Just like the Wii U before it, the Switch’s home button will light up when the console receives a notification. These will presumably work like the Wii U’s notifications, Nintendo sending players advertising for upcoming games and updates. This is an obvious feature really, it’s just interesting to get clarification.


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  1. Ugh, I hate this feature on my Wii because it will glow for days before I have to get up and check it… I’m sure I can turn it off I’m just too lazy


  2. Why not a Normal notification system like PS4, I’m not praising the PS4, I’m just saying that unlike Wii U it told you which Friends went Online while playing without having to press the Home button, it also notified you about communites, downloads and stuff like that. Sure the glowing Home button is still useful but I would like a notification system like PS4 not like Wii U. Of course Nintendo hasn’t announced completely EVERYTHING about the Switch, but one thing that needs a lot of improvement is the Notification System and ACTUALLY be able to invite your Friends to play anytime.

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  3. I’m curious as to what other online functions the system might have then. All I can think of is the 3DS light notification system, but that was mostly for Miiverse and Streetpasses, and with this system not having those, it seems like an odd choice to even bother, unless they haven’t shown something off to us yet.


    • The 3DSes notified you when friends were online, an orange light-up, in fact.
      I can’t recall if it would happen during gameplay though, but it notified as long as you were connected to a hotspot.


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