Warning: Around 450 Nintendo Network Accounts Have Been Hacked

If you have a Nintendo Network account, you may want to pay attention to this. Around 450 Nintendo Network accounts were hacked this month. Their full details, including passwords, were posted online to a list. For obvious reasons, including legal ones, we won’t show that list. But there is a way to check if your account was one of the Nintendo Network IDs impacted. There is a different list that is available, and it only contains the account names. If you want to see it for yourself, you can do so here. If you’re listed, change your password immediately. If not, you might want to do so anyway, just to be safe.

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  1. Coming from someone in Cyber Security: Even if you’re not on the list, it’s a good idea to change your password (or anything that may have that same password) anyway, it’s sometimes hard to tell exactly which accounts were compromised and some can slip through the cracks. It’s better safe than sorry.

      1. The username for your NNID doesn’t effect your Nintendo Account’s user ID. In fact, you don’t even need to have a user ID as that part of your profile is left empty. And unlike NNID, you can actually change that user ID as I just did a second ago.

  2. You know, usually when someone hacks an account, it’s so they can use it in some way. But with Nintendo Network, they literally can’t even use the account info in any way because of how it’s laid out, meaning the people who hacked these account literally just did it just because they could (or to use it to get into other accounts I guess).

  3. I hope the switch doesnt use nnid because this is so horribly designed that if one person is banned on your system everyone pays or that an account is tied to one console

    1. Totally agree. I have 4 IDs and I’m tired of having digital downloads, even DLC tied to one account and it’s about damn time that garbage was scrapped.

      1. i dont want to sound racist but i bet it’s either mexicans or koreans as they do this a lot on emails what’s stopping them from doing pulling this kind of stunt again?

        But regardless this news is actually helpful and not a typical rumour like usual.

          1. i’m saying neither rumor or not its only due to me never seeing any on these players on the wii u and my userbase catalouge is pretty huge as in people i played with i looked over the names and nothing but i don’t rule out a hacker

  4. Not affected but I’m still changing my Passwords though.

    Just goes to show doesn’t it that your information isn’t safe ANYWHERE online and this is why I NEVER store my Credit Card info online with ANY of these gaming Networks now.

    NONE of them are truly safe NONE OF THEM.

    1. Change it anyway just in case your name slipped through the cracks. @.@ Unless you already did as a precaution.

  5. Someone posted this article on my discord server as well. then there was a response about it, “Please stop pasting this everywhere and telling people “your accounts are all doomed lol”, it’s annoying. And if you haven’t made an account on, your NNID is safe, as that’s the leak these logins were borrowed from. Bye.” So apparently its only people who made nnid accounts on

  6. Figures.. Nintendo announces they’re doing what sony and MS are doing with online, and all the sudden they get hacked.
    I dunno if they’re linked at all, i just find it convenient.
    But it’s almost as if someone or someones was not happy with the path Nintendo is taking.
    Question is, did the hacking happen before or after the Switch event?

  7. I wasn’t on the list but I changed my password anyway. Been meaning to change it for a couple of days now anyway.

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