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Video: IGN Spoke To Fans Around The World About Their Thoughts On The Switch

IGN took a moment to ask fans from the US, UK and Japan on their thoughts on the Nintendo Switch. The video comes out to 4 minutes, so there’s quite a few people IGN spoke to. If you want to see the video for yourself, we’ve included it for you down below. Feel free to check it out.


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  1. I still think it’ll find way more success than the Wii U. It won’t “beat” the PS4 but it doesn’t really need to.

  2. I haven’t heard anyone who’s went hands on with the Switch say hardly anything bad about the hardware. Seems that 99% of the haters are people who haven’t played the Switch and are just complaining off of pure ignorance. Tho, pricing of the accessories is a viable point, and the launch line up day one isn’t that good (minus Zelda which is of course amazing) but it definitely ramps up after the first couple weeks, and this year is gonna have some killer titles. From a hardware aspect I’ve really heard no complaints, but the day one launch line up is a viable complaint. But as i said, it quickly ramps up, and continues that way throughout the entire year.

  3. They didn’t seem all that happy to me. (lmao). Kinda like forced smiles cause they on camera. The one guy looked like he was reading what he was saying. I dunno folks, a few of em said Milk was the best game. An obvious hint at the fact everything they have been saying was sarcastic. They clearly needed to do this as to not hurt any nearby Nintendo reps feelings and avoid looking asses when the shit hits the fan…


    It’s not a lie….if you believe it.

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