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Tales of Festival 2017 Coming In June

Bandai Namco have announced that the tenth Tales of Festival will be held in the Yokohama Arena from June 2nd to the 4th. Not only will the developer announce the results of an ongoing character popularity poll, there is a chance a new entry to the Tales series will be revealed. With rumours of a Switch game and Tales of Berseria having been revealed there in 2015, it seems possible another announcement maybe on the horizon.


15 thoughts on “Tales of Festival 2017 Coming In June”

    1. shame you give up. berseria is the best tales game since vesperia. I agree zestiria was awful, but its not a reason to give the franchise a bad name for a bad game, every franchise has a worst game

  1. Cancerous mess? I wouldn’t go quite that far. It had a slightly weaker Battle System when compared to previous games but it definitely wasn’t a Cancerous mess by any means, it just wasn’t to your taste would be a better way of putting it.

    1. Also, the main problem with the game is not the lazy gameplay or attrocious graphics, it’s the Treehouse-tier localization laid on top of an already terrible script; the characters are terrible, the ones that aren’t bland archetypes that never evolve (Sorey, Mikleo, Edna, Lailah) are either praised to the point of absurdity even when they’re pretty shit people (Rose, Dezel) or grossly mistreated for no reason (Alisha, Zaveid), it’s uncomfortable to play the game,

      1. Thought Police? where am I acting like I’m sort of online Police Force? and come to think I didn’t reply to you directly because I didn’t want to start an argument so why you felt the need to come back here is quite beyond me.

        I stand by what I said before.

          1. I came back because I was wondering if the article I so quickly dismissed actually mentioned what game was being made for/ported to Switch so perhaps I could reconsider my intention of not giving a fuck, and found your cowardly ass responding with your tone policing bullshit without actually addressing me.
            And you are the thought police msimply because you’re trying to get me to stop voicing my personal opinion in the terms I choose to use just so you can have your bad taste in games validated, you’re demanding people censor themselves because you l don’t like your shit game dissed.

            1. Are you finished throwing a tantrum yet? because you made your point already I get it ok? I get it. What’s “shit” to you isn’t “shit” to everybody else.

  2. Not really sure how I feel about tales games anymore I like the battling but the stories are a little dull. Last one I played was xilia and it was kind of boring. Haven’t played any of the newer ones

    1. Nah, this Tales of Festival is the equivalent to the PSX Experience. But in a smaller scale. NAMCO tends to show off a few tales of games, and some statues and other nick knacks.

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