Nintendo Switch

Japanese Switch Pre-Orders Reach 80% Of Initial Shipment

Nintendo’s next console seems to be getting off to a solid start in Japan. Media Create have revealed that Japanese Switch pre-orders have reached 80% of the country’s initial shipment. While this is only an estimate by the tracking company, they are usually quite accurate. This is an excellent start for the Switch, getting consoles out early. Hopefully, this is a trend that will continue.

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      1. ||No, Phase 3 is the most important phase…||

        ||The Final Abolition to the Xbot disease in our homeworld…||


  1. This doesn’t mean much as long as we don’t know the size of the total shipment.
    80% of 1000 is 800, 80% of 1000000 is 800000, for example. It could be mediocre, it could be impressive. But without knowing the shipment size, the “80%” doesn’t hold much of a meaning.

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  2. How much of the “initial shipment” has been promised, thus far. Seems to sell out each an every instant it is listed here in the United States. Seems like Nintendo muffed allocating units again…


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