Pokémon is certainly popular, but it never fails to impress me how many people actually play the game. The Pokémon Company has released a video of two NFL players battling in the franchise’s trading card game. Richard Sherman and Johnny Hekker both demonstrate some excellent knowledge on the series, the two obviously having a history with the franchise. Check out the video below.



    • TPCi Marketing HQ:
      “What should we show viewers to convince them to buy our latest product?”
      “How about a few GX cards?”
      “That’s silly, if we show people something new they won’t understand it. Didn’t you see what happened to the Wii U?”
      “What about some of the M EXs that GX cards are supposed to replace?”
      “Great idea!”
      “Yea, maybe Nintendo could’ve sold more Wii Us if they had our brilliant idea and used a Wii in the adverts!”


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