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Platinum Games Would Bring NieR Automata To Nintendo Switch If Square Enix Paid Them

One of the hottest titles coming soon to the PlayStation 4 is Platinum Games stylistic and fast-paced action title NieR Automata. The development team answered a number of fan questions over at the official NieR Automata Facebook page and one of the questions was would the game ever come to the Nintendo Switch? Well, the answer was simply only if Square Enix paid them.

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55 thoughts on “Platinum Games Would Bring NieR Automata To Nintendo Switch If Square Enix Paid Them”

              1. But can you hold the Laptop in your hands?
                Unless you’ve been benching and have weird fingers, I doubt you’d be playing on a Laptop in the way I’m talking about. Plus, Gaming Laptops cost about £1000 to get a good one… Switch is only £250 and I can keep on playing without having to lift the device, drag it somewhere else with the charging brick, put it down and continue playing.

                With the Switch I can just attach the controls onto my Switch and continue playing without needing to stop. So you see, you didn’t really prove a point.

                1. Relax dude, You asked a specific question and she answered, and she wasnt wrong either.

                  You can literally play your laptop at home and take it with you on the go without needing to stop playing your game. Your question was answered.

                    1. How so? He asked if you could play Nier on the go if it’s not on the Switch, and considering how a laptop does indeed allow you to play on the go, such as on trains or planes, I think I gave a perfectly reasonable answer. But then again, being reasonable probably isn’t part of your lifestyle, judging by the way you present yourself with the comments you leave on here, so it’s understandable you can’t comprehend.

                  1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}

                    Maybe they just don’t like the fact mentioning gaming laptops makes what the Switch is doing not that unique. Sadly, mostly everything the Switch is doing, gaming laptops can do better. Like better internal memory storage, for instance. (I know this comment is gonna irk some people. lol)

                2. Can you carry the switch in your pocket? No. Both laptop and switch requires a bag of some sort. At that point there’s no reason why you shouldn’t bring a controller with the laptop in there. I haven’t seen more than a single 3DS user as opposed to candy crush etc. phone user every day on the buses and walk to school. 3DS has gotten pretty much all Wii U exclusives in a better version now so if people don’t wanna be using that I highly doubt a flatter and longer brick like the switch is gonna make a difference in the long run.

    1. Maybe square is publishing the game? That’s the only reason why square should pay… well basically Nintendo can pay square instead…. all the Devs are asking for is cash to make another version.

    2. maybe they meant it like ” we’ll do whatever you want us to, as long as we get paid” like they dont care where it gets ported to as long as they’re compensated for their work.

  1. Well I’m pretty damned sure I won’t see it on X1 either. Not after Microsoft made Platinum cancel Scale bound. :'(
    Scale bound looked epic, and was deep in development…and Microsoft got impatient and pulled the plug.

    I don’t think Platinum and MS parted as friends… and after that blow, I think Platinum is going to be a little gun-shy forms while, and I don’t blame them.

    1. Developers have to meet goals, and platinum just couldnt meet them. Im disappointed that Scalebound got canceled, but I cant really blame MS (at least not now.) The game was announced in 2014, but had been in development since 2013 with a release date of 2016. Every time the game was shown it had poor frame rate and just ran bad. Nier on the other hand, was announced in 2015, and somehow came along quicker and just ran better. Of course, Nier is a smaller game but Platinum was supposed to have most of their staff on Scalebound and still couldnt get it finish or to even run properly.

      What im trying to say is that, it seemed that Platinum was using the funds MS was providing to finish the other projects that werent even going to hit the XBO. So I see, or at least understand why MS would just kill off the project. Its all speculation, but a lot of fingers point that way so It wouldnt surprise me if ot was true.

      1. Fuck. I didn’t see it that way.well… so maybe it wasn’t all MS fault then… ugh. Well thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

        1. Like I said, its just speculation, but it seems like it went that way. For all I know, MS couldve been power tripping amd like assholes canceled the project. Some day we’ll find out though.

    2. I think Microsoft is pushing towards PC. Looking at how things are going there’s really no reason anymore to own an Xbox.

      1. Haha. I agree with the first part. They may be pushing to PC. I bought RE7, and my purchase is good for both X1 and PC, I can play it on both for the price of one.

        But I’m VERY glad I have an X1. My PC wouldn’t handle the game at its best, and I needed my X1 that forces devs to stay withing specific specs. It’s saving me from buying a PC and keeping it up to date.

          1. Ah, good question. The truth is, I mostly don’t like Microsoft exclusives. I just want to play 3rd party games. Scale bound was the only Microsoft exclusive I wanted. (And those fuckers canceled it!)

            I want to play games like RE7, Mass Effect, Battlefront 2, State of Decay 2 – and while waiting, am enjoying Dark Souls 3, 100%ing DOOM, Alien Isolation, playing old games like GTAV and one I’m embarrassed to say out loud, while party chatting with my family. Stuff any PC gamer can do, but I don’t have to worry about keeping my PC up to snuff. As a matter of fact, I think I can skip Scorpio since the games have to be backwards compatible with XB1. paying $300-$400 for a PC that runs almost all modern games for 10 years ain’t bad!

            Plus I have a huge media library from my Windows phone that loads on my XBox, plus I can game on the X1 using my laptop screen, allowing remote play like WiiU.

            So it’s all about convenience for me. Am I sad I can’t play Berzerk on PS4, or RE7 in virtual reality? Sure I am, but most games come to X1, and if I show restraint, I can buy them cheap 4-6 months after release.

            If I could play … 75% of common 3rd party games on Nintendo consoles, I never would have whored myself out to XBox, but I jumped in, and have zero regrets so far!

    3. Yeah I was very sad to see Scalebound get cancelled. I’m hoping another publisher can pick that game up and revive it. I think it would do great on Switch in Japan.

    1. If switch got Mass Effect so I could start the New trilogy, or RE7, or… I would be tempted to get a switch. Right now it just doesn’t have the types of games I prefer on it.

  2. The best thing about this comment other than it actually has a slight chance that we might see it on Switch is that the Switch could actually push this game . Who knows if 1080p but 720p in handheld mode would be nice. Played the demo and seems pretty good from what I played.

  3. I’d love to buy Nier on the Switch! Square-Enix and Nintendo are pretty good pals at the moment, so I could actually see this happen.

  4. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}

    I’m getting it for PS4 so I’m good.

  5. The first Nier was amazing, mainly because of that ending. This one plays a bit too different and little faster, so ill skipping it for now. Ill wait till it hits the bargain bin.

      1. Really? This coming from the numbnutts that can only afford one console and for some stupid as reason always makes it a Nintendo console? That same one is calling me cheap?

          1. Was it not you that felt the need to reply to my comments? Im pretty sure I havent talked to your ass since you’re dumbass was petitioning to cancel the 3DS version of Smash. And that was years ago.

  6. I’d prefer to own this on Switch, to be honest. If anything is announced, that’s the way I go. Otherwise, I’ll pick up the PS4 version once the price has dropped a bit.

  7. Even if Square Enix pays them (which is only going to happen if the Switch sells), I’m wondering how inconvenient they’re going to find the downgrading process. Big downgrade, small downgrade, so much options, so much weak specs.

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