, except its portable and the wii motes are detachable. Nobody gives a f*** about a goddamn f**kin glass of ice cubes rattling around. A portable Wii U. Thats what they made…A portable version of one of the worst consoles ever produced…goddamn brilliant I say…



    Switch to PC folks.

  10. To be honest, I won’t miss them. EA hasn’t that many good games, so I couldn’t care less if Fifa will be on the Switch or not. There was a time EA was good, but that was ages ago.

    People need to learn what a target audience is.
    Reasons I don’t buy the PS4 or Xone is because the games and consoles itself do not appeal to me. And the few games that do I’ll just play on my cheap PC which is still stronger than any of those consoles.

    Nintendo has the ADVANTAGE of being different. They develop innovative “fun” consoles, istead of the “we-always-do-the-same-but-with-more-power” consoles. The Switch needs indie developers like Playtonic, to create colorful platform games like Yooka-Laylee.
    If they bring out ALL of their big guns, like Luigi’s Mansion, Kirby, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, Metroid and Pokémon… they will succeed! They already have a new Zelda, Mario and Splatoon.
    And games like that are the main reason why I want the Switch in the first place!

    1. I know right? As soon as a new pokemon releases on this thing everyone will have one. I thought the 3ds would be a “gimmicky” (I hate the word, but it fits) fail, but Pokemon XY and Fire Emblem Awakening sold me on the system. Honestly I don’t think the Switch will start out very strong. But In the long run I think it’ll do better than the wii or 3ds did because it’ll have nintendo’s sole focus.

  11. EA’s support is crucial to a substantial increase in Nintendo Switch’s success. If the console ends up losing EA’s support, then the console will pay the consequences. Hopefully Nintendo has the right plans in motion to get the switch to sell reasonably enough to keep EA as a partner.

  12. Can’t blame them, they got burnt on the Wii U just like the other AAA publishers. I could say they should help support the Switch with a Mass Effect Andromeda release, but I assume they know what they’re doing.

  13. “We go where the money’s at!” is basically what this waters down to. And then you have companies like ATLUS and NIS that still bring games over to America for Vita even though the audience is small (but dedicated). You can see which developers are in it more for money than creating a quality game. EA basically just updates the same games over and over. Sports titles and Just Dance are pretty much the same thing over and over with a few extra little tweaks here and there to make them fresh. Even Assassin’s Creed plays pretty much the same throughout. There are other companies that’ll produce some quality, original content so I really could care less if EA develops or not. I enjoy all the original and new IPs that Nintendo consoles tend to get.

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