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Square Enix’s I AM SETSUNA Coming To Nintendo Switch On March 3rd

Nintendo Switch players will soon enjoy the unforgettable and heartfelt story of I AM SETSUNA, the debut title from Tokyo RPG Factory, SQUARE ENIX’s newest studio. It will be available as a digital day one launch title, and will include exclusive new features such as the “Temporal Battle Arena,” where players can enjoy thrilling battles against other players’ parties.

I AM SETSUNA follows the story of Setsuna, a young woman of incredible power and inner strength, and the sacrifice she must undertake to save the people of her land as she leaves her hometown. Featuring simple turn-based controls and unique gameplay mechanics inspired by the golden age of JRPGs, I AM SETSUNA merges nostalgic elements with modern current-gen technology. Tokyo RPG Factory’s debut title delivers an emotional story of bravery and sacrifice along with powerful character development.

I AM SETSUNA is available now digitally on PlayStation4 computer entertainment system and Steam, and will be available for the Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017.


    1. But those games will have online functionality unlike any emulator! I agree it should be free, though.

    2. Maybe you should produce stuff and give it away for free and see how long you feel the way you do now.

      Online from MS and Sony cost money because there’s a lot of expense and overhead involved with setting the networks up and maintaining them. The “Free” games are just a bonus to appease the customers for having to pay for the service. You do not OWN the games though, you just get use of them while you’re a paid member. If Nintendo’s service cost the same as the others with less benefit, then complain. At this point we have no idea what the service will entail.

      Asking Square to give you a game for free that they spent money to develop just shows how entitled you THINK you are. That and your willingness to steal others property by using roms to games that you don’t own.

      1. I’m a paying costumer why would I give a damn about anything you just mentiont? Sony and Microsoft reward there players for paying. I’m not asking square Enix to give me this game for free , good company’s like sony and microsoft pay square enix to give the game to there members. Even if they lose money because of this.

        I do OWN the games cause ill finish them ones and probally never play them again, and I can always play them again when paying for online that gives me even more free games.

        I don’t own any roms I never claimed I did so learn to read. And even if I did I supported this industry for nearly 30 years , I gave them all the money I can miss, wich is more than most people spend on it.

        1. “So learn to read”
          *Proceeds to use the wrong forms of There, Your, and Its, along with several other grammatical and punctuation errors*

        1. People just look at Sony and Microsoft, and see how things can be done. They wish Nintendo would do the same so they finally get a great Nintendo console they all wish for. It’s actually people like you and him , acting like fanboy’s and saying its fine that we don’t get third party, a good online system, no apps like Netflix and twitch and no blu ray/dvd player that are holding Nintendo back. This is 2017 people wan’t the complete package, specially for 350+ euro’s. And lets be honest if Sony and Microsoft can deliver than so can Nintendo, specially with all the money they made on the Wii.

  1. Cool, but I am personally so sick of JRPGs, and RPGs in general. I want to see some other genres on the Switch. And yes, I know they are there, but not in a real comparable amount.

  2. Yuna, is that you!? I thought you gave up the idea of sacrificing one life to save the rest of the world since there is always another way?

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