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The Switch Won’t Support Video-Streaming Apps Like Hulu Or Netflix At Launch, Miiverse & Wii & Wii U Controllers

We have even more Nintendo Switch details to share with you, courtesy of that Q&A with Nintendo that was done by Kotaku. First up is news on video-streaming apps, such as Netflix or Hulu. Nintendo says that the Switch will not support any of them, stating that “all of our efforts have gone toward making the Nintendo Switch system an amazing dedicated video game platform”. However, they didn’t rule it out completely. Nintendo said that it is “being considered for a future update”. Secondly, Nintendo confirmed that the Switch will not be compatible with any Wii or Wii U controllers for now. Once again, Nintendo looked to the future, saying that “support for certain controllers may be considered”. Lastly, Miiverse is gone. The Miis are not. Nintendo says that there’s a Mii Maker tool that is in the Nintendo Switch’s system settings, where you can create an avatar like other Nintendo systems. Developers will still be able to include Miis in their games. All this will come with an option to choose a profile picture from a selection of various Nintendo-themed images.


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104 thoughts on “The Switch Won’t Support Video-Streaming Apps Like Hulu Or Netflix At Launch, Miiverse & Wii & Wii U Controllers”

  1. Netflix Not at launch is okay.
    No Netflix isn’t.

    And before you guys come at me saying”well I am getting a switch for games and don’t care about multimedia” I myself don’t care for it either but Nintendo needs to at least compete in functions of they are not competing in hardware.

    The GameCube did not have DVD support. Not a biggy right? It’s a gaming console after all!
    Well… The ps2 did and was cheaper as alot of DVD players at its time.
    It’s probably one big reason the GameCube failed compared to the ps2.

                    1. Because if you make a network ID with the same user name on the switch you might get a console banned. So you might have to come up with a different user name.

                          1. No genius, why did you bring up bans? I said Miiverse was one of the only features people heard about the WIi U and then you brought up bans, and you didn’t bring it up because “it might happen” because the Switch doesn’t have Miiverse.

            1. Do we really need Netflix, though? Mobiles, computers, blurays, pretty much anything with internet has it. I can already watch it on my tv with my bluray and Wii U, why do I need another way to watch Netflix?

              1. Because some TVs only come with 2 HDMI inputs and some people rather have to Switch between devices. Some would even consider replacing their old Roku with a Switch if the Switch could actually replace the Roku.

                I’m really not understand this concept of “Is it really that bad to have far less features?” Because the answer is yes. In a consumer devices, the more features the better.

            2. No one should come at you for this, they should come at Nintendo for living in 1999. The fact that we are in 2017 and Nintendo can’t include streaming apps is sad. A tablet on the go device and no Netflix. Dudes are just lost in their delusional world

              1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                ||Indeed, it is the most horrible thing that has ever happened in the history of this planet…||

                ||It puts the Great Permian Extinction to irrelevancy…||

              2. Most people don’t realize that Nintendo doesn’t develop the Netflix app. It’s Netflix that makes the app, not Nintendo. So it’s up to them when they want to put Netflix on the Switch, not Nintendo.

                Also, many people forgot that the Wii U launched with Netflix and how horrible it was. Do you guys seriously want a crappy Netflix app?

                1. But Netflix puts their app with what Nintendo gives them to develop with. And remember the Wii? That all was considered to be one of the best. People brought Wiis for Netflix at one point in the early Netflix days.

              3. As a Canadian our Netflix has the worst crap so I don’t care about having another Netflix app (ipod, ipad, phone, wiiU, 3Ds, computer, smart t.v., laptop) unless I can get American Netflix

            3. I would agree with you if there was anyone who wanted a netflix box who didn’t already have 12 ways to use the service. DVDs on the PS2 was a new function that you would otherwise have to spend a lot of money for, that’s not the case here. I can’t imagine the average mainstream buyer saying “I really want a switch! Oh, it doesn’t have a 6th way for me to watch netflix? Forget it then.” The PS2 had a (minor) leg up from DVDs yes, but that’s because it saved people money. The Netflix app doesn’t do that.

              If it is any kind of an issue at all, it will be a pale shadow of a problem as the risk they’re taking in releasing the Switch without a huge mainstream media blitz. Consoles need early adopters to create the market share to create interest from 3rd party devs. The idea that the PS4 Xone AAA industry enthusiast will show up for the Switch is suspect at best and I don’t think they have the marketing in place to hit the ground running on march 3rd with the general public. The average guy doesn’t watch Nintendo Directs.

            4. It is SURELY what made the difference. Kids don’t even buy the consoles, it is parents and adults in general. Of course an adult wants a multimedia capable console, it is not always gaming, and if they find a better option, with games and multimedia, they won’t care if Mario, Link or Pokemon are not in there.

              1. If people start editing, couldn’t they change what they said completely and we not know who really said what? Is that not really a modern concern and just me over thinking it? ;D

                1. Absolutely. You’re not over thinking. But I believe it would be a good idea if we could edit comments, for example, up to 60 s after we post them.

                  That would suffice, in my opinion.

                2. Could have a 5-minute window to edit your comments. If you don’t edit within those 5 minutes (which should be enough time to fix typos, but too little for significant changes after getting responses) you won’t have the option anymore. Or a feature that lets you see the unedited version of the comment. q:
                  But ya, not sure if WordPress itself supports any of that, so sickr can’t really do anything about it, sadly.

          1. Well…..they just lost my reserve!!

            But to be honest, Im not even surprised. This is typical Nintendo doing typical Nintendo shit!! This is (excuse the expression) Nintendo:

            “…taking a SHIT outta their penis & PISSING outta their ass!”

            Then thinking they “are on the verge of something big?”
            …..really guys? No Netflix? No Hulu? ….on of all things, …..a Tablet? Lmfao. That’s okay guys. I think I’m officially turning in my NINTENDO FANBOY MEMBERSHIP!
            It’s been fun but I wont be there on this Switch outing! & neithet will many others.

            R.I.P NINTENDO 1985 – 2017

            1. I know this is so Nintendo. They can’t get over 50%right.
              But we have got a region free console more which is good.
              But Nintendo should hurry up with Netflix

          2. Whats wrong with Nintendo? It’s like watching someone slip into depression and just distance themselves from everyone around them. They need the help and they probably do want it but they wont accept it.

            I dunno Nintendo, you could:

            1. Put headphone jacks into your joycon grip and pro controllers and get that app running on the Switch.
            2. Put an Ethernet port on the Dock.

            Just those two things would change the outlook of the Switch significantly.

          3. & to top it off these muther fuckers are price gouging on accessories. From $70 on pro controllers, $80 on Joy-cons, to $90 on the system base!
            Games usually listed & sold at $20, $30 & $40 debuting at $50 to $60!!!
            Games like *1-2 Switch *Bomberman *Arms & other titles as well. All these games look fun but not at $50 to $60 a piece!!
            SMH while LMFAO. I’ve said it once, Ill say it again.

            R.I.P. NINTENDO 1985 -2017

              1. Ya but he is a professional liar and i dont trust a word he says. Also basically everything he says is meant to sell you something. He’s a slimy used car salesman. Instead of telling us that the Switch wont be a replacement for the wiiU just dont say anything at all.

            1. I have one HDMI and one composite port.
              I play more Nintendo than PlayStation.
              So my PlayStation 4 is connected to the composite port and my Wii u to the HDMI port.

              Which is good because most of the tube I get to enjoy HD

              Now the switch is replacing my Wii u

              Now I will have to stream my content over the ps4 in 480p :/

              1. And how does that relate to my comment?

                In any case. My point is you have a phone, you have your 3ds, you have you’re pc, your have ps4, xbox, wii u even the fucking wii…SO MANY THINGS that plays those two programs. That’s my point…

          4. Of course Wii U controllers won’t be compatible, how else do they plan to sell those overpriced $70 ones? I swear, if I wasn’t interested in games like Mario Odyssey…

              1. I won’t be buying a Switch anywhere near its launch and possibly not at all. It was very exciting and cool to hear about, but this wasn’t the direction I personally had hopes the console would go. I have options lol.

                Honestly, I’ve been looking into buying a GameCube and just go back to the good ol’ days.

          5. I wish they would give the Mii’s a BUNCH more options. Like full bodies to customize (instead of those weird, bowling pin bodies), and tons on new clothes, hair colors, hats etc. I hated the limitations of Mii creation in the past. I got burned out. I’d love to transfer all of my 3DS Mii’s to the Switch, but be able to enhance all of them.

            1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

              ||If there is something that’s worse with the Sonyans compared to the Xbot contamination, is that their memories are worse than a Goldfish’s memory…||

          6. Idk about this netflix thing…Not really a big deal. My phone, Blu-ray, PC and TV can all use Netflix so I’m good.

            If the switch gets an internet browser there’s a netflix option. Plus, they’ll probably add the app when there’s a lull in game releases anyways.

          7. Nintendo should had thought to give Wii U owners a better advantage with the install base low at 12million verse what could really sell if we had a Gamepad and Pro controller. Kinda like a incentive for buying a Wii U. To give us some sort of exclusice gameplay verses the ones who never bought the Wii U.

          8. So Miis are still a thing. Excellent news; I was worried for a moment. Miiverse I can live without. I don’t really use Netflix nor have an account (when I do, I just use my sister’s account on my brother’s XBox) so I’m indifferent about it not being on Switch.

            But if Switch never gets YouTube, THEN I’ll be pissed.

          9. Pretty much every device I have has Netflix and other video streaming apps and while it is odd that the Switch will not have this on release, I really can’t say that I care too much. I mean my phone has these apps and my TV has these apps so I don’t really need the Switch to have them. Would be convenient I guess but still not a big deal. I am starting to like the 3rd party support I am seeing come to the Switch. That actually is a big deal to me. Show me the games! 🤗

          10. What do you think Dr. Tre would say,
            not finding out the Switch did not make his day?

            Blackbond is cool but sometime his curel what do you think he would say on his next video tool?

            Then we have the figure the action figure Mr. T that’s his signature, that is his trigger.

            Then we have Shokio if that is right, most things he say is not naughty but rather polite.

          11. Then we have the Great Nintendo Commander, I sure wonder if he has a pet named “Charmander”

            Then we have Church of Sorry, I cant believe he still plays that old ass Atari.

            Next we have the great Snowman man, I think I’ll play Snowpeak stage instead.

          12. King Kalas X3 (Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4 only because Nintendo are DUMBFUCKS!!)

            Seeing some “but you have other devices that you can use for Netflix.” The problem is these people are missing the point of why people are upset at the idea of no Netflix or whatnot. Convenience, people. If these apps are on Switch, people can access them in 30 seconds or less if they are currently playing the Switch since the other things they have Netflix on might actually be OFF. Without the apps on Switch, they’ll have to power that other device on then load up the app they want to use which will take more than 30 seconds. Even if their PC or smartphone is most likely on, they might want to watch Netflix or whatnot on their big screen television, not some tiny smartphone or PC screen.

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