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Fire Emblem Heroes Limits How Much Children Can Spend Each Month

Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo’s first fully fledged free-to-play mobile game. However, it looks they want to keep the free-to-play aspects under control. The Japanese version of the game will limit how much money minors can spend each month. Japanese children will be limited to 12,000 yen a month. While there is no word about the international version, this is roughly about $100. Is this a clever move by Nintendo? Tell us below.

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      1. is that you doing that voice? Because if so i’m impressed with the mixing of the music and effects for your voice.


    1. Bro Nintendo is LOADED…. Nothing wrong with not being scummy and trying not to desperately grab for cash. They’re gonna make some money off this game as it is.


  1. Well, “Nintendo” have been doing that since Pokémon Shuffle Mobile already, and I think that every other Nintendo related app has something like that implemented too, so it is expected that all their upcoming games will all feature that too….

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  2. I think this is probably a good thing, i hear news stories all the time of kids spending hundreds of dollars on games and their parents freaking out. Plus 100$ a month is still a ton of money!

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    1. IKR? Limiting to $100 per month?? I have only spent $100 on a video game once, and it was the special edition of Xenoblade X.

      If this is going to be one of those games you basically pay to win or be the best, I’m probably not going to play that often. O.o I almost got sucked into a Starwars game that was like that… never again.


  3. One of the reasons I love Nintendo. This kind of philosophy also extends to their main games. I see so much how other companies are nickel and dining for DLC that could very well already be on the disc, micro transactions in a game you already spent $60 for, pushing pre-orders with different DLC extras that most definitely could’ve just been included in the game, etc, etc. They make their own mistakes don’t get me wrong, but thank god that crap isn’t one of them.

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    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

      Least not yet… o.O


  4. Like children have the discipline to play Fire Emblem games, let alone grasp all the political and plot related issues a royal unit faces in OUTGOING wars.

    Good luck not having ANY of your units (if not casual mode) dieing, and recruiting everyone in the game.

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