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Aonuma Talks About Epona In Breath Of The Wild

Link’s famous horse has been absent from the most recent Zelda, but Aonuma has confirmed that Epona will be returning in Breath of the Wild. In an interview with IGN Portugal, the series producer mentioned that Link’s horse from Ocarina of Time will feature in the upcoming game. While he didn’t give any specifics, it’s still interesting to theorise how she will be included in the game.

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  1. She better not get stuck on walls and have to back up like in Twilight Princess HD (which I’m currrently playing) and Ocarina of Time. So annoying when you run in tight areas and it becomes slower to run cause of how they designed it.

    1. Horses avoid obstacles in a pretty smooth way. They had announced that a looong while ago in a trailer I think. I’ll see if I can find it for you.

      1. Thanks for that lol good to know ahead of time :) I actually think I saw this video when it released but forgot lol. I have been watching/not watching zelda cause I wanna see what it’s about, but I also don’t want anything spoiled, so I think subconsciously I block out little details like this lol.

      1. I’m playing Twilight HD currently lol. And I just got through beating all 64 of the rollgoal game, if you know what that is. It’s the one game I never beat from any zelda I’ve played so coming back 8 years later and playing it and beating the whole thing in less than 3 hours, I feel pretty great.

        1. You are all being a real horse’s ass, to be honest! xD

    1. I prefer the wiiu version. If we lost gameplay mechanics AND they changed the graphics to match swtich, i’ll be epically pissed… if I can at least keep the wiiU version, prior the bait’n’switch version, I can deal with that.

      1. the color grading won’t matter at all when getting into it. I understand that side by side, there
        s a difference, but when you’re playing one versio or the other, you’ll grow quickly to the setting Nintendo made for the environment to work best. There was also some buzz about Bayonetta’s colors being more saturated on the XBox 360 and looking dull on the WiiU version and while it seemed like a huge deal before I bought it, I didn’t care after 5 minutes into the game anymore. Your brain just adapts.

        The real big difference is still WiiU’s ability to deliver your map and itemscreen while playing. This really means a downgrade when going for the Switch version where you’ll always habe to pause the game, choose your item, return to the game. For me, I’m still actively going for the Switch version because I don’t care. Being able to have a game like BoTW available completely unleashed from my TV is it just so worth it for me. Maybe in a few years I might regret it like I did with Twilight Princess playing on the Wii where the Gamecube version still was the original version of that game. But I got a feeling the difference won’t be as big as with those versions back then, so I’m taking that risk.

        1. I agree, for the most part. I just want the coloring Nintendo chose for zelda to look best on WiiU.. not what looked or worked best on Switch. I want the game they put their love and lives into building, not a port of a port of the original game.

        2. At this point, I don’t care what Nintendo does or doesn’t do with the switch. I just want the game they spent years developing and tweaking for the WiiU, in all its glory, and not a fucked up hand-me-down. That’s what I want, and I don’t give a rats ass about what they want to do with everything else.

          1. I think your still getting the same game regardless of the Switch version. Remember, the Wii U version has probably been done for quite some time. The only reason it was delayed was to optimize/upgrade a version for the Switch. I seriously doubt the Wii U version was effected at all visually.

            1. I hope you’re right. I read a quote from Aonuma that said something about not having the experiences different… so I guess we’ll see.

            2. The whole fucking reason Link gets a tablet is because you use your gamepad like link uses the tablet. The game was DESIGNED from the ground up for WiiU.

              So help me god, if they stripped the gamepad features out, I’m so done with Nintendo… but we’ll see. I won’t do anything rash till I play ZeldaU, (BotW U) but if they stripped out and gimped the game , ruining the WiiU experience to sell the fucking switch, you guys will see a lot less of me. I’d say half the comments will celebrate. Haha.

              1. ||Why would they take away a fundamental feature? It doesn’t make any logical sense whatsoever…||

                ||The most logical thing is that they added the different control scheme mechanics on the Switch version, I doubt they did anything to the Wii U version besides optimising it further…||

                1. And look here… — Making excuses to justify creating a unified experience.
                  So I’m really fucking worried they gimped Zelda U for the sake of Switch. If they did fuck with what might be one of the most amazing Zelda Games yet, I’m going to go full rogue as that is unacceptable, a low blow to WiiU owners and Zelda fans. A total “Fuck you one more time.”

                  I want Zelda BotW as it was painstakingly designed for the WiiU console. Not a fucking water downed port.

                  1. ||I investigated it, it seems they removed them after E3 2015, which makes of course the delay of the Wii U version another illogical move by High Command…||

                    ||The least they can do is reduce the price to compensate somewhat…||

                    1. Even so, I feel a LITTLE better just knowing you get what I’m saying, and at least are not in denial about what (seems) to have happened… proving you can be a ultra hardcore Nintendo fan without being a mindless sheep. (That’s a compliment)

                      I’m holding out on a tiny bit of hope they are keeping WiiU features buried to keep hurding it’s cattle to the Switch pen, and just maybe the WiiU still has most of what they worked their assessment off developing to make Zelda BotW the ultimate WiiU game the developers originally built and we’re forced to delay and butcher.

                      And poor Aonuma… basically being told his legendary Zelda U experience had to have gameplay mechanics changed at the last minute. Delaying his masterpiece, mucking up his masterpiece… all he can is what Nintendo wrote on his note cards.
                      “I like it!”
                      “The devs were unhappy, but I convinced them to shoot their horse”
                      “Playing with the original style is distracting” (oops did he just negate the entire existence of the WiiU?)

                      It’s too much Nintendo bullshit for me to swallow… and this after trashing the Metroid IP.

                      If Nintendo has no respect for their IPs I grew up with, then why should I give a shit?


                    2. ||I’m never in denial about anything, most assume things because their primitive minds can’t see farther than their noses…||

                      ||I think the more logical reasoning would be to expect no more downgrades or removals than the ones we’ve seen so far…||

                      ||Lord Aunoma was probably forced by 3 factors: High Command, the hostility towards the Assymetric gameplay of the Wii U and himself…||

                      ||This is probably why High Command created the Switch, they saw the irrelevant and illogical ways of their thoughts regarding the same experience nonsense mentality they had during the entire last generation…||

                      ||I expect the Switch to be 90% focused by 2018 and no more new consoles until 2019 as earliest, still having a focus by 70% on the Switch during that year as well…||

                      ||Now Metroid is of course the defining factor of my solid loyalty towards High Command…||

                      ||Anything 20% or higher better than the FF-Virus will be acceptable, anything under it will disrupt my core to unfunctionality until they fix it again…||

        3. I’m playing Twlight HD and I still pause and never use the gamepad, takes just as much time, and if you’re looking at the gamepad unpaused, you’re also open to attack if enemies are around. I thought the feature was a little useful when Wind Waker HD came out but after playing through most of Twilight, it’s really not a bonus at all.

          1. In BotW, it’s not just a map my friend, it’s part of the game experience. They put a gamepad in Links hands. You use it as you play as link. It’s designed to be a Zelda with a unique tool, like how ZombiU was designed for WiiU.

            1. ||They also redid the particular item you are refering to into a non Wii U design going by the 2016 version…||

            2. Sounds pretty cool, it would be cool to see him whip out the gamepad, but I can live with that. How come they couldn’t do that with the switch? Is it due to the lack of asymetric gameplay or something? As nice as it is, I know that the gamepad features wouldn’t make me as happy as having the master edition. It should have been available for both though, or wii u only since it was their game originally.

        4. I only played the Wii version and now HD U version of Twliight, I heard the Gamecube had mirrored levels, is that true? What else was different? Mirrored levels isn’t a big deal at all to me, is there anything else that would make someone think the Cube version is better besides just liking it cause that’s the first console it was intended for?

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