UK: Super Mario Run On The App Store Now Costs £9.99 To Unlock

As many of you are probably aware Apple has raised the prices of apps on the App Store in the United Kingdom. Prices have now gone up by 25 percent due to the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. Sadly this has obviously affected the super-fun Super Mario Run which now costs £9.99 to unlock instead of the previous £7.99. No doubt it could cost the same on the Google Play Store once the game releases this March on Android.


Thanks Jamie M for the tip!


  1. Wow. The supporters of Brexit must be pretty pissed off at a rise of 25 per cent for Apple apps. Maybe they might be convinced eventually that Brexit was a bad idea and they reverse it. They probably will stay in denial, however, for a very long time. I’m still optimistic that they’ll see sense eventually.

    1. Younger generations, the ones mainly affected by this specifc situation, were against Brexit. The older generations who caused it to happen won’t be as bothered or influenced by Apple’s price increase.

  2. Well. The price of all Apple products/services have gone up due to the weakening of the GBP, which is a result of the EU referendum result. It’s not a direct response to Brexit… It’s indirect.

  3. Everything going up or will go up eventually. The news paper telling us the economy doing better than pre-référendum but in the real world it’s a very very slow car crash. We are not even out of the EU and the price of goods going up to due a weak £. The 50+ yo don’t give a shit as they believe they won’t suffer the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately That life and we have to live with it.

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