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The Nintendo Switch’s Battery Can Be Replaced By Nintendo For A Fee

Earlier today, a lot of new information was uploaded to Nintendo’s website regarding specifications of the Nintendo Switch, and within that information, details were included on how the battery in the Switch can be replaced.

The battery, that is said to last up to 6 hours of play, can be replaced by Nintendo should it fail – but it’s worth noting that an undisclosed fee will be charged for the service. The website states:”Please note: the internal battery cannot be removed. If the battery needs to be replaced, we plan to offer paid replacement via Nintendo Customer Support.”

Hopefully needing a battery replacement for the console is a rare occurrence, but at least we know it’s an option.

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    1. Yep, what that guy said. They will not charge while the Switch is in mobile mode. It seems like a stupid thing to do, until you realize you cannot replace your battery, and the tablet needs every bit of juice it can get.

      Basically, out of the box, you best remember to take your joycons off the controller, and slide them on the tablet, or you will find yourself with dead joycons in a couple days and no way to play your switch.

      You can also pay $$$ for accessories to charge them if you want.

  1. Apple does the same thing. if you want a new battery, you have to pay them to replace it. This is going to suck but I’m sure the original battery will be a high-quality battery. ( since Nintendo hardware usually doesn’t use cheap parts, with the exception of the original 3DS upper screen.)

    I am definitely waiting for Switch. And I bet we will see a “Switch Lite” in a year or two, with better battery, bundled games and better form factor (although the current form factor is already pretty nice.)

  2. I guess this applies only to people with one thumb in their mouth and other thumb in their ass, Switching every 3 minutes.
    But seriously, I’m sure anyone with technical skills will probably be able to replace the battery.
    Though this device should have 2 year warranty, and over here non replaceable batteries has the same warranty period as the device itself.

  3. Figures… Knowing Nintendo, it’s gonna range from 50 to 100 bucks.

      1. I’m the fanboy yet here you are practically saying “Nintendo can get away with what they are doing because Sony probably does it worse, anyway!” as if that’s supposed to erase Nintendo’s bullshit. More importantly, that’s a fucking tablet, not a gaming console. Your defense for daddy Nintendo is thus null & void. Will probably use that defense when Nintendo starts doing day 1 DLC. “But 3rd parties do it!”

        Oh & for the record, I’m not being a Sony fanboy. I’m being a Nintendo fan that has realized Nintendo’s bullshit smells just as bad as anyone else’s. But hey! If it makes you feel better to think I’m just being a fanboy for the other side, that’s your problem.

        Anyway, bring on the next fanbitch that wants to whine about someone else’s opinion!

          1. My opinion. My money. My life. I can bitch about whatever I damn well please to bitch about. If none of you like to hear people’s negative opinions about Nintendo, go somewhere else. Go join one of those cult sites devoted to all things positive about Nintendo.

      1. Probably make us pay for the shipping & handling, too. Oh wait! That will be included in the price for replacing the Switch battery so yeah. We’ll be paying to get a new battery, put the new battery in, & for the shipping & handling fees. I really hope I’m wrong.

        1. Current Nintendo repairs, you don’t if it’s under warranty, and do if it’s not. We’ll see!

  4. Well, that’s disappointing– I bought the high-capacity battery for my Wii U gamepad and have never regretted it! I haven’t seen the battery light come on even once since! I was really hoping there’d be an option like that on the Switch…

    1. Same here. My WiiU gamepad now has at least a 6 hr battery life, and with dimming, I can get almost 8.

  5. ||This is standard procedure, stop complaining about irrelevant things…||

    1. Wrong again. The 3DS was made with a removable back plate so you can remove the battery yourself. Taking the back off the Switch would expose the its PCB.

  6. If Switch does have a universal account system, i prefer to buy a new console instead of sending it to them

    1. Yeah. I wouldn’t risk sending it in to them, either. I won’t risk the chance of them fucking up my save data or digital purchases. I’ve had those issues with Wii & Wii U losing save data because you can’t copy the data to an extra source of data storage. I’ll be damned if I have this issue a 3rd fucking time 3 fucking gens in a damn row. Hence why a universal account system is key. Otherwise, fuck the Switch & fuck Nintendo til they get their head out of their ass.

      1. Replacing a battery wouldn’t wipe save data. It’s a very straight forward process and all but complete idiots would be able to do it themselves without sending it to Nintendo.

        1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

          The weeks following the presentation have not been kind to my hype so yeah. I’m on a “I’ll keep my pre-order til the last minute & cancel if all of this bullshit becomes too much.” stance right now. I’ll just get my 50 bucks I put on it back sometime after March 4th or maybe I’ll use it as credit for something else. Maybe Nier: Automata if I don’t pre-order it directly from the PS Store on my PS4 first.

  7. If this happens a lot, Nttnendo would be wise to fix for free. This kind of thing nearly destroyed Microsoft. Only by freely fixing did they save themselves.

  8. We plan to have batteries that can’t be removed and you have to send us in (to keep your warranty) for much more than it would cost to just make the batteries user replaceable. Wow, cheers Nintendo.

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