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GamesRadar List Their Favourite Hidden Switch Features

The Switch presentation was certainly quite lengthy, but GamesRader has pointed out some features that Nintendo failed to fully explain. This includes the console’s hidden camera and the GameCube style pressure sensitive buttons. While some of the features have been touched on by Nintendo since, the video is an excellent summary of all the details you may have missed.


    1. It probably means that buttons have 3 states: Not pressed, pressed normally and pressed firmly. But that’s not GameCube style, because the GameCube didn’t have this feature, so I don’t know.

      1. Actually the gamepad had fully sensitive triggers like the Xbone and Ps4. Also i watched the video and the way they worded it is highly confusing, so i have no idea what they meant.

      2. I was wondering if it was applying to the triggers on the back, zl and zr, which could potentially bring some hope to the possibility of emulating analog triggers for a GameCube emulator.

      3. The gamecube did have pressure sensitive buttons. For example in Super Smash Brothers Melee you can use X and Y do jump. If you lightly tap one of those buttons you performed a short hop, or half-jump. If you press the X or Y button firmly you jump to your maximum height. This was a very important feature for SSBM players because it allowed you to perform aerial attacks low to the ground which are generally quicker to perform than standard ground attacks. As @Batman pointed out the gamecube also had pressure sensitive triggers which did not exist on the either the Wii or Wii U.

        1. I thought the short hop was just determined by how long the button was pressed, not pressure sensitivity? As far as I know the shoulder buttons were all that could register more than just up or down.

        2. the short jump in melee isn’t by pressure sensitivity =b it’s by how long you hold the jump button. the better example is Mario sunshine, if you lightly press the R button you can run while squirting, if you press it all the way down you’ll spray in place

    2. Think like a gas pedal on a car, pushing lightly for slow acceleration or pushing completely down for fast acceleration (or anywhere in between.)

      Pretty common feature nowadays, but it was awesome and new back in the GameCube era ;)

    1. I remember watching that and they said it “felt” like digital triggers. No confirmation yet from Nintendo though if that is true. It does seem like they are bough. But if they are pressure sensitive still beyond being just digital, that may make a difference.

  1. This video is kind of wrong
    1) only the right joy con has a 3D-space camera (and NFC)
    2) Nintendo said the switch can record game video (after an update) but the 3D-space camera works like a mini Kinect with no actual RGB camera. So no, it well not record video, its not even capable of doing so.
    3) Nintendo has not talked about analog buttons, or IR controller tracking….so i dont know where they got that information.
    4) they referenced xbox about recording video from Kinect, id just like to point out that you can fully control when Kinect comes on and is recording.

  2. So I guess you do need a phone @ home to play online? I’m not sure I trust them though. The dock has Bluetooth and I believe so they will include the option to use a Bluetooth headset at home. Otherwise..I mean…

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