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HORI Set To Release Their Own Nintendo Switch MicroSD Cards

Famed peripheral manufacturer Hori will be producing their own Nintendo Switch microSD and as you would expect these Switch branded ones cost significantly more than rivals. You can purchase either a 16GB or 32GB card and each one is branded with the Nintendo Switch logo to inform consumers they are compatible with Nintendo’s upcoming  system. You can view the listing for the Hori produced Nintendo Switch cards, here.

Thanks Jamey M for the tip!


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  1. But it comes with a 32GB microSD doesn’t it? Why would you want a smaller one or another the same size, and then have to switch them out? Why not sell 64, 128 and 256 GB?

  2. whether it comes with 32 gigabytes of internal storage or a 32 gigabyte micro SD card it’s not the point.

    Jinglefruit is correct. why would you make a microSD card that is either 32 gigabytes or 16 gigabytes of storage space?
    I’d rather a 64 gigabyte, 128 gigabyte, 256 gigabyte, 500 gigabyte, or even that Anonymous 1 to 2 terabyte SD micro card. ( and as we all know the terabyte card is not available in the market…yet)

    1. 512GB minimum. Although those SDXC cards are PRICEY!! I don’t think they even come in micro size yet.

  3. *SD memory Advice/Rant*

    By my personal experience, I Do recommend buying a ‘Premium’ Micro-SD card for your Switch or even N3DS.

    Don’t think of it as a discount temporary file storage card. It is essentially your consoles new hard drive. If you are upgrading your PC with a new Hard Drive and RAM, you don’t buy the cheapest things you can find … unless you like corrupded data, lost files and unreliable performance.

    When you get a Micro-SD card for your Nintendo Switch, think of it as upgrading your Switch. Your games will be RUNNING off that card. Your progress may be Saved to that card. Make sure that new, integral hardware component you are installing to your game console is fast and reliable. SD cards have tier qualities and read-write speeds. I have no-idea what the read-write speed of the N3DS or Switch is, but getting a faster than slowest SD card will ensure it will never be a bottleneck or issue. (I got a 32gb, shielded, ultra-high-speed one for my N3DS that was intended for high end cameras, which I know greatly exceeds the n3ds’s capacity to utilize, for 3x the price of a regular one, but it makes me feel better). A Premium/Super/Ultra quality card from a brand you trust will give you much more confidence that your system will run properly in the future, vs ‘that card that was on sale on amazon/ebay for $6, omg, greatdeal’.

    If Nintendo lets Hori brand these cards with a Switch logo, they should at least be proven reliable … but expanding your storage by less than 64GB will surely prove to be not enough very quickly if you plan to buy games digitally. (Remember, some of the 32gb internal will be taken up by system and update files. you will probably only have around 26 to work with, or less).

    Long story short (too late), get NOT the cheapest memory card you can find, in faster than slowest speed (ultra-premium not required, unless you’re crazy like me) from a brand you trust, and just be confident you never even have to think about it again … at least until an affordable AND ‘Reliable’ 256, 512 or 1-2TB card becomes available to upgrade to.

    As 256 is currently the upper end, and super expensive, I’m not sure I trust those yet. Go for the most reliable, premium 64gb+ card you can afford. Not the cheapest. … I guess a Hori-Switch 32gb card would be an okay ‘Users first reliability investment’ while you wait for better cards to become available, since there will not be much to download until holiday 2017 anyway.

    … the 16gb one is so pathetic, it barey has reason to exist though. Download BotW, any future patches it may receive, your save games, and a few VC titles, and that is already full.

    1. Vuldari has a point a 2TB card would be more substantial for the people who play games religiously i myself have a 128gb in my new nintendo 3ds and a 32gb in my region free 3ds as i have freeshop

    2. I’ll have to disagree with the “buy the BEST” part.

      I bought the lowest-priced 120GB external drive I could find for my Wii U. All I needed to NOT do is move it around too much (aka while playing games) and it was fine. I bought, what I believe is, a Patriot 64GB microSD card for my N3DS and have TONS of games on it. Again, no problems. I even have a “cheap” microSD in my phone right now and no hiccups when loading apps.

      Obvious game plan with the Switch: the lowest-priced 128GB microSD I can find, LONG AS it has a name. I’ve dealt with Kingston and Patriot and they’ve both treated me just fine; I believe they have 128gb cards on Amazon as we speak. (Note to those who’re looking for the best of the lower pricing brands).

        1. I believe in luck, but I also believe in just-as-good craftsmanship. It’s not luck when the stuff works, my man. But I’m not here to change minds.

  4. I barely downloaded anything on my Wii U and 3DS so I’m going with a 64GB card on my Switch first and see how it goes from there. $20 ain’t too bad in my eyes.

  5. 32GB of internal and 32GB on a flash drive has been perfect for me on Wii U. I’m really not too worried about storage. I’m going to get myself a 128GB card for Switch. Anyone have a cheap/decent recommendations on Amazon US?

  6. Licensed SD cards by Nintendo is amazing, but they’re overpriced. The 32GB is more than US$60! I can get two Samsung 64GB SD cards for that price.

    Even if the quality is pretty good, I’m gonna pass on the offer and get other well known brands like SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston, and Lexar.

  7. Watch out for fake cards, theres loads on a certain auction website. These have a fraction of the memory bought and oft. corrupt. I bought a 64 gb card direct from amazon uk (not their market place, fakes there too) for peace of mind. I got 64 gb for £20 far cheaper than a switch branded version. over and out captain.

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