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Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharted Seas Coming To Nintendo Switch

We already know that FDG Entertainment have two projects in the works for the Nintendo Switch and it has emerged that one of these is the graphically impressive mobile title Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. The news was revealed by the developer in the form of a tweet. The Zelda inspired title looks great on mobile platforms, so with the added power of the Nintendo Switch it should be something to behold.


    1. Is a decent Zelda clone, nothing amazing but nothing bad either, 6-7 hours of gameplay without the subquests. To be honest, if you have Wind Waker, there is nothing too see here. The game is polished and fun at times, but is also extremely derivative to the point of “why I’m not just playing Zelda instead” and is full of blocks puzzle, if you don’t like those, I suggest to stay away from this game (they are like 70% of the puzzles). The graphic is ok for a low budget title and the music score is from (FF7) Uematsu, but his performance is seriously downplayed in this one. For 7-8 $ is a fine purchase I guess, full price, I think is 15$, is a little to much IMO.

    2. It’s not really good. I mean it’s a nice hommage to Zelda and at some points it’s kinda nice to see how much work they invested in making it feel as snappy and accessible as a Zelda game. But overall it kinda fails to be a good game. I played through some islands and there’s so much content left unpolished and at some point you just don’t care about progressing further. It shows perfectly what makes Zelda such an insanely well designed franchise as you just can’t comer here and clone some more obvious paradigms while ignoring a zillion of the designdecisions made beyond the surface. The biggest fail of this game is, that 90% of the time you just think ‘now that’s well done…maybe not as good as in Zelda, but it’s quite OK’
      so there’s never a point where you really play this game for being Oceanhorn as it ties itself so closely to the Zeldaseries that all individual strengths just feel odd.

      I bought it, because it was on sale for iOS and to have this kind of Action Adventure on the go for little money was a cool thing and I liked it for that.
      But buying it for a real gaming-system, especially one from Nintendo that offers plenty of real Zelda games? hell no!
      I’m currently playing Skyward Sword, majora’s Mask, Wind Waker HD and Minish Cap on my WiiU, and I guess Nintendo won’t stop porting their games with the Switch. There will be so much Zelda-love to chose from, if you wanna play oceanhorn, buy it for your mobile device as it works kinda OK on that and does the best possible job of delivering this kind of experience on that platform.

      1. When you think about it that way, it doesn’t really make sense to play a Zelda clone on a console that already offers the real Zelda experience, especially if that clone doesn’t offer anything new. The more I see it , the less interested I become … Oh well . Me I’m playing through Skyward Sword since I’ve put it off due to the difficulty I’m having with the motion controls but I’m getting there. Trying to finish it before Breath of the Wild comes out !

        1. gotta say back when it was still fresh, SS felt so amazing to me. It’s not like I was a huge evangelist of motioncontrols but I always like to see what devs would do with them and SS was definitely (and still is) a showcase of some really well refined mechanics. BUT I gotta say fighting this Ghirahim-guy is one of the worst elements in the whole Zelda series. It’s just insulting bad. There’s no real system behind it and it’s way too long and frustrating. There are some really, really clever motion-control elements in to be found within that game, you especially gotta love that flying bug. But when ppl complain about the Motion stuff in that game I always think of Ghirahim and can’t really argue, he might not ruin that game, but he definitely harms it.

          But I’m wondering if they’ll manage to port this game to the Switch one day for some HD love. In that case they could fix these battles and with the Joycons they’d still be able to preserve the elements that made this title stand out.

          1. Very true, and that’s what’s been the most frustrating thing is sometimes the controls work perfect but during boss fights it can become a chore. Heck I struggled with the very first boss because I couldn’t figure out when to hit him or how to hit him. It was dumb luck that I didn’t have my sword drawn when he was rushing at me and I swung my arm wildly to pull my sword and finally hit him. So I was like that’s it ?? I felt stupid after that because it took me a few tries lol but it was actually something simple…
            I too hope for an HD remaster and in some ways I feel Skyward Sword deserves it more that Twilight Princess so they can iron out the controls with the joy-cons. Here’s hoping that happens :)

  1. Its note like Wind Waker, (many islands) but in top down perspective like A link between World. The gameplay is good, fun little game, but the puzzle or “dungeons” are far less impressive than Zelda. 7.5/10. Oh and the Soundtrack is really good

  2. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    Maybe Switch should get Slender: The Arrival, too. In fact, I highly recommend it get ported to Switch! And I highly recommend people buy said game, too. Unless, of course, you got a bad heart or very shitty nerves. @.@

  3. The game is great for what it is.

    Nintendo fanboys will say it’s not good because Zelda is way better and they won’t give it much of a chance. Yeah no shit it isn’t Zelda but it’s not a full price game either. Fanboys expect a AAA experience out of a $15 Indy game just because it’s inspired by Zelda.

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